Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap 08/31-09/06/15


Monday - T25

Here's an oldie but a goodie. I hadn't done T25 in such a long time.  I can tell the difference in my body since I did it last.  I was able to do a lot more of the higher impact moves.  & look at that messed up sweaty hair.  Prove positive it worked me out.

Tuesday- Les Mills Combat 30

Man, I dont think I'll ever have a workout that I love more then kick boxing.  I hadn't done Les Mills Combat in awhile & I missed it even more doing it.  Something about punching & kicking that is just home to me.

Wednesday - Running

Ricky had to work late so I ended up doing a run to pass the time.  I felt really good & strong on this one too.  A big thumbs up for that!

Thursday - Les Mills 45

I loved it so much on Tuesday, I did the next one up... a longer kickboxing class.

Friday - Walk / Abs

I dont normally work out on Friday but I needed a good stress break away from the computer so I walked about 2 miles & then did some abs.  A walk is always good for the body & soul.


No 'formal' workout - but I was running all day & had a photo session which made for a good hour & a half of walking.  In 95 degree weather.  It was a sweat fest for sure in its own rite.


The hubs was sick & I was pretty much shackled to my computer... consider it a rest day.

* I think I could eat a whole carton of portabella mushrooms all by myself.  Make them up in olive oil & salt & pepper & yep, give me a whole plate.  I made it up with some quiona pasta & some fresh steamed broccoli & this was probably one of my best dishes I've made in awhile.


* I hate Baked Lays with my Subway sandwich this week.  That may not seem like a big deal, but I havent had any chips since June 1st.  I want to figure out how to live real life & that includes having a 130 calorie bag of chips if I want it.  Balancing it with my whole day's nutrition.  I don't want to feel like EVERY bit of food is not allowed.  I made sure to skip one carb (a yellow for you 21 Day Fixers) just so I could enjoy this bag of chips at lunch.  I think I made it work.

* I could eat Panera's avacado, egg & spinach sandwich every morning if I could.... YUM!


* My spirits are SOARING this week when I got on the scale & see that I am now down 21 lbs!  I am now in ONEderland... That's embarrassing to even say, but its accountability & the truth... & maybe it inspires someone else.  Its been a long time since I've been there. I never want to get out of there again.  I refuse for that to happen again.  I refuse.  It's only down from here!

* My spirits were also up when I got into a pair of shorts that I couldnt even get up over my hips at the beginning of the summer.  & they were comfortable too.... 


* My heart is aching for a close friend who has been fighting cancer for over 10 years... the doctors are saying her fight may be nearing the end.  I hate cancer.  My heart actually hurts for her & her family.

So how was your week? 
Give me the best thing that happened to you



  1. 21 pounds is fantastic! You should be so proud! That Panera sandwich looks very yummy. I love anything with spinach and I'll have to try it. My heart goes out to your friend with cancer. It took my brother at the young age of 55. The best thing? Getting my 20+ mile training run done. Thanks for linking with us!

    1. Oh gosh... your brother.. .I'm so sorry.... cancer is just full of suck

  2. Woohoo 21 pounds! So sorry to hear about your friend. I hope the doctor is wrong! I hate cancer. :(

  3. Just look at you big thumbs up on your run and that smile too! Awesome! Another thing that is awesome is your 21 lbs down! That is no easy task and you have really been doing great! Sending prayers to your friend and her family that is dealing with cancer, yes it truly sucks! Hope you have a great week an thank you so much for linking up with us!

  4. Nothing better than fitting into something that was previously too tight! You go girl!

    I often wonder why God let's people (and animals) get cancer. It is a horrible thing! Prayers go out to your friend and her family.

  5. Mmm that Panera sandwich looks soo yummy!! I am so so so sooo happy for you fitting into your shorts, your hard work is paying off even if it doesn't always seem like it!
    Praying for your friend. Cancer is something that I will never understand, it has taken away way too many loved ones <3

    1. It has in my life as well... I DESPISE it...

  6. Maybe it was a Freudian slip but you said you hate baked lays...I think you meant you ate them but I know what you REALLY meant...lol!

    1. HAHA... oops... see, my brain is telling me over & over again that I hate it... when my stomach is like, GET IN MY BELLY! :)

  7. Cancer is a terrible thing, I have lost a few close friends and family to it, its never easy to watch them go through it, but I am sure just being there is the best thing you can do for your friend!
    Love how you enjoy mixing it up with the workouts, awesome!
    21 WOOOT WOOOOT, so awesome girl!!!

  8. Great week and congrats on the progress! All your hard work is really paying off :)

    1. Its great to finally see SOME results :)

  9. 21 lbs!! Congrats! My weight has stayed the same all year. I'll lose a few, then gain a few. Someday I'll figure it out. Cancer is such a sad, horrible disease. :(

  10. 21 lbs is such a great accomplishment :)
    I agree you have to find a way to have some things that aren't A choices too, I have ben trying to balance that myself. I just can't cook and don't want to cook all the time!
    I am sorry for your friend and all who lover her, it is a terrible thing. It's sad some have to suffer so much here, but one day all shall be restored...we have that hope :)

  11. kickboxing is hard to beat! Such a fun way to sweat


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