Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 16 on 21 Day Fix... weird burning? ....& race pics...

Here we are - on the final stretch of the 21 Day Fix.

For the record, I already know I will be doing another round.  I mean, I've come this far, I'm going to do another round & see if things 'kick in'.  Now, if I haven't really made a change after Round 2, then forget it - I'm hogging out & not looking back.

... not really... but maybe...

Yesterday was just a normal day - nothing exciting

Usual breakfast - brought some more of that leftover 'fried rice' I made the night before for lunch, had nuts instead of a Shakeology before my work out... & then made a yummy dinner.

Veggie Burgers have been my best friend.  & my sweet hubby has had them every night with me. He's such a trooper.  I asked him last night when we had the "Griller" veggie burger, "It tastes just like a real burger - right?"

His look said it all... but sweet guy said, "of course it does"...

I'm perfectly OK with it NOT tasting like a burger.  The idea of a burger grosses me out actually.  #poorcows #sweeteyes

I just want to hug cows

I even made up my own baked beans using pinto beans, some spices & a healthy BBQ sauce - it was delish!!!!

& then for dessert, had some yogurt (yippe for protein) & blueberries & a tsp of honey.  YUM!

I've actually never been a blueberry fan.
... but trying to grow to love them...

After dinner, a weird thing happened.  I was watching TV & then thought, OH, Harvey must have scratched me.  My quad was burning, just like a fresh scratch.  But looked & didn't see anything.  Then the burning just kept going & going. Getting stronger & stronger.

I ended up just going to bed & didn't give it much thought... & then woke up this morning with it STILL burning. WHAT THE HEY?!?!  ... Good Lord only knows. 


The highlight of my morning though, I got my race pics from The Color Run. I love they have cheap race pics.  I told the girls I would buy the high resolution pic because I always do anyways & I'd share with them.  I mean for $3.99 a pic for high resolution - how do you not get a race pic for that?

I love it because the kiddo next to me?  Actually one of my youth kiddos.

Leave it to me to be the most expressive!

Fun Fun Fun

So today, I'm trying to ignore my burning quad, plan on doing Lower Body, which my burning quad is probably like, "Do you not feel me already in pain?"... but I keep PRESSING ON!!!!


  1. Those are some great race pics! I wish more races had cheap photos.

  2. Sorry about the burning quad, I wonder if it is just over worked or something, hope it goes away for you soon with no further issues!
    Love that race photo of you smiling running through the arches, totally shows every bit of personality you have, love it so fun!!!

  3. I am on catching up mission today :) Love the Color run pics great finish line pic. Fun runs are so much more fun than being on a time goal mission...I am supposed to have a Blacklight Run tonight, but they are calling for storms here, hoping get my fun run in!
    I hope the burning subsided...
    I am going to try to get my hubby to make some fried rice for me this week :)


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