Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How the month went: July 2015


Miles Ran:  21.00 miles
Workouts:  23 days

July... the month I did this

pulled out my running shoes again.
I missed it. 
I forgot how much I missed it.
I felt like I did pretty good for July.
I mean, you can see I was pretty consistent on the workouts.
& I'm still loving the 21 Day Fix workouts for alternating days I'm putting on those running shoes. They are great ways to get in some body toning in just 30 minutes.
though I still have stayed away from the Lower body Fix.
I still think that's from Da Devil!!!!
& yeah, the running.
I knew I hadn't ran in awhile.  & being a slow poke anyways, I decided to upload the C25K program on my phone & start over again.
I have no problem with starting over in life in things.
So its slow... & not even up to 2 miles yet.
But that's ok... because it's enjoyable.
& that's what it should be - right?
My eating/nutrition has still been on track with my 21 Day Fix idea.
I keep my little food tracker with me & keep everything in check
... though I did start incorporating a time - usually on Sunday - where I can have a treat.
& by treat, I'm not talking about gorging for a day.
I mean, I have like 10 chocolate chips - or 5 extra pretzels.
I'm OK with that.
I'm just trying to learn to listen to my body... & I'm not really craving much of anything or really DYING for something huge & a massive pig out.
That's good - right?
My biggest love this month has been the Kashi wheat waffles.
Oh yeah.. I can eat this for every dinner.
Though I will say, I tried the Eggo Wheat waffles.
I don't know what they put in those things but both me & the hubs had stomach cramps for a whole day after eating those things.
Never again Eggo - never again.
So I'll chalk July as a really good month
a 9 out of 10
I still lost some more weight
I am still pretty much injury free
(though aging does always have aches & pains)
I can see muscle toning in my arms & legs
yeah.. a good month
What was the best thing that happened in July for you?


  1. I started running again in July too and it felt so good to lace up the shoes and get out on the trail. Like you, I am starting over too. I haven't pushed myself to do over 3 miles yet and i'm okay with that. The distance will come. It's more important to me to do a little bit at a time and feel good about it!
    Congrats on the additional weight loss and for staying on track. You rock!

  2. Kashi wheat waffles sound delicious! I'd feel bad getting them and eating them in front of Michael since he can't eat gluten...but I think he could deal. :)

  3. ugh that sucks about the waffles giving you stomach cramps. i have never tried them.i love the vans gluten free waffles, yum.
    you seriously had a great month! congrats on running again, and yes - enjoyable is where it's at!

  4. Awesome month with lots of successes! I need to check out those kashi waffles! And I love your stripe tank!

  5. I'm really leery of commercially prepared foods...I have such GI issues. Altho my boys eat those waffles all the time without a problem.

    Great month!

    1. Young bellies are like iron garbage cans :)

  6. I'm glad to hear you are running and enjoying it. That's what it is all about! Good job in July with sticking to your healthy eating. A little treat is a must.

  7. I love this! Looks like you were busy this month :) I recently started training for another race and the running is kicking my butt... but it feels so good!

  8. It feels so good to stick to a running routine. I've recently stopped running because I thought I was too busy and I'm paying the price now. It sucks to feel like you're suffocating all over again! I'm hoping for the day I enjoy it again! :)


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