Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 5 on 21 Day Fix... dehydration truth

Day 5... I made it through the first work week.  Successful too!

Breakfast was the norm of 2 eggs. I skipped the spinach.  & I'm not sure if that made a difference but I was really REALLY hungry by 9am

I ended up making my first snack a little earlier & eating it at 9:45.  The bad thing, I forgot my peanut butter - so it was just apples.  Maybe that was the difference not having any protein because by 10:30 my stomach was a rumbling bunch of sounds.  I wasn't sure how I was going to make it to lunch & I didnt want to eat any of my lunch early & then continue the hunger fest.

But then I realized I hadn't had any water for the day.  Just sparkling water & coffee.  I went & filled up my water bottle & drank a full glass & my hunger totally eased up.  I guess its true when they say that dehydration reflects like hunger.  I ended up making it to 12:00 before the belly rumbles started again... which made me last until lunch time at 1:00pm

Lunch (1:00pm)

1 Orange - 1 Purple - 1 Green - 1 Red (with free food / cinnamon & Stevia)

I ended up putting some Braggs vinaigrette in the Orange cup to use for my carrots. I didnt even eat half of it, but mercy, I'll never do that again. It leaked everywhere & I had garlic-y oil on everything I owned.  Quite miserable.

Snack (4:45pm)


We had a youth event that was going to last till midnight so I made sure to get in a protein powder with COFFEE ... I never drink coffee this late but I NEEDED to drink it that late.  It totally worked.

It gave me a spring in my step too.  We played dodge ball with the kids & I was the only one left on the team ... & dodged balls for up to 5 minutes... they finally said, If you can hit one person, you win.
I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! .... I felt like an Olympic champion.  I also felt like I was going to die of exhaustion :)  I'm too old for some of these youth things.  But it keeps me young.

I had to run home in the middle of the event - worked out perfectly - because I needed to feed the dogs & they were all eating pizza. I didn't want to be around that & ran home & got a bag of grapes.  That's the good thing about meal prepping... you can grab & go if you need to. I needed to.

& that was the last thing I had all night.

I had no supper.  I was starving. But it was after midnight when we got home & then I was like, would that food be on today's count or tomorrow's... & then was so tired I could care less... off to bed I went...

So another successful day

I missed the workout - but playing dodge ball, I think counts.

Pressing on!

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  1. Great job!
    You're doing fabulous on your fix, and one week down already woot woot!
    Keep that hydration up! I am finding for myself that water drinking is the key to weight loss right now!


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