Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Doing what works for me... even if you dont see it...

Warning:  honest post ahead!

The past weekend, I got to see some familiar faces -faces of people that I love.

One of those people I love - she has been dropping weight like Kanye drops a rude interruption on people. 

She has been taking those hormone drops that have been all the rage.  They are working for her.  She has been shedding the weight like sweat dripping off of my back during a hard work out.

& that right there is where the honesty starts coming out.

She's shedding weight like its nothing... & I'm the one dripping sweat & having to fight food addictions & muddling through.

I'm fighting & balancing food & struggling & while I am loosing weight, its slow... & no where near the numbers she's dropping.

Internal screaming happened a lot while listening to her explain how these drops were working for her & to watch everyone just sit around & talk about how they need to get their hands on these drops & try it for themselves.

All the people are looking at her & googling & oohing & aahhing on her & saying how good she looks & asking her how she feels.

She's just like, "it just takes away cravings for food"

... that's it...

ask me what I'm doing & I'll tell you how I have to balance proteins & carbs & am limited to an amount of food during a day & working my butt off at least 30 minutes a day with one day off for rest.

If I were to tell people what I'm doing, do you think they would have that same instinct to run out & get some work out clothes & little colored containers & want to start on it instantly?  ... yeah... me either

And then I see she's eating... normal foods... there's even cake around.

& I'm coming to this place drinking a protein shake so I will be semi-full & not WANT a piece of cake.

I know 12 lbs isn't much & probably not even that noticeable... but it just frustrated me so much.   How easy it can be for others.... & how hard I have to work for the smallest of results.

I don't mean this to sound like a whiney post - just like I said, an honest one.

I just keep trying to think that I'm doing what I need to do for me.

I mean, I wouldn't take those hormone drops for anything in the world anyways. No offense to anyone who has or is doing them.  Truly.  For me, I don't trust them. They don't seem natural to me - even if people say that they ARE natural.  But I'm the person who doesn't even like to take an aspirin must less take something that is supposed to curb my appetite.  I'm too much of a naturalist for that.

& I know my progress is slower... but I'm making lifestyle changes.  I'm learning how to adjust to this long term.  I'm learning to be healthy inside & out.

So I will admit, I left that place feeling really down on myself & frustrated... but the more I thought about it, the more my mind eased up & the more I actually became proud of me.

I truly am happy for this person who has lost all her weight too... I'm sure she has her moments & her own struggles in certain areas....its all about cheering others on!

So today, if you see others & you feel frustrated & aggravated at your own progress, remember you have to do you... only you... what only works for you.

And I'll be doing me... slowly & surely....


  1. ((((((((Sending you a big virtual hug from VA)))))))
    Food has been a nemesis for me throughout my life. I don't have a lot of weight to lose now, but I constantly go up four or five pounds and have to watch every calorie. I sweat to lose and maintain. As someone who has gained a lot of weight in my 20's and worked a year to get it off, I know that pain when you are looking at others who have no idea how exhausting it all is.
    You do you :) and please remember you are so much more than a number :)

  2. I agree with you about any type of hormone supplement. That seems like going against nature. Your body balances those things for a reason. Taking more seems like a bad idea, and I'll bet this girl is doing more than taking those things. She's just not discussing it.
    I had to laugh about "dropping weight like Kanye drops a rude interruption."
    You seem to be going about it very mindfully and safely. Keep doing what you're doing.

  3. Even if it is "natural" I don't trust things like that. I have acknowledged that I am the way that I am because of the choices I have made. I made the choice to eat certain things and not work out on certain days, but I own it. I think a supplement is the easy way out. Plus, as soon as she stops taking them the weight will come right back on. Especially if her eating and working out habits are the same. I am a firm believer that it falls back on balance and not just a life-style change, but commitment. There will be times when we are not perfect, but that's where balance comes in. You are doing an amazing job. you!

  4. Follow your gut. I don't think those hormone drops do anything, really...

  5. I wouldn't take the hormones either! A lifestyle change will last (and it's good for overall health, not just losing weight!) while I doubt the hormones will work for a lifetime.

  6. oh hon. don't be down about this! there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating healthy and working out. there is something wrong - sorry! - with taking anything like that. it's not real, it's probably dangerous, and cake is never healthy, and i'm sorry but losing weight without being healthy is just crazy. i know it's easier said than done, but don't let someone taking a shortcut make you feel bad about working your butt off.

  7. 12 pounds? Twelve pounds? A dozen pounds? You'd better be proud of what you've accomplished. Hormone Drops will gain that weight back. You, on the other hand, will be busy living a healthy fulfilling life.

  8. Like you said a little progress is better than none at all. Everyone is different. Hang in there. You're doing the best that you can. And you have to be proud of that:)

  9. I love your honesty! And yes, it's just plain not fair. But from what you've mentioned, she's just losing weight while you're getting healthier, stronger, and more committed. If everyone could eat whatever they want and then take a magic pill/drop to take all the extra weight away, where's the commitment? Where's the motivation? Where's the accountability to ourselves? Weight didn't come on overnight and it doesn't go away overnight. Keep on keeping on and you'll feel even better about your results because you EARNED them!! :)

  10. I've noticed its far to easy to compare to others, but like you I do it just the same.
    I have found if I want to loose a bunch of weight real quick, it is easily done. But guarantee those pounds come back within a month. But when I take it slow and steady and like you change my life, the pounds drop slowly, but there is far less chance of those creeping back up on me.
    Keep on doing what you're doing, its working and enjoy any and all progress you are making! Just think about the added good years your adding onto your life too by eating healthier!

  11. I am raising a carrot to you because I agree COMPLETELY. I have never even heard of hormone drops so have no idea what they are, but research has proven that the only way to permanent weight loss is exactly what you're doing--healthy lifestyle changes that lead to slow but permanent loss. Quick losses from fad diets seldom work out in the end. It's rarely something people can maintain when they start eating normally again. The slow and steady way isn't sexy, like you said, but it works. Definitely take satisfaction in that!!!

  12. Jeremy and I have taken those drops!! We did lose weight quickly, although I can't remember how much now. I think he lost around 40 lbs. But we both gained back every single pound!!
    I would like to meet someone who has kept off the weight from those things.
    Anyway, you just keep going, you're doing awesome and you inspire me!

  13. I love this post! I love the honesty about it just as much! We all struggle, it's ok to let it out and be frustrated! We all run a different race at a different pace! Kudos to you!! :)


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