Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Wrap


So I just noticed I didn't even post anything after last week's "weekly wrap"...

that's how crazy my world has been lately...

But its been another week, so let's look back.


Monday -Total Body Cardio Fix

I really like this workout in the 21 Day Fix program.  It covers the WHOLE body. & I'm loving that I'm picking it up - doing more high impact & feeling stronger throughout.  It really gets the heart pumping.

Tuesday - Upper Body Fix

I still love this workout as my favorite in the workout mix.  I am such need of arm flab to go away.  I've increased my weights on some exercises to my 7lb'ers ... for me, that makes me feel like Arnold. 

Wednesday - Les Mills Combat 30

Kickboxing will always be my workout love language.  I hadn't done it in awhile & my legs instantly remembered how much it can ache.  There's a part that does over 240 kicks in a row. Yeah, my butt, I'm pretty sure, cries during this.  I definitely know my quads are sobbing.

Thursday - Run 2 miles

I was off on my running this week because I was just squeezing in workouts when I could - so I didn't follow my C25K program but picked up where I left out - Week 4, day 3.  I actually felt great during the 5 minute runs this time too.  The night was warm but not miserable - enough to make me a sweaty mess though.  All of this pounding of the pavement is making me think about starting to sign up for some races again.

Friday & Saturday - GIRLS WEEKEND!

I had the Women of Faith conference this weekend. & while I didn't get in any workouts, I was on the move a lot. A lot of walking, A lot of standing. A lot of worshipping - which for me, I'm a mover & a shaker. I'm the person who is standing dancing to songs.  It helped that we couldn't find anywhere for lunch on Saturday & walked for 25 minutes to find a spot.  It DIDN'T help that the only place we could get in was White Castle.  Thumbs up that even they have veggie burgers though.

Sunday - Rest day is an understatement

I was exhausted.  We ran to Sam's Club so I could reload on fruits & veggies & by the time we got home, I laid down on the coach the rest of the evening. I got up long enough to make half a Peanut Butter sandwich.  I fought to keep my eyes open to watch Bachelor in Paradise - I do have priorities in life.


I felt a little off on my food this week.  So much is happening in my world right now with some issues in my life - I was in meetings till 11pm some nights, visiting with families to talk about what's happening in our church, checking up on kids hearing all the 'adult drama' going on (their words, not mine) - its been some days I don't eat at all, & most days, just getting what I can get my hands on quick.

When I had onion rings at White Castle for lunch, it felt like the biggest treat ever.  But its not something I care to indulge in every day anymore.

I'm ready to get food back on track this week


My soul has been on a roller coaster this week.  Our church is having 'issues' & by issues, I mean basically crumbling apart.  ... but then I go to a weekend where God is the focus & raising your spirits & having your soul filled is what its about.  & then you leave there & see the heart break that is happening around me & yeah... roller coaster..

How was your week?
Have a great workout?
What's the best thing you ate this week?


  1. Aww so sorry about your church issues.
    You did great with your workouts though. About 10 years ago I can remember some of my friends would not wear tank tops because they were uncomfortable with their "arm flab". I though that was just nonsense. Now I get it! The struggle is real!

  2. girl i have been hardcore failing with food as well. womp womp. good job on your workouts, love the action shots!

  3. Sorry to hear about the issues going on in your church, but I am sure they will workout!
    Great job on your workouts this past week! You are looking great girl!!!

  4. You inspired me to start doing planks again in your last post...I did them on Saturday and my abs are still sore this morning!!!

  5. Hang in there - I hate when churches have issues. But, just like a regular family, they go through growing pains and different opinions. Stinks though. Mine is going through something similar. I had to get new shoes finally and was hoping for an updated version of my Saucony Triumphs ... they changed them! I had to switch to Brooks Ghost and I started having shin splint pain after 1/2 mile. NOO!!! Going to try again on the treadmill tonight since I haven't really run outside since July 4 so I'm hoping that was the reason for the pain. Good job on the workouts!

    1. I hate when they change up shoes. Its hard enough to find a pair that works for you. Good luck on your TM run tonight!

  6. I'm sorry about the issues at your church. My brother was a pastor and I think that is part of it sometimes. Hopefully things will settle down soon. You got in quite a few workouts this week! And a run. That's a good week to me. The best thing I ate (and by best I mean yummy) were a few cookies I made with my grandson. The healthiest thing was probably chicken with pineapple salsa. Thanks very much for linking up with us!

  7. We take for granted that church is supposed to be a place where there are no "issues" but that is simply not true. I'm so glad you could refocus and recharge your spirit with the conference though. Keep your head looking up where God wants you and the issues with your church will work itself out. It looks like you had a great week of staying active. Whoa 240 kicks in a row man my rear would be on fire! Great job! I think the best thing I ate last week was the s'mores! They were so dang good! :) Have a great week RJ and thanks again so much for linking up with us!

  8. I used to love onion rings but oh do I pay when I eat them! I'm being pretty careful now about what I eat during marathon training. I don't like any surprises.

  9. I love kickboxing too but haven't done it in forever. Great that you got in great workouts during a crazy week!

  10. okay, I confess I had some carrot cake for lunch lol we all have those days!
    I am sorry about the church issues, dang ol' human natures...I have been there years ago watching things crumble, it is sad what will tear people apart. I think I am a prodigal son because of it, it kind of ate at me until I stopped going, then I started being lazy in my personal relationship - try to stay focused and keep worshiping. That's one of the reason I am glad I found you :) Even though I don't have my self together, I know I need it and you exude joy :)


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