Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly wrap


Well, not a great week... only because I was super swamped & on the move the whole time - so while not working out, I wasn't lazy.  Let's make that noted


Monday - C25K Week 5

I felt really good on this one.. but its also the run that sparked my post last week about being a slower runner then a fast walker.  The jury is still out on how that affects me mentally or what I'll choose to do more - I guess I just need to listen to my body because ultimately, the aches & pains of being in my mid-40's pretty much rules everything anyways.... but look at that mid-40 yr old body give a good jump! GO GIRL

Tuesday - Upper Fix

I picked up my weights to 7 lbs... which my left arm loves. My right arm is saying, "Did you forget you basically need shoulder surgery?"... blah.  But yeah.  Like I always say, I'm pressing on.  I need to get these flabby arms toned up.

Wednesday - Cardio Fix

I normally go for a run on Monday & Wednesdays... but I knew the weather was going to be better the next few days so I thought I'll switch it up.  & this may not be a run, but its a sweat gusher of a workout.  & apparently a very serious work out if you look at the facial expressions.  #IDontPlayAround

Here's where everything went downhill in the 'workout' sense.

Thursday - I had a wedding rehearsal & didn't get home until about 8.  & it was gorgeous out & I could have gone out for a late run & I just had too much to do - with getting equipment ready & trying to get life in order a bit.  & I figured I would work out on Friday since it was going to be beautiful

... except Friday came & went & I never worked out. I got home from work & was exhausted.  Beat down.  Fridays catch up all the week stress on me in 1 day. I just wanted to get some rest - especially knowing I'd be on my feet the ENTIRE day the next day.

Saturday - WEDDING DAY!

No 'real' work out, but I got in over 17,000 steps - so yeah, I was on the move all day long.  Not to mention, I probably only ate about 750 calories for the day as well...  wedding photography diet plan.


* I tried to get more on track this week & again, Friday & Saturday threw me off.  The hubs picked up pizza & I did good keeping it down to 2 slices... but then had 1 more.   Hey, 3 slices is great for a girl like me who can usually eat a whole medium by myself.  But 2 slices would have been perfect for my 21 day fix.  & honestly, I didn't really blow anything with my meal plan, I had some room for that day to eat - I just didn't like that feeling of riding the edge of over eating again. I don't want to go back to that.

* I also had my first York Peppermint patty since June 1st.  Had it for basically my whole meal for Wedding day. I knew I'd need sugar in the day... it was kinda my life saver for the busy day.  So I'll not take too much heat for that snack.

* Sunday was my biggest failure.  We went out to celebrate a friend's ministry work & they had cake. I've done good to turn down all cake offered to me since June 1st but I gave in & ate a small slice.  It wasn't even something that I was like, OH MY GOSH - THIS IS WONDERFUL.  Every bite I was like, "mmm, this is ok" & then felt like it was going to make me feed bad about it.  I don't think I'll be as sad skipping a piece of cake again, so there's that good that came out of it.

* Iced Coffee count?  Too many to keep track of. That would be interesting to see how many I drink in a week.  As of today, already 1 down.


* I appreciate all the kind words over all the church drama happening... our pastor ended up stepping down this week so now we don't know where our church is headed - I'm hoping towards healing, but that's still going to be a bumpy road.  Needless to say, I stood in my church youth room & cried after the kids left with sad faces & confusion on what was happening in their church & seeing the loss of friends as they left the church.  It's a trying time.

* My spirit was also lifted as I got to share in the beautiful wedding day I got to photograph this weekend.  Gorgeous bride & grooms & stunning wedding days make me happy to be able to capture for beautiful people.

How was your week?
Give me a high & a low


  1. I think you are doing great and I can really see progress in your photos!

    I have a hard time resisting cake, which is funny cus as a kid I hated cake and birthday cake. Now I can't give up all that icing! The more the I definitely need to work on that!

  2. I think you did great :) It's hard to work full time and have weekend activities and stay completely on track. I go for "most days" because I know I can't do all days!
    I hear about the aches and pains, my body stops me a lot, I just keep working around it lol
    Hmmm high...well, we officially decided we are visiting Dollywood for hubby's 50th b day
    Low...not to bad last week.

  3. You're doing great and you're sticking with it so you won't see me getting on your case over a York peppermint patty ... first one in nearly 3 months? That's awesome! And it seems like you've been very consistent with all your other workouts so taking a couple days off is more than OK. It's when we fall off the wagon and don't jump back on is where the we have to be careful.

    High for my week -- completed week 4/day 6 of a 13.1 training app (run 3 min/walk 2 min - repeat 12 times for approx 6 miles). Thought I was going to die and I know the people on the treadmills around me at the Y thought the same thing.
    Low for my week -- pretty much everything I ate had a healthier option. I think I need to get back to MyFitnessPal or something.

    1. I cant handle being 'off the wagon' for a few days so I'll definitely be back on it today :)

      Good job on that half marathon training!!! You're doing great!!! - that 3min run /2 walk - that's my favorite interval pace.

  4. It's why I work out in the morning...if I wait until after work, I won't do it. I'm just too tired and I want all the wine. What can I say?

    Have a peppermint patty and don't feel badly about it!

  5. You say it wasn't a great week, but I don't see that. You got workouts in as best you could considering how busy the week was. And stopping yourself at 1 piece of cake & 1 peppermint patty shows a lot of control. I hope things start looking up at your church.

  6. Photographing a wedding is definitely a workout. Just look at that step count! I'm very impressed you had one peppermint patty and piece of cake. I would have kept going. MY LOW: the continuing extreme level of humidity. MY HIGH: awesome day on the lake. I'm sure you will get your workouts and runs in this week. Thanks so much for linking with us today!

    1. Humidity season is almost over! Hang in there!

  7. Way to go! You are on a roll! I'm tired just reading at everything you did. Sorry about the church drama. That's always so hard. Praying that healing will come soon.

  8. Mid 40's you have got to be kidding me!!!! Woman you look fabulous!!! I would never ever had guess it! 17,000 steps is quite a lot workout or not! I wouldn't stress over it much nor the cake, you stayed active! It's good that the cake wasn't just the best you've ever had cause now your like ahhh I don't really miss it! :) Still hoping things get better at your church and you have a preacher come in to really bring yall together! This past weeks high: Beach trip and seeing Kenny Rogers, low: struggling with my weight :( Thanks RJ for linking up with us again this week, we appreciate you! Have a great week! :)

    1. ahh - you are now my new best friend! :)


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