Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I just cant make myself like it....

Oh gosh y'all...

I tried...

once again.

What in the world am I talking about?


Except this body has a bad shoulder & I will basically cry in extreme pain doing this move

The amazing workout program that I see a lot of people talking about - the workout that combines Pilates & Yoga.

First, let me once again reinforce my struggle with Yoga.

I just can't make myself like it.

I WANT to like it.

I know my body needs to stretch & I know I have kinks I need to work out.

But with this stupid sucky bicep tendonitis, it totally kills me to do hold all my weight on my arms to do these holds ... & I can't handle the repetitive sun salutations over & over. 

Just punch me in the face instead.

I will say, I do like Pilates. I like the ab work on that.  Strong core - I'm all about that.

So yesterday, I found a hybrid sheet that combines T25 with Piyo & thought, this may be something I need to challenge myself with.  Get the cardio of T25 & then try the full body workout of Piyo.... I printed out the schedule, pinned it to my cork board & put in the first DVD that started with Piyo Sweat.

I was 15 minutes in & I was MISERABLE!!!

I even said out loud, "I cant make myself do this anymore"... & popped it out & put in P90X3

(I also found a hybrid of P90X3 & T25)

I don't feel like I'm giving up on a workout - I just know its not for me.

Just like I want the world to love kickboxing... not everyone is going to love it.

It's good to see there are options for everyone out there - right? 

Not everything is black & white... no one is going to agree on everything

I just know I don't want to be bored out of my mind & making my BT any worse then it already is...

Piyo - back into the back of the cabinet you shall go...

Monday, September 28, 2015

{DL} A feel good run with thanks to Spotify

It really feels like Fall y'all...

& I'm loving every minute of it.

I was going to do some yoga on Friday but got home from a photography consult meeting & it was rainy & gloomy & I was just like, nah... count it as a rest day.

So when I got up on Saturday, the hubs was working, I knew it was time to get in that workout & enjoy this fresh air.

It's the kind of weather that you sweat, but don't even feel it because the cool fall breeze is constantly blowing on you keeping you at the perfect temperature.

Bad ass:
Hello no make up face

The cool thing that I'm loving right now really is Spotify.  I have been playing around with it & finding that the pace of 160 BPM keeps me going as a 'faster' pace & keeps me going where I want don't want to stop.

I've been doing runs at 3 minute runs/2 minute walks.... at this BPM, I have been keeping it at 4 minute runs with 1 minute walk... & doing great

... & even at one point, I did a 10 minute run & didn't want to stop, but knew my knee needed a little break.


I'm giving all credit to the fall air.

If it was 95 degrees with humidity, I'm sure none of this would apply - Spotify or not.

& when it comes to commercials on Spotify, I keep trying to keep the same pace, only to have the music come back & find that I instantly dropped down.

I may have to pay for a subscription so I don't have to deal with commercials.

The rest of the weekend was filled up with spending time with my twin nieces... love them.
... getting lots of really bad coffee... UGH!
... buying a new washing machine... thanks old one for just konking on me.
... living on Mexican food... could do it everyday
... catching up on my DVR shows.... what did we do before DVR?
... & never wanting to come inside with all this cool weather.

How was your weekend?
Did you get in a run or some other workout?
Do you like music to set your pace?
Is it feeling like Fall to you?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Five: Fall Activities

Today's Topic:  Favorite Fall Activities

I love everything about Fall so this is an easy topic for me...
But it may not be "activities" that I'm going with... maybe more 5 of my favorite things about Fall.   & if you really think about it, just surviving & breathing is an activity - so I think it all works together - right?
... just tell me right...

ONE // Running!

Well duh!  That seems obvious.  But something about Fall that makes running just magical to me.  I stick indoors during the humidity of summer. I'm not tough like most of you runners that get out there & sweat it out. I'm on  a treadmill, in front of a fan, watching Netflix #firstworldproblems ... but when the cool of Fall comes, I love hitting the outside pavement & watch the world as it changes into the most beautiful time of the year.

TWO // Windows Open

I don't only love it because my utility bill gets a break (thank you mother nature) - but something about crisp, fresh, cool air filling up a house just makes me happy.  I can't tell you how much I look forward to the weekends right now where I can just sleep in perfect comfort of a cool room & fresh air.    Let's ignore that it also gets my allergies in gear & gives me a sore throat & ear ache... I'll still choose to sleep with the windows open every time.

THREE // Warm Drinks

There's my first hot cup right there of the season!

I'm not a fan of warm drinks - I'm an iced coffee gal through & through.  But when it gets cool outside, I have started to appreciate the warmth of a hot cup of tea or coffee.  I had my first cup last weekend while I was Bible Journaling, next to the open window & the chill was too much.  So I kept my coffee hot... & it was just comforting.

FOUR // Decorations

I love all things Fall when it comes to decorating.  All the orange & browns & greens.  I'm not much good at doing it myself, but I love seeing it everywhere.  Give me all the pumpkins & leaves & wreaths & scarecrows & everything else you can muster up!  That picture above?  I imagine that's what Heaven's gates looks like to me :)

(yes, all big letters on that - I am totally screaming)

I always love Fall especially because its when the Hubs & I take our vacation & its always during our anniversary week.  This year, its our 20th!... (I still can't believe I've been married 2 decades!!!) But we are both Fall lovers & love to just enjoy a week together soaking up everything Fall has to offer.  The best time of the year to us!

What is your favorite thing about Fall you love?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

{DL} Kicking it up

09/23/15 - Wednesday
I have to admit, I was pretty much walking on air most of the morning after I found that number on the scale dropping more then I expected.
So I celebrated with 3 donuts.
NOOOO... Kidding... Never!
It was a fun day though to see the world celebrate the first day of Fall.
I don't think I see any other season with so much fanfare happening.
All the pictures of trees & vests & Starbucks fancy cups.
I'm down with this.
I went & had my usual Wednesday lunch date with my hubs.
It's funny because when I walk into that Subway, they don't even ask - they just pull out the wheat flatbread & start warming up the veggie patty.
its like Cheers - only healthier.
I took clothes with me to work because I was going to a class right when I jetted outta this prison.
Where was I headed?
My friend was teaching a free Turbo Kick class & I wanted tocheck it out.
After all, I do love my kickboxing classes.
& she was offering this one for free.
How do you not take advantage of free?
I love this lady too - she was my former Jazzercise instructor - she is an amazing massage therapist - she's actually MY Beachbody coach & she is just everything special in one little package. She has the best outlook on life & encouragement & positivity. 
I want to be her when I grow up - even though I think I'm a year older then her :)
The class was interesting.
It wasn't like my Les Mills or regular kick boxing.
It was more like aerobics with 'aerobic' type kickboxing in it.
You gotta remember - I have my black belt - I'm serious punches & kicks.
So while it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it was still definitely a calorie burn.
& a sweat fest.
& it was great when I got home & my workout was done for the day.
I could go straight into making dinner or cleaning the house.
Actually what happened was I went & played with the dog.
I'm sweaty & I wore out Harvey Dent... a good day!
Life is good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

25 lbs DOWN!!!!!

I lost 25 pounds! That is the same as the average 2 year old.:

Y'all - I can't even believe it!

I went to weigh in this week & didn't expect but a pound or a pound & a half... & gasped when I saw that I had jumped a few pounds down!

& it officially puts me at 25 lbs down.

I even got off & got back on the scale... 3 times... because I didn't believe it.

I think that's like the equivalent of taking 20 pregnancy tests because you don't believe all the other ones you've peed on.

Luckily, I didn't have to pee on the scale... though I almost did with excitement!

So my journey continues....25 lbs down - 35-40 still to go!  I can do it!

Now onto life for the my Tuesday.

I went out at lunch yesterday to go to Kroger.  They have an awesome salad bar & I was excited about getting a good salad & going to the park to enjoy it on a beautiful day.... except I got to Kroger & the lights were off the salad bar & every container empty.  They didn't open it for the day.


So I ended up just grabbing a quick snack thing they had & huffed & puffed the whole time


.... it really was more filling then I thought it would be...

I got home & want to switch up the running with a lot of cross training - I'm learning how much this helps my body tone up... so I went back to my T25 Speed 1.0 for the night.

let me tell you - I am not usually that much of a sweater....

I was DRIPPING sweat.

apparently my hair was out of control from this workout too

I forgot how much Shaun T makes me feel like I am the biggest wimp in the world...

Though this time, I did pretty dang awesome on the burpee part.

Burpees - I will win!  Mark my words!

I was ready for a shower immediately after this.... I couldn't even begin to think about making dinner.  The hubs said he could wait a little longer for dinner so it worked out well.

I ended up making some new veggie burgers my grocery's natural food section has - OH MY GOSH - I don't even know the name of them but they are amazing.  There are only 2 in the package for like $4.00 - they are made from mainly sweet potatoes & everything else natural. THEY ARE SPECTACULAR.  I'll find out the name of them...

But it was just the best dinner to fill up after sweating off my butt...

A really good Tuesday!

What was the best thing that happened to you yesterday?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

{Daily Life} Where's my Hogwarts letter?

So, I've been missing this blog...

I've been mainly posting about my weeks in one post & have loved linking up in the Weekly Wrap up - but then find myself cramming all my stuff in one long post & leaving stuff out so its not TOO long.... no one wants to be that annoying long post person... & then I'm kinda blank through the week.

So I think I'm going back to some Daily Life posts... take a work out one by one...

I don't like being silent in the blog world. Silence doesn't look good on me.

So here's last week's workout - I'll just leave it at that...

Safe to say I kicked butt
... & my hand writing isn't great when writing on a vertical area :)

I've loved getting in the running lately... its all thanks to the beautiful weather we've been having. It's been A-MAZ-ING!  Fall at its finest. 

let it last Lord.

But yesterday was even more exciting because something came in the mail for me...

& no, sadly it wasn't my Hogwarts letter...

but it was my medal for my first Hogwarts Running Club race.

Never heard of that?  I hadn't either until a friend turned me onto it.

Go here... just go here....  http://www.hogwartsrunningclub.org/

They have another race coming up with an even COOLER medal.

I am a Harry Potter NERD so this is just up my alley. 

& apparently I'm not alone.  There are all kinds of Potter nerds out there.

& to tell you how much of a nerd I am, when you register, they ask what house you are in.  So I go online & take like every Harry Potter test there is on the internet - & all of them except for one, said I am a Hufflepuff. 

It's a good thing I like yellow

But this past race for the month was 9 3/4K ... how fun is that?  & you could do it all at once or break it up.  Since I had done 12.46 miles last week, I felt like I earned this medal.


Look at the detail of the back of the medal!

& was so giddy about putting this sticker on my car... right next to my 13.1

I actually kinda am in love with this sticker.  I drive in pride now.

Do you love Harry Potter?
What house would you belong to?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Wrap: 08/31/15-09/06/15 ... a good workout week!


I'm really proud of myself for my week. I think I did pretty darn good getting in my workouts... I could feel the difference in my clothes this week... I tried to keep food in check... yep, a pretty good week.

Monday - P90X3 Accelerator

I was proud of myself for working out on a holiday - where its really easy to be lazy.  & my family was getting together for pizza since it was too hot to grill out.  I got in a great work out doing P90X3 & then only had 1 slice of pizza. Success.

Tuesday - RUN

I got in a little over 2 miles this day... a sweaty 2 miles. It was the in the 90's & the humidity was up but I'm just enjoying these little 30 minute runs that gets me sweating & keeps my body used to running.

Wednesday - P90X3 The Warrior

This was tough & I hadn't done it in awhile... but was happy to see the progress I have made since I last did it. I can see the progress in my Burpees... though Dear Burpees, I still hate you.

Thursday - Les Mills Combat 30

Oh mercy - I was sick on Thursday. Like I just wanted to throw up & sleep.  I kept having these weird cold chill things happening. I came home & got in bed... but then was like, Nope, must work out.  So I did the one workout that I enjoy the most because nothing else was going to make me work out with the way I felt.

I'm glad I did it.  I still felt sick afterwards, but at least I had the sense of accomplishment from pushing my limits.

Friday - 21 Day Fix Pilates

Loving that hair

I usually don't work out on Fridays but I was waiting for the hubs to get home & help me with car issues so decided, why not?  I put in this video & thought my abs can always use extra help. OH.MY.GOSH... I pushed it the whole video & I could feel it. The rest of the weekend, I hurt to laugh, to twist, to bend.  It definitely gave me my 30 minutes worth.

Saturday - Run 5K

It was such a beautiful day & I knew I wanted to get out & push myself.  & it actually felt wonderful to get in the 5k. I didn't feel like I wanted to stop any time during the whole thing & it felt good to see 3.10 on my watch again. Not to make this the norm & strive to get up to my regular 5 miles that I was used to doing. 

Sunday - Rest Day

& by rest day, I mean rest day. I didn't hardly do a THANG... & loved every minute of it. 

Probably the worst that I did this week was a Starbucks treat on Sunday - my rest day - call it a cheat day too apparently.  But I got a chai tea with pumpkin ... its a 240 calorie drink. That makes me cringe when I'm counting every calorie. But it was worth it. Delish!

How do you NOT feel good on a gorgeous weekend full of fall temps?

& I had a new outfit to spot with my new leggings from Old Navy...

& I had a great photo session with a pregnant momma...

Yep... it was good - all except Thursday were I wanted to hurl all day - but one bad day in exchange for all the good days?  I'll take it.

So how was your week?
What was the best thing you probably
shouldn't' have ate this week?  But so glad you did?


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap 08/31-09/06/15


Monday - T25

Here's an oldie but a goodie. I hadn't done T25 in such a long time.  I can tell the difference in my body since I did it last.  I was able to do a lot more of the higher impact moves.  & look at that messed up sweaty hair.  Prove positive it worked me out.

Tuesday- Les Mills Combat 30

Man, I dont think I'll ever have a workout that I love more then kick boxing.  I hadn't done Les Mills Combat in awhile & I missed it even more doing it.  Something about punching & kicking that is just home to me.

Wednesday - Running

Ricky had to work late so I ended up doing a run to pass the time.  I felt really good & strong on this one too.  A big thumbs up for that!

Thursday - Les Mills 45

I loved it so much on Tuesday, I did the next one up... a longer kickboxing class.

Friday - Walk / Abs

I dont normally work out on Friday but I needed a good stress break away from the computer so I walked about 2 miles & then did some abs.  A walk is always good for the body & soul.


No 'formal' workout - but I was running all day & had a photo session which made for a good hour & a half of walking.  In 95 degree weather.  It was a sweat fest for sure in its own rite.


The hubs was sick & I was pretty much shackled to my computer... consider it a rest day.

* I think I could eat a whole carton of portabella mushrooms all by myself.  Make them up in olive oil & salt & pepper & yep, give me a whole plate.  I made it up with some quiona pasta & some fresh steamed broccoli & this was probably one of my best dishes I've made in awhile.


* I hate Baked Lays with my Subway sandwich this week.  That may not seem like a big deal, but I havent had any chips since June 1st.  I want to figure out how to live real life & that includes having a 130 calorie bag of chips if I want it.  Balancing it with my whole day's nutrition.  I don't want to feel like EVERY bit of food is not allowed.  I made sure to skip one carb (a yellow for you 21 Day Fixers) just so I could enjoy this bag of chips at lunch.  I think I made it work.

* I could eat Panera's avacado, egg & spinach sandwich every morning if I could.... YUM!


* My spirits are SOARING this week when I got on the scale & see that I am now down 21 lbs!  I am now in ONEderland... That's embarrassing to even say, but its accountability & the truth... & maybe it inspires someone else.  Its been a long time since I've been there. I never want to get out of there again.  I refuse for that to happen again.  I refuse.  It's only down from here!

* My spirits were also up when I got into a pair of shorts that I couldnt even get up over my hips at the beginning of the summer.  & they were comfortable too.... 


* My heart is aching for a close friend who has been fighting cancer for over 10 years... the doctors are saying her fight may be nearing the end.  I hate cancer.  My heart actually hurts for her & her family.

So how was your week? 
Give me the best thing that happened to you