Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Five: Things that make me happy

Taking a break from 21 Day Fix posts ... with only 3 days left! REALLY? ... wow...

But I wanted to join along for the Friday Five... especially when I saw what the topic is - things that make me happy...

(& we obviously are given a pass to my hubs, friends & to God... always makes my day better)

1.  My dogs...

... & this includes my fur-babies in heaven.  I miss them so... but I'm so thankful for happy faces that greet me every day I walk into my door.  I can just be gone 5 minutes & I get the same reaction.  You can't be sad or unhappy when you're basically trampled by doggie feet.

2. Disney
I don't care how old I am, I still love all things Disney.  The movies, the merchandise, the parks.  It just brings out my inner child.  I cant wait for the new movie "Iniside Out" that is now out.  Gotta try & find time to get that in soon!

3.  Happy Photography Clients

I always, ALWAYS, get nervous before taking someone's pictures.  You don't know what they have for expectations, you don't know if your style & theirs match up.  So when I give someone pictures & they love them & are so thankful for the moments captures, I am completely happy.

4.  Music

I don't know how people live without music.  I have it going from the time I wake up to when I usually go to bed.  I always say that music makes my blood pump. It affects my mood, it lifts me up, it touches my heart.  & I love when I put my iPod on shuffle - you'll get anything from Motley Crue, to Toby Mac, to Barbra Streisand to Whitney Houston... all right in a row.  I listen to everything... except jazz. Just No.

5.  Accomplishment

This is in so many thing.  When I finish a day eating well.  When I finish a job I'm doing.  When I do a good workout.  When I finish a race - especially when I finish a race.  There is just nothing like a sense of accomplishment.

What makes you happy?



  1. HUGE YES, to Fur Babies (yours are adorable!) and Disney. And, how DO people go through a day without music? If I don't have it turned on some device, then it's playing in my head. All.Day.All.Night. You are doing great with your 21 day fix!!

  2. Keeping my mouth shut... oh yes.... THE STRUGGLE :)

    Great job on 21 Day Fix!

  3. Great favorites! These are all some of my favorites too (well, aside from photography clients since I don't do that). :)

  4. Love, Love, Love, the puppy pic! I just got some Disney Merchandise in the mail today! That made me happy!

  5. So fun, I am the same way with decorating for peoples weddings as you are with the pictures. I have the confidence they will be happy, but when I finally see their faces and hear their thanks it's such a rewarding relief each time!

  6. Oh yes, my dog makes me so happy! Yours are so cute!

  7. Your furry babies are so cute :) and oh my, keeping my mouth shut lol I need to learn to do that more!
    We share the exact feelings about #4 I can go from Jesus Freak (dcTalk) to Pit Bull lol

  8. Totally agree about music. I have it playing all day long. I can't believe your 21 day fix is almost over!! What makes me happy is running. That might sound cliche, but so often as I'm running I think "I LOVE this"! It just makes me happy! :)

  9. A great list & your dogs are so cute!


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