Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Five: Race Day Surprises

I like this week's topic... the things that sneak up on you
5 Race Day Surprises!!!
Things I didn't expect during a race day

ONE // How much you DONT want to eat

Any day, any hour, any minute - I could eat.  I'm all about food.  Except on race morning - when you NEED food the most to fuel up & get ready for a long day ahead.  But nerves kick in & who wants to eat with a nervous belly.  It's almost being force fed on race day... same goes with how much water you need to force down.  When all I want to do is throw up. I don't do nerves well.

TWO // How finding a parking spot can cause so much anxiety

I think I am near a panic attack EVERY race until I get my car parked & I'm heading to the start line.  I try to figure out the area before a race & think about where good parking is at... but then you run into blocked roads & loads of people crossing the street like its a big Frogger game #80sgamingreference ... & my fear is that I'm going to be late to the start... which has happened ... & guess what?  The world didn't end.  I just hate being rushed.  RUSH is the key word for most of my mornings on race day.  It's basically my word for EVERY morning of my life.

THREE // How much energy there is at start line

Man... if I could bottle up that anticipation & energy, I would... & I'd be a millionaire.  Standing at the start line in the middle of a group of people you never met but all have the same goal... it's just exciting.  & when music is being played to pump up the jam?  Oh yeah baby... its better then any rave you could ever go to.  But this one has compression socks & gel packs everywhere!  #RunnersRock

FOUR // How fast you'll start out


I have a pace. It's called slow.  But it always surprises me when I get through the first mile in a race & see what my pace is.  ALWAYS so much faster then it should be.  This is not a good thing, mind you... but it happens every race.  Getting caught up in the crowd, "keeping up with the Jones" you could say - "don't look like an idiot" is another way of saying it.  That's all hog wash - no one cares if you run along side them or not... but its just easy to try & keep up.

FIVE // The emotions

Yes, I figured I'd be emotional my first race crossing a half marathon finish line.  I didn't know I'd be emotional EVERY STUPID RACE I DO!!! ... but it happens.  A smile, a proud moment, sometimes even tears.  There's something that happens in the soul when you do a race.  I think an angel gets its wings or something.

What surprises you in races sometimes?


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Doing what works for me... even if you dont see it...

Warning:  honest post ahead!

The past weekend, I got to see some familiar faces -faces of people that I love.

One of those people I love - she has been dropping weight like Kanye drops a rude interruption on people. 

She has been taking those hormone drops that have been all the rage.  They are working for her.  She has been shedding the weight like sweat dripping off of my back during a hard work out.

& that right there is where the honesty starts coming out.

She's shedding weight like its nothing... & I'm the one dripping sweat & having to fight food addictions & muddling through.

I'm fighting & balancing food & struggling & while I am loosing weight, its slow... & no where near the numbers she's dropping.

Internal screaming happened a lot while listening to her explain how these drops were working for her & to watch everyone just sit around & talk about how they need to get their hands on these drops & try it for themselves.

All the people are looking at her & googling & oohing & aahhing on her & saying how good she looks & asking her how she feels.

She's just like, "it just takes away cravings for food"

... that's it...

ask me what I'm doing & I'll tell you how I have to balance proteins & carbs & am limited to an amount of food during a day & working my butt off at least 30 minutes a day with one day off for rest.

If I were to tell people what I'm doing, do you think they would have that same instinct to run out & get some work out clothes & little colored containers & want to start on it instantly?  ... yeah... me either

And then I see she's eating... normal foods... there's even cake around.

& I'm coming to this place drinking a protein shake so I will be semi-full & not WANT a piece of cake.

I know 12 lbs isn't much & probably not even that noticeable... but it just frustrated me so much.   How easy it can be for others.... & how hard I have to work for the smallest of results.

I don't mean this to sound like a whiney post - just like I said, an honest one.

I just keep trying to think that I'm doing what I need to do for me.

I mean, I wouldn't take those hormone drops for anything in the world anyways. No offense to anyone who has or is doing them.  Truly.  For me, I don't trust them. They don't seem natural to me - even if people say that they ARE natural.  But I'm the person who doesn't even like to take an aspirin must less take something that is supposed to curb my appetite.  I'm too much of a naturalist for that.

& I know my progress is slower... but I'm making lifestyle changes.  I'm learning how to adjust to this long term.  I'm learning to be healthy inside & out.

So I will admit, I left that place feeling really down on myself & frustrated... but the more I thought about it, the more my mind eased up & the more I actually became proud of me.

I truly am happy for this person who has lost all her weight too... I'm sure she has her moments & her own struggles in certain areas....its all about cheering others on!

So today, if you see others & you feel frustrated & aggravated at your own progress, remember you have to do you... only you... what only works for you.

And I'll be doing me... slowly & surely....

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five: Summer Drinks

Five Favorite Summer Drinks

So I don't drink alcohol so this will probably be a boring post for some of you fancy pants people who like your cocktails & drinks...

Miss Fancy Pants knows her Champs

But I still like some drinks... my favs...

ONE // Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade -
(1 pump of sweetener)

I used to be on a Peach Green Tea Lemonade, but I swear, they changed the peach flavoring & now it just sorta tastes like gasoline to me.  But the plain green tea lemonade still is a favorite summer drink.  Doesn't it just look refreshing? & who doesn't love lemonade in the summer?

TWO // Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

This stuff is FANTASTIC - & has hardly any calories in it at all. It has something like green tea extract or ginseng in it - but something that is supposed to help with a little pep too.  I can never get enough of it.  I like to ask for less ice though because they can pack that cup up so full of ice that you barely get 2 sips out of a cup. I'm onto you Starbucks.

THREE// Iced Coffee

Oh yeah baby... this is my daily drink in the Summer.  I can make it at home but there's nothing better then McDonald's actually. I always say they put crack in it or something - its the best around.  Yes, even better then Starbucks.  I'm on a mission to try iced coffee everywhere now.

FOUR // Zevia (Grape)

These babies are my after dinner treat if I'm hungry.  They have a fun grape flavor that makes me think of childhood & they are filling.  I try to stock up when they are on sale because for a 6 pack, they can be pricey (the prices go up & down at my store - don't get that) - but I love these babies & don't even want to try another flavor.

FIVE // Iced Tea

Who doesn't love McAlister's Tea.  Or Chick Fil-A's tea?  Some places just KNOW how to do tea.  I've really learned to love unsweet tea with lemon but like to do a little bit of half & half on some days I need a little bit of sweetness in my life.  I'm so not good at making my own tea.  There really is an art to it.  I've let down southern women in general not knowing how to make it.  My mom used to make it in batches - the sweetest tea you can imagine... & it would all be gone by the end of the day. Delish!

What's your favorite summer drink?
Are you a fancy pants & like your cocktails?
How do you like your tea?
Are you addicted to Starbucks like I am?


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Heart rate monitor... what to do...what to do...

I have been a Polar Heart rate monitor girl since as far back as I can remember.

I actually was a big fan of aerobics in the early 90's - the time when Step Aerobics was a big thing (isn't that coming back?) ... & I joined a little local aerobic place that was held in my church.  it was a great class actually. The woman & her husband that ran it were INCREDIBLE...

But then I stepped up my game & became part of Jazzercise.  1993.  A long time ago.

I was there for awhile & they kept talking about your heart rate & I was just confused...

& then the instructors told us they had an order going in for Polar Heart rate monitors if anyone was interested.

I was intrigued... because even then, I was all about exercise technology & gadgets.

So I placed an order for one, not even knowing what purpose it was for.

I got it & all of a sudden, things started making more sense to me - seeing how my heart rate worked while working out. 

Then learning about where it should be during a work out & where it SHOULDN'T be.. you know, those days when you feel like your heart is exploding & racing?  A little too much on your ticker... it was learning how to keep your heart rate in a 'zone'

... so through the years, I have just always wanted to keep up on that info.  Especially when I started running.  I love looking & seeing where my heart rate is at - where a good healthy pace is for me. 

& I have gone through the Polar's in the past 20+ years - as you can imagine. 

I mean, they don't even HAVE a picture of my first Polar on Google. You KNOW its been awhile when you cant find a picture on the internet. 

I've gone from baby blue - to pink - to peach - to my current red strap one.  Each time getting a little bit of a 'step up' in the watch...

This was my last one before my dog ate it

& now, my battery is getting ready to die on my Polar.  I've already had my battery replaced in this one before & know I can get a battery for like $12.00 & keep going...

but this also gives me a good excuse to shop.

Do I want another Polar - a better one?

Or even a bigger step - do I want to invest in the new FitBit HR?  I am so intrigued by this little wrist pedometer.  I keep trying to see if its as accurate as a chest band HR monitor - I can't imagine it would be.  But it does have a good convenience factor.

So I'm confused.  I'm going to be in the world of researching Amazon & web sites on what is the best HR monitor....

... & I bet in the end, the hubs is probably just going to bribe me to get that $12.00 battery...

... that's more money for new shoes - right?

Do you use a Heart Rate monitor?  Which one?
Do you have a Polar or FitBit HR?
Do you even care about heart rate monitoring?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lily Trotters ... I'm in

Have you all seen these things going around?

Lily Totters!

Most of you all know that awesome blogger Run Salt Run who is a big supporter & designer of this idea.

Compression socks that are pretty... & something you can wear every day.  They have compression in them ....just enough to do the job but not cut off circulation.  So you can wear these with your outfits during the day... instead of the bright neon colors & the wicking material they usually come in.

It was really cool because Lily Trotters started a Kickstarter campaign to get these babies ready to roll right here in the USA... I LOVE THAT!!!

I found out you can 'back' the company & get a pair for $40.00 - that's pretty good really - when you see that that's the usual compression sock cost.   But these are so much more.

I was excited to jump on the bandwagon.

& I just got the email this morning that they were totally funded - OVER actually & still have 23 days still to go!

I have no affiliation with them - I receive nothing but the pair of socks I purchased with my backing - but I just wanted to pass this on in case someone else wanted to get a pair for $40.00 while you can.

I saw they are coming out with new designs already too! I heard there is a black pair with a pink bow on the back... yes yes yes! Me want.

So here is the link right HERE if you are interested.

I love that it supports a woman's business...  jobs in the USA... & CUTE running stuff.  Who doesn't love that?

& there's our own Lauren starting off the video :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Kudos to you Women's Running Magazine!!!

If you're a runner, you've seen the cover of the new Women's Running Magazine - right?

It's everywhere

... & I think for good reason...

I was so excited to see it.

Even more excited when mine came in the mail on Saturday morning.

I just read the letter from the Editor this morning & was already tearing up.

Talks about 'what is healthy' & how people expect to look at a runner & expect to see only ONE body type?  I don't think so...

Healthy comes in a lot of difference sizes.

Believe me, my race pictures are nothing like any of the other women that grace the cover of the running magazines...

... until now...

I saw the little interview snippet with the model on the cover & she said she's been running since she was in high school when she played volleyball.  Some may look at her & not think she exercises or tries to take care of herself.  They would be wrong.

I've always said that I know when people look at me, they have no idea the battle I fight.  The focus I have on my food & what I can & can't eat - the struggle I have.  The amount of time I put into exercising sweating & fighting to try & get down a pound or two.  The work that I put into trying to be healthy.

My sweet husband sees me sweating & working out & has told me many a time, "You try so hard".  I do.  But I bet people that see me don't have any clue on how hard....

People pass judgements so easily on others.

So that's why I love this cover.  This woman is a real size.  She's proud of who she is.  She's going against the norm.  She's not everyone's idea of a 'runner'

This covers represents to me all the hard work that people put into working out & striving to get healthier but may not get the same results as everyone else... but that doesn't make the work any less bit of dedication.

This cover makes me smile... makes me feel like I'm ok... that I'm worthy of the title of "runner" myself. 

Even at my size.

Thanks Women's Running Magazine for that boost in confidence.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Where I didn't want to 'adult' with my food....

We had a late night...

that's what happens when you're cool grandparents. 

ROCKIN' cool grandparents.

That's us...

going to the Pat Benatar concert.

Let me tell you - girl can STILL rock out - she looks & sounds amazing.

But anyways, this morning, I wake up & am DRAGGGGGGING.

I don't want to adult - as the new saying goes.

& I really didn't want to make breakfast.  That's part of 'adulting'...

That involves dirtying pans & needing to clean them, getting stuff out of the fridge & pantry.  Actual work.  At 6 am... when I'm tired & my ears are still ringing from SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT... (rock fist in the air)

& I thought, I'll just run down to McDonalds - pick up a Egg McMuffin with no Canadian bacon - obvs - & an iced coffee.  Easy. Yummy. Simple.

& then I put it in My Fitness Pal.   (Is it MyFitnessPal - or separated?  What is the technical correct term in writing?... bygones)

I've learned to do that BEFORE I eat ... because sometimes, that changes my mind.

& doing the 21 Day fix lately, & being more aware of nutrition & food, its an eye opener.

I see that easy, yummy, simple, fast breakfast would have cost me about 450 calories.

That's usually now what I'm eating by the time lunch comes around - a snack in there after breakfast.

So I ended up deleting the McDonalds stuff off my app...

& opened the fridge, pulled out the stuff for a good healthy breakfast  & started 'adulting' in a more nutrition-wiser-minded way.

Go me!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TOTR: Where I run

I used to live in a subdivision... where houses were next to each other on concrete roads... & there was a thing there that I never thought I would miss.

That thing?  Sidewalks.

& speed limits.

& signs of the living.

We have moved out to the country & those things are gone.

Replaced are some areas of homes... big areas of nothing but trees.  Lots of trees. Perfect for thinking up awful images of someone dragging you into the trees & you're never heard of again.

I have seen many a deer carcass in there too if it's not scary enough.

Don't get me wrong - its beautiful too... but running alone, it can be nerving.

The other thing it has in my new area?  Hills.  Lots of hills.  God-forsaken-hills.  I mean, not just little inclines... I mean, butt burning hills that make you feel like you need to get to the top & camp out kind of hills.

Me at the top of every hill

What else does my running area have?  People that drive like they have no sense.  All those hills?   People want to be the Duke Brothers flying over them, driving at 100 mph.  Don't be on the wrong side of the road for that one... or technically the right side of the road... this is confusing.  I try to go WITH the traffic going up a hill & then head to the opposite side of the road on the flat areas.

I'm basically zig-zagging the whole time - adding another half mile to every run - I'm sure.

With my knee & back injury though, I have done a new thing - gone to the local elementary school that is down the road a bit & I use their FLAT parking lot.  It's my version of a track because its a constant round & round & round... & round... & round...

But I have to keep an eye out when school is in session & they have PTA events & the parking lot is full at night.... sigh...

The closest park to me is about 15 minutes away so I'll go down there if I feel like a little drive.  Most of the times, I don't.

So the point of all this?

My treadmill is my friend.

Joining up

Monday, July 13, 2015

End of 2nd Round in 21 Day Fix....

Another 3 weeks down... another 21 days down...

& I am down... 9 lbs!


I lost another 3 lbs in this round.  Lost another inch in my waist & another inch in my hips.

It's funny because now its not like I'm thinking about 'another round' - it just sort of feels like "life"... the point of 21 days is anything can become a habit if you do it for 21 days.  For me, it may be 42 days... but it's kicked in.

I don't look at food the same.

I see colored containers when I see foods.

I know when too much is too much.

I know when my body needs water.

I don't freak out when my stomach growls... I know its time to eat a healthy snack & not gorge on junk.

I know the limits on my body working out - & when to push those limits.

It's been a learning experience - for sure.

This weekend had me running with my C25K program... & then a good walk for a photo session. 

It's pretty bad though when you do an incline with photo clients & you're huffing & puffing.  Even worse when that client is 8 months pregnant & she takes the hills better then me.  I see what I need to work on next.

Side note - I hate hills.

Highlights of the weekend:

* I think I ate a whole container of blueberries in 2 days.
* Veggie enchiladas from Chuy's are THE BEST!!!
* I STILL haven't had a York peppermint patty - since June 1st.  I almost feel like its like a drug to me now. I want one but afraid if I eat one, I'll be hooked again. #foodaddictionisreal
* I want to spend every weekend in running shorts
* I find myself doing all my shopping at Sam's Club now in their Product section - talk about clean eating!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Five: 5 Fitness Trends I Wont try

Five Fitness Trends I Won't Try

ONE // Hot Yoga

No way.  I have issues with yoga anyways - but stick me in a room that feels like Hell has made its way to earth?  & then you want me to put my body in weird positions?  Why?  So I can smell the sweat on me in places I shouldn't have my nose near?  No thank you.

TWO // Cross Fit

Looks like tons of fun

I know this is going to hit a nerve with a lot of people.  But nope. You'll never see me in a cross fit gym. Nothing against it - I just know I'll never be able to do it because of my bicep tendon.  I will never climb a rope - I will never lift weights repeatedly over my head in big bulks - I will never do 1,000 push ups.  My arm just wont let me do all this work... not to mention my knees?  You'll never see me attempting to jump on a big box.  Guaranteed.  I know my clutzy limits.

THREE // Paleo

All the meat!!! NOOOOOO!!! Not this vegetarian girl.  I just don't get it.  I get limiting carbs but the restrictions on this diet plan seem a little crazy to me.  I'm sure a lot of people who eat meat think the same thing about the way I eat... but to each his own... & my own ain't Paleo.

FOUR // Pole Class

First, can we just talk about how wrong this picture is above.  #1 - the heels.  Who wears heels to a work out session, unless you're the chic from Jurassic World who runs from T-Rex's for hours in them? ... & #2 - "Why hello stranger. Let me stand across from  you & stand in seductive poses & share this pole with you".... WHAT IS HAPPENING TO WORKOUTS?  ... & again, there's the whole upper body thing for me - ain't no way on the face of this earth I'm turning myself upside down on a tiny pole without breaking my arm... or bringing the roof down.

FIVE // Underwear Runs

I see more & more of these popping up.  & granted, if I had the bodies of some of these people, I would probably think twice about choosing this as a NO... but I have my body... & no one wants to see it running in just my underwear.  Oh mercy no.  Just imagine a slow motion camera & ripples through a lake... basically how I would look running in something like this.  Now, if I could wear long underwear from the hillbilly days, then I'm all in.

That guy... yep... my style
What is the latest trends you're seeing that you're saying