Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Wrap: 08/31/15-09/06/15 ... a good workout week!


I'm really proud of myself for my week. I think I did pretty darn good getting in my workouts... I could feel the difference in my clothes this week... I tried to keep food in check... yep, a pretty good week.

Monday - P90X3 Accelerator

I was proud of myself for working out on a holiday - where its really easy to be lazy.  & my family was getting together for pizza since it was too hot to grill out.  I got in a great work out doing P90X3 & then only had 1 slice of pizza. Success.

Tuesday - RUN

I got in a little over 2 miles this day... a sweaty 2 miles. It was the in the 90's & the humidity was up but I'm just enjoying these little 30 minute runs that gets me sweating & keeps my body used to running.

Wednesday - P90X3 The Warrior

This was tough & I hadn't done it in awhile... but was happy to see the progress I have made since I last did it. I can see the progress in my Burpees... though Dear Burpees, I still hate you.

Thursday - Les Mills Combat 30

Oh mercy - I was sick on Thursday. Like I just wanted to throw up & sleep.  I kept having these weird cold chill things happening. I came home & got in bed... but then was like, Nope, must work out.  So I did the one workout that I enjoy the most because nothing else was going to make me work out with the way I felt.

I'm glad I did it.  I still felt sick afterwards, but at least I had the sense of accomplishment from pushing my limits.

Friday - 21 Day Fix Pilates

Loving that hair

I usually don't work out on Fridays but I was waiting for the hubs to get home & help me with car issues so decided, why not?  I put in this video & thought my abs can always use extra help. OH.MY.GOSH... I pushed it the whole video & I could feel it. The rest of the weekend, I hurt to laugh, to twist, to bend.  It definitely gave me my 30 minutes worth.

Saturday - Run 5K

It was such a beautiful day & I knew I wanted to get out & push myself.  & it actually felt wonderful to get in the 5k. I didn't feel like I wanted to stop any time during the whole thing & it felt good to see 3.10 on my watch again. Not to make this the norm & strive to get up to my regular 5 miles that I was used to doing. 

Sunday - Rest Day

& by rest day, I mean rest day. I didn't hardly do a THANG... & loved every minute of it. 

Probably the worst that I did this week was a Starbucks treat on Sunday - my rest day - call it a cheat day too apparently.  But I got a chai tea with pumpkin ... its a 240 calorie drink. That makes me cringe when I'm counting every calorie. But it was worth it. Delish!

How do you NOT feel good on a gorgeous weekend full of fall temps?

& I had a new outfit to spot with my new leggings from Old Navy...

& I had a great photo session with a pregnant momma...

Yep... it was good - all except Thursday were I wanted to hurl all day - but one bad day in exchange for all the good days?  I'll take it.

So how was your week?
What was the best thing you probably
shouldn't' have ate this week?  But so glad you did?



  1. Love how you've got such a variety of workouts going o, I bet that makes it so you never get bored with what your doing! Not only that, but you've got some hardcore workout going on too, great job last week!
    Very cute leggins too, love them!

  2. Sounds like you had a great week!

    I probably shouldn't have had a veggie stromboli AND garlic bread for dinner after my 7 mile run. 7 miles does not allow me to eat all the food.

    Now, this weekend I have 11 miles -- that's a different story!

  3. Workouts every day except Sunday?! Woohoo! I need to get better at cross-training, i.e. doing more than just running! I'm definitely going to use the rest of my hot yoga Groupon because I am soooore today!

  4. Yay for getting a 5K in and double Yay for not feeling like you wanted to stop!

    I had a starbucks treat too after my run this weekend. I was SO looking forward to another strawberry shortcake frappe but they stopped serving them on the 8th...womp womp! I had to Seattle for a regular strawberries and cream. It was only okay.

  5. I just saw your IG pic, and you are looking awfully slim lady! I had too many Big Wheat Thins topped with Justin's Maple Almond Butter. Nuff said. Oh yea, and a Starbucks or two or three. Hooray for the 3.1 on your watch! Keep up the excellent weeks! I appreciate you linking up with us!

    1. I'm not very slim actually - just good angles :) haha... but I'm working on getting there!!!

  6. Great week! You really kicked this one in the butt! Love all the great pictures you look so happy in all of them.I am about to eat a big caramel roll for breakfast. I made them for my husbands birthday today. I should eat some oatmeal first so I don't totally gorge myself!

    1. OH yeah... love a birthday in the house because everyone gets to enjoy the celebration :)

  7. Way to go! I keep hearing about the 21 day fix and kind of wanted to try it. How are you liking it??

    1. I love it... its got me down 22 lbs so far... & still going. If I can answer any questions about it, just let me know - I love everything about it.

  8. I am in full agreement, you are looking great RJ! I know for me the variety of workouts is what keeps me going. I get bored so easy! You had a fabulous week and should be very proud. Hate you felt bad on Thursday but you finished it! Let's see I had birthday cake and homemade ice cream this past week, but ya know it was worth it! Sometimes you just got to have your desserts! Eat it, enjoy it, move a little more and go on! Have a great week! Always enjoy your fun posts in our link up!

  9. Wow! Great week for you! I"ve heard so many good things about P90X. I'm kind of scared to try it...


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