Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five: A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

I wish I knew this was the topic coming up - I would have taken some pictures to document... but really, life is so routine, isn't it?  So I'll just pick 5 things that I KNOW is happening every day of my life...

ONE // I hate my alarm

5:15am comes way too early ... every morning.  When my alarm goes off, I almost want to cry.  I am pretty good at getting up & being in a decent mood, but it still doesn't mean I don't hate it.  Know who else hates my alarm?  Harvey Dent.  That dog knows that it means mom & dad are leaving for the day & he gets so sad. Seriously sad.  Talk about dog-mommy guilt

TWO // Iced Coffee

This is a must in every day.  It's pretty funny to think that about 4 years ago, I never drank a cup of coffee in my life.  Could care less.  & not even sure how I got hooked on it, but yep, I NEED my iced coffee every morning.  It's like a wake up call to my body... more so, my brain... & my droopy eyes. 

THREE // Hide at work

I am a photographer on the weekends & evenings.  Day job, I do accounting... for three companies.  It keeps me busy.  It's easy to get bills & invoices & checks for these companies all mixed up if I'm not careful.  So while I am a people person, I like to just keep to myself at work.  Let me work on one company, check out some blogs... work on another company... check out the IG feeds... work on another company... what's the latest on Facebook.  I ain't got time for chatting.  It's OK - there's only 3 other people in the office anyways.  & after being here 23 years, we don't need to talk. I can read them as easily as I can a book.

FOUR // Immediately into workout clothes

Since my morning starts early & I have to get out of my house before the sun comes up, when I get home, I have limited time. So I'm basically walking into my door stripping my clothes off & getting my work out clothes on.  I feel like I could be like the act on American's Got Talent.  & I find if I don't put on my workout clothes as soon as I get home, I find excuses not to get in my sweat.  So its a MUST that I change quickly.

FIVE // Craft Time

I'm a knitter/crocheter... I love yarn in my hands. So at some point during the night, I have to do something on one of the many projects I have laying around my couch.  Even if its just a few stitches, I just like the idea that I'm creating SOMETHING... even one stitch a day adds up.

Yeah - obviously there is a lot of other stuff in my day... like eating... catching up with the hubs on our day... not necessarily cleaning... lots of laundry... lots of dog snuggles.... But here's a basic 5 you can count on.

What's one thing that happens every day in your
life that you love?  You hate?



  1. Ugh, the alarm. One of my dogs immediately gets up and in your face when the alarm goes off because she knows it means you're waking up! She gets super excited and licks your face and hits you, demanding pets. The other one will bark nonstop if you leave the alarm going for too long (which Michael does sometimes). I think she dislikes it as much as we do. :)

  2. I love holding that warm mug of tea in my hands in the morning, even if it's summer. And I hate all those pesky chores that get in the way of the stuff I really want to do. :)

  3. I have a serious case of dog mommy guilt too. I am fortunate though during the summer that I can snuggle with her as long as I want in the morning.

  4. When I stretch out in bed at night..well that is just the best feeling in the world.

  5. I'm like you with your workout clothes about cooking. If I don't immediately walk in from work and start preparing dinner, it ain't happening. If I sit down, I'm not cooking. I love an afternoon iced coffee, but still like it hot in the morning. If you are ever looking for a link to recap your training or just whatever, I'd love for you to join the Weekly Wrap.

  6. Iced coffee FOREVER! I'm with you on workout clothes. There's just something about them that makes you feel better :)

    1. They give me energy - I'd swear to it :)

  7. I agree with you! I hate my alarm too, and there are some days where I want to cry! I'm not a coffee drinker, I'm a soda drinker and that's how I get my caffeine!

  8. I hate the alarm too, I mean I get up. But I hate it almost every single time it goes off:)
    Love that you keep to yourself at work. I had a job several years ago like that, I just went it, got it done and got out. At the time I didn't work with anyone all that interesting and even if I did talk to someone all they did was complain about hating their job, so I like you just wanted to keep to myself, and I did mostly, except in staff meetings, I can never keep my mouth shut in those, I have an opinion on everything and usually it is different than others, LOL LOL
    I am totally stumped there is not really a single thing that I do the same every day, I even get up at different times on different days... I guess one thing about each of my days is they are different from one day to the next:)

  9. Haha I always change into workout clothes the second I get home too. Mainly because they are much more comfortable than my work clothes!

  10. ha! I have not tried ice coffee, maybe I shouldn't lol
    I agree if I am doing an after work sweat session, I must run in, change, and get out of house. If I stop for even a second I will be on the sofa!
    I usually get up about 5 a.m. every day, I hate it even after several years. I would not be up if at all possible.

  11. love your gifs :) i don't love my alarm either!


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