Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekly Wrap... August 24-August 31, 2015

Please, wrap it up with us!

I love joining in with some of my favorite ladies & catching up on the previous week.

So here we go again.

Monday - Run

I so loved the run tonight. I felt good & strong.  The weather was perfect.  There was just nothing wrong with this tonight.

Tuesday - FAIL

I went to get my hair done on Tuesday & by the time I got home, I worked on pictures & didn't even get out of my work clothes until 10:45pm.  I really needed that workout.

Wednesday - STRESS RUN

Oh my gosh you all - I had the worst phone call of my life from the most random person in the world.  It was just a nightmarish phone call.  I cant even get into it because apparently, this woman, who I seriously saw for less then 2 minutes in my life, has been stalking everything I do & type & apparently, she thinks everyone knows I'm talking directly about her.  It's very bizarre.  But let's just say I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had someone talk to me like she talked to me... so I went out for a run after I sat & shed tears of frustration & anger for a few hours.  It was the best medicine to get out that stress.

Thursday - Cardio Fix

Ever have those workouts where you can tell from the beginning, you're not going to feel it this time around?  I struggled from the beginning to the last stretch.   But at least I completed it regardless.

Friday  / No workout
I  totally just worked on pictures from the time I got home until the time I went to bed.

Saturday / No workout
We were up & out of the house at 6:30am & we were on the run until we got home at 11:30pm ... It was a constantly go go go day.

Sunday / No workout
I had church & then a family photo session & then it was just time to work on pictures & get ready for the week ahead...

Not the best week... what can you do...

* I didn't get to eat one night because I was so busy.  I went to bed starving & work up ready to eat my arm off. That's bad to do on a body.

* I ran out of blueberries this week & almost felt in a panic. 

* Friday night, the hubs brought home some food from Chuy's & I ate it so fast, I was miserable.  If I slowed down, I probably would have only ate half of it.  Lesson learned.

* I switched up my Shakeology this month to vanilla & gave the vegan ones a break to see how it would affect my digestive system.  Jury is still out - though I do like the different taste of vanilla.  I've been doing chocolate for 2 months now.

* I had butter for the first time in forever on a sweet potato out at a restaurant & I think it made me sick.  I felt so bad after I ate it.

* Went out to Wick's pizza Saturday night & everyone had breadsticks or thick crust Chicago style pizza... I ordered a healthy quesadilla with spinach, red peppers & mushrooms.  Proud of my food choice.

* My emotions have been so up & down with all the church drama that has been happening.  But I always remember who is in control.

* My stress level has been at an all time high this past week with trying to get my wedding pictures done & having another photo session on top of it.

* I need a vacation...seriously... I need to hide from the world for a bit.

How was your week?
What the best thing about it?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Five: best of summer 2015

I can't believe we're rounding out summer.

Though I do love fall! Always excited to see it come... but then double sad to get to winter.  The seasons put me in such an emotional roller coaster.

But today's Friday Five is fun - a look back at some of the best moments of Summer

ONE// Surprise 20 year Renewal

I so loved this summer being able to capture the most special event.  These two celebrated their 20th anniversary & their kids orchestrated a whole vow renewal - complete with dress, cake, memories from their wedding all displayed & even brought back the groom's best man.  It was just the most amazingly perfect day.

Mom surrounded by her daughters as they were explaining to her what was happening.

TWO//  4th of July

Loved having our family up for 4th of July & celebrating it at my parents house with the greatest fireworks ever. The Grand Dudes loved it... fields, horses, LOUD BRIGHT fireworks. It was a wonderful day.

THREE//  Color Run

I'm used to doing races by myself or have the hubs with me so this was so much fun to meet up with ladies from my church.  I so enjoyed those 3.1 miles in talking with them & getting to know them better.  Glitter on top of it all makes it even more special.

FOUR//  Merge Camp

Me getting my "preach" on :)

This was our 3rd year of doing Merge Camp & it was just as special as the previous years.  New faces joined in this year.  I got to get some deeper connections with some new kiddos.  & we were reminded about falling in love with God at the most critical time our church kids needed it.

FIVE//  Women of Faith

It never ever gets old to worship in a room full of thousands of people... even better when its thousands of your sisters in Christ.  Loved getting to see some old friends & making new ones.  Fill up my soul every day Lord!

How was your summer?
What's the one best thing that happened for you?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly wrap


Well, not a great week... only because I was super swamped & on the move the whole time - so while not working out, I wasn't lazy.  Let's make that noted


Monday - C25K Week 5

I felt really good on this one.. but its also the run that sparked my post last week about being a slower runner then a fast walker.  The jury is still out on how that affects me mentally or what I'll choose to do more - I guess I just need to listen to my body because ultimately, the aches & pains of being in my mid-40's pretty much rules everything anyways.... but look at that mid-40 yr old body give a good jump! GO GIRL

Tuesday - Upper Fix

I picked up my weights to 7 lbs... which my left arm loves. My right arm is saying, "Did you forget you basically need shoulder surgery?"... blah.  But yeah.  Like I always say, I'm pressing on.  I need to get these flabby arms toned up.

Wednesday - Cardio Fix

I normally go for a run on Monday & Wednesdays... but I knew the weather was going to be better the next few days so I thought I'll switch it up.  & this may not be a run, but its a sweat gusher of a workout.  & apparently a very serious work out if you look at the facial expressions.  #IDontPlayAround

Here's where everything went downhill in the 'workout' sense.

Thursday - I had a wedding rehearsal & didn't get home until about 8.  & it was gorgeous out & I could have gone out for a late run & I just had too much to do - with getting equipment ready & trying to get life in order a bit.  & I figured I would work out on Friday since it was going to be beautiful

... except Friday came & went & I never worked out. I got home from work & was exhausted.  Beat down.  Fridays catch up all the week stress on me in 1 day. I just wanted to get some rest - especially knowing I'd be on my feet the ENTIRE day the next day.

Saturday - WEDDING DAY!

No 'real' work out, but I got in over 17,000 steps - so yeah, I was on the move all day long.  Not to mention, I probably only ate about 750 calories for the day as well...  wedding photography diet plan.


* I tried to get more on track this week & again, Friday & Saturday threw me off.  The hubs picked up pizza & I did good keeping it down to 2 slices... but then had 1 more.   Hey, 3 slices is great for a girl like me who can usually eat a whole medium by myself.  But 2 slices would have been perfect for my 21 day fix.  & honestly, I didn't really blow anything with my meal plan, I had some room for that day to eat - I just didn't like that feeling of riding the edge of over eating again. I don't want to go back to that.

* I also had my first York Peppermint patty since June 1st.  Had it for basically my whole meal for Wedding day. I knew I'd need sugar in the day... it was kinda my life saver for the busy day.  So I'll not take too much heat for that snack.

* Sunday was my biggest failure.  We went out to celebrate a friend's ministry work & they had cake. I've done good to turn down all cake offered to me since June 1st but I gave in & ate a small slice.  It wasn't even something that I was like, OH MY GOSH - THIS IS WONDERFUL.  Every bite I was like, "mmm, this is ok" & then felt like it was going to make me feed bad about it.  I don't think I'll be as sad skipping a piece of cake again, so there's that good that came out of it.

* Iced Coffee count?  Too many to keep track of. That would be interesting to see how many I drink in a week.  As of today, already 1 down.


* I appreciate all the kind words over all the church drama happening... our pastor ended up stepping down this week so now we don't know where our church is headed - I'm hoping towards healing, but that's still going to be a bumpy road.  Needless to say, I stood in my church youth room & cried after the kids left with sad faces & confusion on what was happening in their church & seeing the loss of friends as they left the church.  It's a trying time.

* My spirit was also lifted as I got to share in the beautiful wedding day I got to photograph this weekend.  Gorgeous bride & grooms & stunning wedding days make me happy to be able to capture for beautiful people.

How was your week?
Give me a high & a low

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Would you rather....

That's always a fun game, isn't it? 

Would you rather....

Most of it is followed with really gross or impossible answers.

I heard this weekend, Would you rather Lick someone's elbow or lick their belly button.

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just no no no no & NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I have a point to this.

I thought of my own "would you rather"... a 100000% less gross one.

one that runners would get &understand.

I moved up in my C25K to week 5 - that means that is has 5 minutes of running, a 3 minute walk, & repeat 2 more times - so 15 minutes of running in here.

I was loving it that I wasn't struggling - my breath was good - my back & knee cooperating.

& then at the end, I find that my distance was less then usual.

Well, that bites.

So in the end, I told my husband that I am a faster walker then runner.

What's with that?

& then I was like, what's better?  To be a walker who is faster then a runner who is slow?

This would be the opposite of what is true for me

It's weird because I like running - I want to be known as a runner... but it may take me longer to cross that finish line that way. 

I wish I was a faster runner, but when I push myself with speed, there goes the back - there goes the knee.  So I have to do it slowly for me - for this 43 yr old body that has its issues. 
But I still keep pushing at it...

however it may look....

Runners - give me advice -
should I keep sticking with a slow run?
Or should I just become one of those fancy duck-fast-walkers?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Wrap


So I just noticed I didn't even post anything after last week's "weekly wrap"...

that's how crazy my world has been lately...

But its been another week, so let's look back.


Monday -Total Body Cardio Fix

I really like this workout in the 21 Day Fix program.  It covers the WHOLE body. & I'm loving that I'm picking it up - doing more high impact & feeling stronger throughout.  It really gets the heart pumping.

Tuesday - Upper Body Fix

I still love this workout as my favorite in the workout mix.  I am such need of arm flab to go away.  I've increased my weights on some exercises to my 7lb'ers ... for me, that makes me feel like Arnold. 

Wednesday - Les Mills Combat 30

Kickboxing will always be my workout love language.  I hadn't done it in awhile & my legs instantly remembered how much it can ache.  There's a part that does over 240 kicks in a row. Yeah, my butt, I'm pretty sure, cries during this.  I definitely know my quads are sobbing.

Thursday - Run 2 miles

I was off on my running this week because I was just squeezing in workouts when I could - so I didn't follow my C25K program but picked up where I left out - Week 4, day 3.  I actually felt great during the 5 minute runs this time too.  The night was warm but not miserable - enough to make me a sweaty mess though.  All of this pounding of the pavement is making me think about starting to sign up for some races again.

Friday & Saturday - GIRLS WEEKEND!

I had the Women of Faith conference this weekend. & while I didn't get in any workouts, I was on the move a lot. A lot of walking, A lot of standing. A lot of worshipping - which for me, I'm a mover & a shaker. I'm the person who is standing dancing to songs.  It helped that we couldn't find anywhere for lunch on Saturday & walked for 25 minutes to find a spot.  It DIDN'T help that the only place we could get in was White Castle.  Thumbs up that even they have veggie burgers though.

Sunday - Rest day is an understatement

I was exhausted.  We ran to Sam's Club so I could reload on fruits & veggies & by the time we got home, I laid down on the coach the rest of the evening. I got up long enough to make half a Peanut Butter sandwich.  I fought to keep my eyes open to watch Bachelor in Paradise - I do have priorities in life.


I felt a little off on my food this week.  So much is happening in my world right now with some issues in my life - I was in meetings till 11pm some nights, visiting with families to talk about what's happening in our church, checking up on kids hearing all the 'adult drama' going on (their words, not mine) - its been some days I don't eat at all, & most days, just getting what I can get my hands on quick.

When I had onion rings at White Castle for lunch, it felt like the biggest treat ever.  But its not something I care to indulge in every day anymore.

I'm ready to get food back on track this week


My soul has been on a roller coaster this week.  Our church is having 'issues' & by issues, I mean basically crumbling apart.  ... but then I go to a weekend where God is the focus & raising your spirits & having your soul filled is what its about.  & then you leave there & see the heart break that is happening around me & yeah... roller coaster..

How was your week?
Have a great workout?
What's the best thing you ate this week?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly Wrap


I wasn't sure I was going to get in a post today, but I just love these two ladies & wanted to join in their link up... & its a good way for me to keep track of my weekly workouts & whatnots... so here we go

Monday - Start Week 4 in C25K

Got to take it outside & Ricky & Harvey joined me... though the humidity got to Harvey & my last lap, Ricky put him in the car with the AC on.  Don't want my dog knocking out.
Got in 1.82 miles in 31:40 #slowturtle

Tuesday - Upper Fix

This is my favorite 21 Day fix workout - I think because I have no upper body strength.  I need all the arm work I can get. its a fine line because with my bicep tendon all jacked up after all these years, it still hurts if I tweak it just the smallest wrong way.  But I keep PRESSING ON!

Wednesday - C25K Week 4 Day 2

Me in denial of my back aching

I actually felt so much better on this run, breathing wise.  I didn't feel like I was going to die if I didn't stop soon. That was encouraging.
Not so encouraging?  My low back started aching again. No no no no no no no no no!!
2.00 miles 34:l8

Thursday - Pilates Fix

I hadn't done this one in awhile, mainly because I feel like I need to work up a sweat to get a workout & while this does have its moments, I only burn about 175 calories. I don't like that. But my abs need to stay in check, so it was done.
& the bad thing, I think this really twirked my back even more. I was in pretty good pain with my low back all night long.  Pull out the BioFreeze... here we go again folks.

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday / Sunday - Not the usual

I was supposed to do Week 4 Day 3 of C25K... but I was hiking all day long with 24 kids at our youth ministry camp retreat weekend.  I seriously was on my feet all day long, so while no workout happened, I probably got the most calorie burn of the week on this day.  I'll take those kind of days.

See, even upper body work was involved
(Want to know more on how the weekend went - check out Knit By God's Hand for the weekend recap.)

So this week, I'm supposed to move onto c25k week 5... but just going to see how it goes tonight with my low back.  I don't want to get back into miserable pain.  Long runs just may not be my thing. I may have to always do a lower run/walk combo.  I'm OK with that. 

I'm turning very exercise zen lately...

I blame the pilates.

What was your favorite workout of the week?

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five: A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

I wish I knew this was the topic coming up - I would have taken some pictures to document... but really, life is so routine, isn't it?  So I'll just pick 5 things that I KNOW is happening every day of my life...

ONE // I hate my alarm

5:15am comes way too early ... every morning.  When my alarm goes off, I almost want to cry.  I am pretty good at getting up & being in a decent mood, but it still doesn't mean I don't hate it.  Know who else hates my alarm?  Harvey Dent.  That dog knows that it means mom & dad are leaving for the day & he gets so sad. Seriously sad.  Talk about dog-mommy guilt

TWO // Iced Coffee

This is a must in every day.  It's pretty funny to think that about 4 years ago, I never drank a cup of coffee in my life.  Could care less.  & not even sure how I got hooked on it, but yep, I NEED my iced coffee every morning.  It's like a wake up call to my body... more so, my brain... & my droopy eyes. 

THREE // Hide at work

I am a photographer on the weekends & evenings.  Day job, I do accounting... for three companies.  It keeps me busy.  It's easy to get bills & invoices & checks for these companies all mixed up if I'm not careful.  So while I am a people person, I like to just keep to myself at work.  Let me work on one company, check out some blogs... work on another company... check out the IG feeds... work on another company... what's the latest on Facebook.  I ain't got time for chatting.  It's OK - there's only 3 other people in the office anyways.  & after being here 23 years, we don't need to talk. I can read them as easily as I can a book.

FOUR // Immediately into workout clothes

Since my morning starts early & I have to get out of my house before the sun comes up, when I get home, I have limited time. So I'm basically walking into my door stripping my clothes off & getting my work out clothes on.  I feel like I could be like the act on American's Got Talent.  & I find if I don't put on my workout clothes as soon as I get home, I find excuses not to get in my sweat.  So its a MUST that I change quickly.

FIVE // Craft Time

I'm a knitter/crocheter... I love yarn in my hands. So at some point during the night, I have to do something on one of the many projects I have laying around my couch.  Even if its just a few stitches, I just like the idea that I'm creating SOMETHING... even one stitch a day adds up.

Yeah - obviously there is a lot of other stuff in my day... like eating... catching up with the hubs on our day... not necessarily cleaning... lots of laundry... lots of dog snuggles.... But here's a basic 5 you can count on.

What's one thing that happens every day in your
life that you love?  You hate?


Thursday, August 6, 2015

{Daily Life} Encouragement matters....

My day started with a step on the scale....

& down another pound! YAHOO!!!!! 

I'm at 15 lbs total now... & I'm trying to set a goal now for my 44th birthday in December. 

I'd love to ring in another year of life at a goal weight.


I rode home in the pouring rain but when I got home, the rain had stopped & the hot temps seemed to have washed away.

Perfect - it was my C25K day ... & I was totally taking advantage of the weather & going to get out on the road for my run.

Me when I get to run outside
.... & who ever gets tired of the Phoebe Run?...
Answer is NO ONE!!

As much as I love my treadmill, I'm finding that when I have to run for long spurts of time, I like the road - just because I can change my pace so much easier.  On the treadmill, it stays the same - making it easy at times, hard at others. 

The Hubs said, 'just change the speed on the treadmill' & I told him I'd constantly be going up & down the whole time & that's just irritating... I don't want to have to think about it.

So now I'm Team Road ...

I switch back & forth between Team Road & Team Treadmill all the time. 
When the heat comes back in - I'll totally be Team Treadmill again... guaranteed.

But I got out on the road, started up my watch & then BAM!

Remember that nice weather I talked about?  I forgot that after rain, usually comes the humidity.

Oh well - I reminded myself that sweating is a good thing... & then was mad I didn't think to take a bottle water with me.

Suck it up buttercup - its only 30 minutes.

So I'm just on week 4 of C25K - still enjoying the slow transition back into running.

& this week, has it at 3 minutes run, 90 second walk, 5 minutes run, 2 minute walk - repeat...

OK - even when I ran half marathons, I never ran 5 minutes straight.
I always did the run/walk method of usually 2.5 minutes run/2.5 minutes walk - or even a 3 minute run/ 2 minute walk...

my body ain't used to continuous running.

& Monday, when I started into week 4, I was like, UGH! This is tough.

Do you know last night - I felt like a BEAST!  Made it through the whole thing - no problem.  Even ran further then it said just because I was determined to get to 2 miles.  Every night has been around 1.75 - 1.85 every night doing C25K

I wanted the 2 mile mark on my watch so badly...


& still enjoyed it.

& here's the thing that I have found starting over during the C25K... I love that runners who do 2-3 miles as a shake out or warm up, they are just as encouraging to me as if I did their workouts of double digit miles.

Runners are the most encouraging group of people I know... truly...

I think runners just are proud of people moving - no matter how slow - no matter how far. 

I love that.

I used to be really embarrassed about the low mileage in a week or a day...
but I don't feel that way anymore.

Even if I got out & slow crawled for 30 minutes & made it a quarter of a mile - I guarantee there would be some runner out there that would still tell me "good job"... that's the best feeling in the world.

Encouragement matters.

You all that take the time to visit my blog & watch me go up & down on the running roller coaster - you all have been encouragement to me.... I am thankful for you most of all. You hear my personal stories.  I read yours. 

I just wanted to try & encourage you all - you speedy runners you :)

I finished up my run with a bit of pride feeling like I'm making great progress... & wanting to re-think my runs.  Maybe the next race will be 5 minute runs / 2 minute walks... maybe I'll make my dream race goal... someday.

How was your day?