Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly Wrap


I wasn't sure I was going to get in a post today, but I just love these two ladies & wanted to join in their link up... & its a good way for me to keep track of my weekly workouts & whatnots... so here we go

Monday - Start Week 4 in C25K

Got to take it outside & Ricky & Harvey joined me... though the humidity got to Harvey & my last lap, Ricky put him in the car with the AC on.  Don't want my dog knocking out.
Got in 1.82 miles in 31:40 #slowturtle

Tuesday - Upper Fix

This is my favorite 21 Day fix workout - I think because I have no upper body strength.  I need all the arm work I can get. its a fine line because with my bicep tendon all jacked up after all these years, it still hurts if I tweak it just the smallest wrong way.  But I keep PRESSING ON!

Wednesday - C25K Week 4 Day 2

Me in denial of my back aching

I actually felt so much better on this run, breathing wise.  I didn't feel like I was going to die if I didn't stop soon. That was encouraging.
Not so encouraging?  My low back started aching again. No no no no no no no no no!!
2.00 miles 34:l8

Thursday - Pilates Fix

I hadn't done this one in awhile, mainly because I feel like I need to work up a sweat to get a workout & while this does have its moments, I only burn about 175 calories. I don't like that. But my abs need to stay in check, so it was done.
& the bad thing, I think this really twirked my back even more. I was in pretty good pain with my low back all night long.  Pull out the BioFreeze... here we go again folks.

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday / Sunday - Not the usual

I was supposed to do Week 4 Day 3 of C25K... but I was hiking all day long with 24 kids at our youth ministry camp retreat weekend.  I seriously was on my feet all day long, so while no workout happened, I probably got the most calorie burn of the week on this day.  I'll take those kind of days.

See, even upper body work was involved
(Want to know more on how the weekend went - check out Knit By God's Hand for the weekend recap.)

So this week, I'm supposed to move onto c25k week 5... but just going to see how it goes tonight with my low back.  I don't want to get back into miserable pain.  Long runs just may not be my thing. I may have to always do a lower run/walk combo.  I'm OK with that. 

I'm turning very exercise zen lately...

I blame the pilates.

What was your favorite workout of the week?


  1. I'm very glad you didn't overwork Harvey and he could get in the car with Ricky! Sorry to hear about your back. Mine hurts sometimes after a long run too, but it's never fatal. (I chalk it up to my AGE.) I saw all of your IG pictures at camp. That looked like so much fun and reminded me of the church youth camps I attended long ago. I can imagine you got an intense workout from all of that! Thanks so much for linking up with us. I really appreciate it!

    1. Yeah , Harvey has always had weird breathing since a puppy - the vet says he's fine, but I don't like chancing it - as soon as he starts to tire a little, I make him stop. my doggies are too important to me to have something happen to them.

  2. Sorry about the back pain creeping in. I love that Harvey went for a run with you. We have to put my husband's dog down tomorrow and I have been an emotional wreck the past few days. Even though I know it is for the best I can't help but feel super sad. Sorry for the TMI but I knew you would understand. -M

  3. Aww, I am sad reading Meranda's comment :( Furry babies are our family.
    Take care of that back. I hate the aches and pains, just doesn't seem fair. I do love activities like camp, all good things combined :)
    You are doing great and adjusting as needed, keep chipping away at it.
    Hopefully your bicep tendon will catch up with your awesomeness soon.

  4. oh so sorry to hear about your back girl! definitely take it easy. gotta listen to your body, look at you getting all zen ;)

  5. Just watching you do a plank makes my body sore! Planks are no joke! I used to be doing them every day, I really should start that again (even though I hate them so!).

  6. I hope your back gets better! Your such an inspiration to all of us! The youth retreat sounds like a lot of fun! I know my kids have a ball at them! And don't get me started on planks. I think they are worse than burpees! If there can be such a thing! Thanks for linking up with us today and I hope you have a great week!

  7. Great week of workouts. I sure hope that your back is ok. I loved my crossfit workouts last week! Both of them.

  8. Trust the youth to keep you on your feet and having fun at the same time:) That is awesome though!
    Sorry to hear about the new pains, but hopefully the back gets better soon!
    I totally can't do planks, they are killer hard. I mean I can think of a million other arm workouts I'd rather do. But yet, I bet planks are probably better than all of them, LOL

  9. Workouts where you're having fun and not your typical "workout" are the best! I love when I go for a walk or hike and end up with a better workout than I had the rest of the week without even trying!


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