Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Five: Race Day Surprises

I like this week's topic... the things that sneak up on you
5 Race Day Surprises!!!
Things I didn't expect during a race day

ONE // How much you DONT want to eat

Any day, any hour, any minute - I could eat.  I'm all about food.  Except on race morning - when you NEED food the most to fuel up & get ready for a long day ahead.  But nerves kick in & who wants to eat with a nervous belly.  It's almost being force fed on race day... same goes with how much water you need to force down.  When all I want to do is throw up. I don't do nerves well.

TWO // How finding a parking spot can cause so much anxiety

I think I am near a panic attack EVERY race until I get my car parked & I'm heading to the start line.  I try to figure out the area before a race & think about where good parking is at... but then you run into blocked roads & loads of people crossing the street like its a big Frogger game #80sgamingreference ... & my fear is that I'm going to be late to the start... which has happened ... & guess what?  The world didn't end.  I just hate being rushed.  RUSH is the key word for most of my mornings on race day.  It's basically my word for EVERY morning of my life.

THREE // How much energy there is at start line

Man... if I could bottle up that anticipation & energy, I would... & I'd be a millionaire.  Standing at the start line in the middle of a group of people you never met but all have the same goal... it's just exciting.  & when music is being played to pump up the jam?  Oh yeah baby... its better then any rave you could ever go to.  But this one has compression socks & gel packs everywhere!  #RunnersRock

FOUR // How fast you'll start out


I have a pace. It's called slow.  But it always surprises me when I get through the first mile in a race & see what my pace is.  ALWAYS so much faster then it should be.  This is not a good thing, mind you... but it happens every race.  Getting caught up in the crowd, "keeping up with the Jones" you could say - "don't look like an idiot" is another way of saying it.  That's all hog wash - no one cares if you run along side them or not... but its just easy to try & keep up.

FIVE // The emotions

Yes, I figured I'd be emotional my first race crossing a half marathon finish line.  I didn't know I'd be emotional EVERY STUPID RACE I DO!!! ... but it happens.  A smile, a proud moment, sometimes even tears.  There's something that happens in the soul when you do a race.  I think an angel gets its wings or something.

What surprises you in races sometimes?



  1. I've only done one race (a 5K), but that morning I was SO was so hard to choke down my protein bar. Also I had to potty like 100 times before the race once we were there...from nerves. That was the WORST. Thankfully it was walking distance from our apartment so I didn't have to worry about parking. Parking always stresses me out, and with nerves I'm sure it'd be even worse! The energy and anticipation is an awesome feeling!

  2. um. yes. literally, to all of these. i never want to eat, i am always a ball of emotions and have the most energy at the start, crying at the end lol. fabulous post girl!

  3. You always have the perfect gifs! I'm the same way with all of these except starting fast. I'm slow through and through. :)

  4. The logistics of getting to a race and the parking always gets me! Always. I'm never worried about the actual race. I've cried many times coming across the finish line. It's doesn't make for the best photo, unfortunately.

  5. I'm always surprised by my race photos. Or lack thereof.

  6. I always seem to go out too fast in races. It catches up to me half way thru though. I need to learn to pace myself better.

  7. Ha! I love this :) I hate parking too, my best races have been when hubby comes, he drops me off and goes to park and we meet up later - relieves stress :)
    I am emotional either way, if I am doing okay or not, I just feel it more during a race. I think - it's just running, but on race day it always feels different.

  8. Yes I always feel nauseous before a race and it is so hard to eat or drink anything! Afterwards though... give me all the food!


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