Thursday, June 4, 2015

My first day eating out... laughing in pain... & Day 3 of my 21 Day Fix

It was National Running Day yesterday...
& I didn't run.
I think that's the first time that happened in a few years.  I actually was OK missing it.  Mainly because I couldn't basically move my legs in a normal way after working out with the 21 Day fix Lower Fix...
I know my body needs to get some muscle - to tone up... I never realized how much my body cries when it gets pushed to new limits.  But I did the full work out.
At one point, I literally started giggling like I was out of my mind because my butt kept cramping up when we had to do round 2 of an exercise.  Laughter is better then crying right?  ... who am I kidding, I may have shed a few tears while laughing.
So yeah, I'm on Day 3 of the 21 Day Fix.  Still really no complaints.
& yesterday was exciting for me... I ATE OUT!  Met Ricky for lunch, who said he wasn't sure I was coming because he didn't know how I was going to eat there.  OK... if a change in lifestyle has me never able to eat out, I'll just give up on everything... I refuse to not be able to live life... its just making smart choices in every day situations - right? So I went to Subway.  The easiest place to start, I think.
I just ordered a chopped salad - which you can tell every Subway employee rolls their eyes & hates when someone orders these.  The extra bowl they have to clean up afterwards. I don't blame them.
Every Subway employee ever making a salad
But they know me from our Wednesday lunches & know I always get a veggie patty so the lady asked me, "Do you want a veggie patty on it?".... these people get me.
So I got it with a veggie patty, tomato, cucumbers & peppers.  She asked me like 5 times, "You really don't want cheese?"... I do... but no.
& I asked for half spinach & she didn't hear me & didn't do it. Dang it. Next time I'll be louder about it.
I forgot to bring my own vinaigrette from home & got theirs, but literally just a drizzle ... & I ended up getting apples, which in hindsight, I wish I would have put ON the salad... but for my first time eating out, I think it was a success.
But here's more what my day looked like for Day 3

Breakfast - another egg wrap with spinach

Snack 1 - My mom taught me this trick when she was on Weight Watchers.  Take cottage cheese, put cinnamon on it (Free food) & one pack of Stevia (Free food)... its like a dessert.  YUMMM!!!!!!


Lunch - Subway

21 day
& I didn't eat all of the lettuc

Snack 2 - Vegan Strawberry Shakeology.  I will say, the strawberry is MUCH MUCH better then the chocolate vegan.  I'm so glad I have these sample packs so I can see which one I like.

2q snack

Dinner - left overs from last night. I was going to make dinner but Ricky literally ate a WHOLE CARTON of ice cream sitting in traffic on the way home.  Needless to say, he was sick to his stomach & didn't want dinner so I just used everything from the day before - sweet potato, a veggie patty & broccoli/cauliflower.  Better the second time around.  I had my blue container left for the day so used it for feta cheese & put on my veggie burger & veggies. YES!

Snack 3 - grapes

Another day full of great healthy food... & another day spot on in the nutrition.


It's so exciting to me to see the end day results now.

Pressing On to Day 4

Do you like Subway Salads?
Do you love or hate leg day?

Did you run for National Running Day?


  1. I'm still giggling just looking at Ricky Gervais. Keep up the great work! I do not like salads, except an occasional one made with spinach. I've always like my veggies cooked. I did run yesterday morning, without remembering what day it was. HA.

  2. Oh I've been to that point where my body is so sore I go between giggling and crying... until it all comes together :) I actually didnt run because I was all day doing a physical exam. Boo! But trying to find out why I've had two upper respiratory infections since January. Ugh.

  3. Your GIF's are the best! What a great day you had :) Awesome, I love the Strawberry Shakelology too, I didn't love the chocolate either. I think the other one I loved may have been called Triple berry (?) it's been awhile since I've had it, but it was delicious.
    I hate leg day lol sometimes when i realize how inflexible and weak I am, I am amazed I can run at all, I just keep working on it :) I tried to run last night after doing some leg work, I crawled to two miles. You were smart to scrap it lol

  4. I've TOTALLY been there where you're so sore you just want to cry and laugh like a crazy person lol. Way to go with your nutrition game too! I'm definitely a carb-o-holic so I need to constantly keep myself in check haha.

  5. i used to love subway salads. half spinach is where it's at, i would have been like HEY YOU FORGOT MY SPINACH.

  6. I'm with you. You know I didn't run yesterday either!
    Ya know I have never had Cottage cheese. I just can't get past the look and texture of I don't think I've ever had a subway salad. I had a watermelon salad today at lunch though!

  7. I love Subway salads and I have no doubt about the eye rolling from the employees and everyone in line behind me, they just seem to take longer to make. I love cottage cheese with just pepper on it.. so good!

  8. You are doing so good!! I've always thought the workouts looked intense. Just the way I like them! Ricky ate a while carton of ice cream?? Lol! I can eat a while carton in one day, but not one sitting!!


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