Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dad's Step 5K

Over the weekend, I did another 5k... yahoo....

Actually this was another Virtual run with Gone for a Run. 

I didn't do the silk tie thing
... my dad aint wearing a tie that's pink & has runners on it...

This is actually my 3rd virtual race with them - which makes me almost NEED to sign up for the 4th of July one.  I have to keep all the medals going for this series.  Right?  Someone tell me right so I feel justified paying for another virtual race.

The cool thing about this one, I didn't do it alone.

Some ladies from my church started a 'walking/running' group & I put it out to them if anyone wanted to do it.  I had 2 people join in.

We ended up making it on a Friday night because the weekend was busy with it being Father's Day & it actually worked out for the best.  Mainly because it was raining ALL day & even sprinkling as we got out of our cars at a local park... but as soon as we started - the rain stopped. LOVE THAT!

Now, when the rain stopped, it brought out the humidity & I even said, "it could start raining again right now & I wont be mad"... sweat pouring...

Plus, the temps were so awful this weekend & 8pm at night, it wasn't the normal 95 its been all week.  So we actually nailed the timing of this.

It was just great having buddies along the path...

& the best part for me?  One of the ladies is doing a bucket list leading up to her 30th birthday - & doing a 5k is one of them.  She's been doing the C25K program getting ready for this.  Her last run on the end of the program had her about at 2.5 miles... so this was going to be the furthest she has ran... & she did it!  She finished STRONG too.  It was so exciting to see her make it through. 

One of the other ladies ended up bringing her daughter .... if there is anything in this world I can do, its talk to kids... so I had the best time chatting with her as she did the whole thing with us as well!  & she ended up doing this 5k 8 minutes faster then her last 5k.

What was my time?  I'm actually not sure.... haha... I ended up handing out my Nike GPS watch & my Garmin GPS watch to the ladies & used my iPod, but I rarely do that & didn't know once I backed out of my screen, I can't get it back with my times. I have to upload the info on my computer to get it again.  Drats.  I think its around 51 minutes - which is better then I expected because we actually ended up walking a bit & chatting on the course.  Girlfriends & conversations are worth just walking some in a 5k.

But I will say, I felt pretty good in this run. 

My last one, last Saturday, at the Color Run, it was the first time I had run in MONTHS. & it felt awful.  This time, I did a good stretch, about a full mile, feeling strong, keeping tempo - I felt like, "this is what I like about running"... it gave me a little bit of the running bug back.

The cool thing about these virtual races, the bling is awesome. 

We attempted a picture together, but rain was falling off of the trees onto the camera, it was so humid, the air could almost be cut through so hence, blurry pictures.  Good enough.

Another 5k in the record books, another medal for my hangers. 

Pressing On!!!


  1. That's awesome! You are doing lots of fun races lately, so awesome! I totally agree that bling is amazing!!!

  2. Awww cool! That is awesome bling and running with friends even better.
    I like those runs that give you the bug back :) That's a good run!

  3. OMG that is SO Awesome that you got a group of church gals to do the race with you. I am so glad you've been liking the Gone For A Run Races!

  4. Fun that you didn't have to do this one alone! I'm doing the July 4 one--I hope you do it too!

    1. I think I'm registering today :) I think I'll be mad if I miss a medal.

  5. How fun! That is good bling too. I've never done a virtual race. I guess I need to get on the bandwagon.

    1. There's a whole world out there of awesome virtual races. I really do love Gone for a Run though.

  6. Nice job! It is always nice to run with friends, too. should definitely do the July 4 one! I will be away but am tempted to do it.

  7. Way to go!! I need to check them out -- I've been looking for a race in August and there aren't many out there. Well, that and even 8 a.m. on an August day is just too hot for me. A virtual race would let me run at midnight, right? :)

    1. Midnight works :) That's what I love about these races. My own terms.

  8. Nicely done, my friend!! <3 Virtual races can be so much fun and that's awesome that you had friends to run it with you too!

    1. I loved having a gang to do it with. I may have to try & make it a bigger group every time.

  9. Wow, great job doing all three so far! I have only done the first two, I had a 10k Saturday so I sat this one out. I do love the shirts and medals in the series. I love that you did this with people, makes it so much funner!


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