Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Need some veggie help....

Day 9 of 21 Day fix done...

Really all my typical foods.

Though I did do something new for lunch - I added cucumbers on my tuna wrap.  it was delish!

The only downfall - cucumbers are the only foods that KILL me... I am a heartburn mess after eating cucumbers.

Someone once told me its because of the seeds & they apparently sell seedless cucumbers.  That freaks me out.  Modified foods just ain't right....

But I added the cucumbers to try & get in more veggies.

I am allowed 6 containers of veggies a day.

I am so ashamed to say, I'm doing good to get in MAYBE 2 a day... TWO!  What the hey?!?!?

And those days are usually spinach in a smoothie - or broccoli. 

I was eating carrots there for the first few days but I'm afraid of eating carrots every day. I've heard of people turning orange from too many ... I'm not even joking.  If anyone is going to turn orange, it will be me.

Plus, I just can't tolerate carrots every day.

So I guess I'm going to head onto Pinterest today for some good veggie ideas....

but help a girl out - what veggies do you like.  What veggies do you snack on? 

I really need some tips on this....


  1. You know I am a nutrition teacher, right? Yes, the carotene in carrots have the ability to alter skin color but I doubt you have to worry about that! I was just looking up recipes for fritatas, you can pack lots of veggies in those! Oh I could go on and on about veggie ideas!

    Funny story, when I was a kid my grandparents had a garden and I would eat cucumbers ALL the time. They use to tell me cucumbers gave me hiccups!

  2. Farmers have been modifying foods forever. Pluots, tangelos...they're out there. My grandfather used to cross-pollinate the flowers in his yard. I get why people worry about genetically modified foods to a point, but they're really not all that new and not necessarily dangerous.
    But on to veggies...I like broccoli. I also like snap peas just raw as a snack. I'm really developing a taste for sweet baby peppers. Visit the grocery aisle and look at everything. We have a tendency to just focus on what we're there to pick up. If you look at stuff as if you'd never been there before, you might find something new.

  3. What about some Zuccini and squash together? Can you use coconut oil? If so, take frozen corn kernels and sauté in just a little coconut oil with Zuccini and it is sooo good.

  4. Well carrots and cucumbers are my fave so I'm not much help lol. However I like to add zucchini to stuff. Or cauliflower, peas, corn....ok, yea, Pinterest is your best bet lol

  5. i don't think you are going to turn orange girl! i'm pretty boring with veggies. i like to snack on cucumbers and carrots but i'm generally not a good snacker, so i don't get them. instead i just make sure i have a side or something with every meal - peppers, spinach, broccoli, green beans, other beans like black beans etc are technically vegetables. zucchini and squash are good too.

  6. Awww, I am sad cucumbers bother you , they are so deli-sh!!
    I eat boca and veggie patties I always add a good plateful of kale or spinach and cut the my burger in to little pieces with it. I actually add Kale and spinach to any grilled cheese or wrap also. When I eat pasta I add a lot of squash, zucchini, tomato , onion and spinach also. My hubby soaks the squash and zucchini and onion and tomato in red wine vinegar with some spices for me ad it's easy to add to anything I eat :)
    I haven't had carrots in a long time, you reminded me I need some :)

  7. So funny, because as a pediatric nurse practitioner, I talk to parents all day long about ways to get their kids to eat veggies! My solution is to puree them and mix them into sauces--kids don't even know they're in there. Sometimes I can get teens interested in salads, too.

    1. I always say I eat like a 5 yr old :)

  8. I love carrots and yes, I found myself turning a bit orange after eating them every day for a few months. I have Jessica Seinfeld's first cookbook where you steam/puree a lot of veggies and freeze them - then add/sneak them into recipes. Squash, broccoli, carrots (!!), and many others. We tried several but the family caught on to what I was trying and it took awhile for anyone to try one of my new recipes ...

    1. I have no problem 'sneaking' things in, I just cant think of many ideas. I'm finding there's really not a lot of veggie options really.
      I've heard of it a lot of people turning orange. So crazy!


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