Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Five: best of summer 2015

I can't believe we're rounding out summer.

Though I do love fall! Always excited to see it come... but then double sad to get to winter.  The seasons put me in such an emotional roller coaster.

But today's Friday Five is fun - a look back at some of the best moments of Summer

ONE// Surprise 20 year Renewal

I so loved this summer being able to capture the most special event.  These two celebrated their 20th anniversary & their kids orchestrated a whole vow renewal - complete with dress, cake, memories from their wedding all displayed & even brought back the groom's best man.  It was just the most amazingly perfect day.

Mom surrounded by her daughters as they were explaining to her what was happening.

TWO//  4th of July

Loved having our family up for 4th of July & celebrating it at my parents house with the greatest fireworks ever. The Grand Dudes loved it... fields, horses, LOUD BRIGHT fireworks. It was a wonderful day.

THREE//  Color Run

I'm used to doing races by myself or have the hubs with me so this was so much fun to meet up with ladies from my church.  I so enjoyed those 3.1 miles in talking with them & getting to know them better.  Glitter on top of it all makes it even more special.

FOUR//  Merge Camp

Me getting my "preach" on :)

This was our 3rd year of doing Merge Camp & it was just as special as the previous years.  New faces joined in this year.  I got to get some deeper connections with some new kiddos.  & we were reminded about falling in love with God at the most critical time our church kids needed it.

FIVE//  Women of Faith

It never ever gets old to worship in a room full of thousands of people... even better when its thousands of your sisters in Christ.  Loved getting to see some old friends & making new ones.  Fill up my soul every day Lord!

How was your summer?
What's the one best thing that happened for you?


  1. Looks like you've made lots of good memories this summer! I absolutely love that that family did a vowel renewal and that the kids set it all up. What an amazing family to be a part of. That is love! My summer has not been good as years past. As you know i've had a lot of sad dog news and unfortunately the sad news keeps coming. As a fellow dog mom I know you understand how difficult it can be! -M

  2. What a great summer! I don't think I had found your blog at that vow renewal time, but what a sweet surprise from their kids!

  3. the colour run was SO fun. definitely a highlight from my summer!

  4. You were part of so many awesome things this summer! It sounds like a lot of fun and so fulfilling in so many ways. <3 I love fall too, but feel the same way with winter approaching. Let's enjoy it while we can!

  5. Looks like a great summer! i love the 20 year vow renewal, what a fun surprise for them! One fun thing I did over the summer was stand up paddle boarding for the first time, what a blast!

  6. Your Merge Camp is a wonderful thing for kids to experience. I have fond memories of a similar camp. I have mixed emotions about summer ending. I'll have to stop my beloved water skiing but I so look forward to cooler running!

  7. How cool you painted your horse! Ha we have horses too! We've put glitter on them and colored their hair for barrel races before.

  8. You have had an amazing summer! I am not ready for it to be over, until I am buried in snow I still plan to get outdoors as much as possible :)

  9. You had some great moments ;) I love Fall, I am excited for all things pumpkin! It's funny how the weather can really impact the emotions, I get summer depression, which I know is the opposite from most, but I struggle so much in heat...I just need a break.
    Totally random you ever listen to old dcTalk music? It's still one of favorites and it still lifts my mood when I hear it :)


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