Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Would you rather....

That's always a fun game, isn't it? 

Would you rather....

Most of it is followed with really gross or impossible answers.

I heard this weekend, Would you rather Lick someone's elbow or lick their belly button.

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just no no no no & NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I have a point to this.

I thought of my own "would you rather"... a 100000% less gross one.

one that runners would get &understand.

I moved up in my C25K to week 5 - that means that is has 5 minutes of running, a 3 minute walk, & repeat 2 more times - so 15 minutes of running in here.

I was loving it that I wasn't struggling - my breath was good - my back & knee cooperating.

& then at the end, I find that my distance was less then usual.

Well, that bites.

So in the end, I told my husband that I am a faster walker then runner.

What's with that?

& then I was like, what's better?  To be a walker who is faster then a runner who is slow?

This would be the opposite of what is true for me

It's weird because I like running - I want to be known as a runner... but it may take me longer to cross that finish line that way. 

I wish I was a faster runner, but when I push myself with speed, there goes the back - there goes the knee.  So I have to do it slowly for me - for this 43 yr old body that has its issues. 
But I still keep pushing at it...

however it may look....

Runners - give me advice -
should I keep sticking with a slow run?
Or should I just become one of those fancy duck-fast-walkers?


  1. Haha, I can totally relate! When I has in the midst of my injury this is how I finished the Tinkerbell half marathon. I'm a pretty fast walker too! I had my Garmin set for Run 2 min, Walk 1 min ( cause I thought being injured that's all I could handle). Well it ended up that even running 2 minutes with my injury was too much so I ended up walking the 2 min when I was suppose to run and then running only the one min. I did the entire race like that ( walking during run intervals and running during walk intervals) and it turned out great for me. Perhaps you could start doing that! And if that doesn't work you can always

  2. That's a tough one! I really have no idea. I'm a fast walker in general, and I'm not the best runner so I'm not that fast. I guess for me I'm proud of being able to run for longer times or longer distances, even if it's at a slow pace!

  3. You have to do what's best for what your body can do, not really what your mind WANTS to do. Darn those limitations ... but in my mind, I can run any race non-stop. In reality, I struggle through my halfs but walk when I need to so that, at the end of it all, I can actually walk to the car to go home. :)

  4. you have to do what you want / what is best for your body. i know i always feel tigther / more sore when i walk than when i run, if that makes sense. i don't know why! my hips get really sore if i walk a lot or too fast.
    ew i would so not lick someone's belly button OR the elbow. ew ew.

  5. I think it would depend on who the lickee is. I have a serious desire to lick Joe Manganiello's abs every time I see a picture of him without a shirt on...
    I am the worst. I claim to be a runner, but I do a truck load of walking. I just keep my eye on my Garmin when I walk and try to keep it over 16 minutes per mile.

  6. I think the more you run, the faster you will become. But, just do what ratio feels good and provides the result that you want.

  7. If you had success running like that where your breathing was good and body wasn't aching, why change? I really believe there's nothing wrong with being a slow runner, especially if you're enjoying it. If you like walking more, then do that! Life is too short to not do what we love!

  8. I say do what you want:)
    But even a slow runner will generally finish a race sooner than a walker, so if it were me slow run would be my choice:) But like HoHo Runs said above, the more you run, the more you will get faster, it just takes time. Enjoy the journey:)

  9. If you feel happy and are breathing well, stick with it :) 5 minutes is great! It's always important to me to feel good. I don't mind being a little slower if I can finish and feel great. My last half it was very hot and at mile 7, I needed a break. I did 4 min. running and took a 1 min. walk, to the end it made it so much more enjoyable. I played on training runs with a shorter walk break and a longer one trying to find what seemed perfect to me. You could always play with making one or two breaks a min. shorter and see how you feel :)
    I do keep my timer with me at races just in case- I like the idea of a timed break - I couldn't do it randomly lol

  10. I think it's up to you. I see people running slow and I think they'd be better off walking! but maybe they want to run. It's your decision!

  11. I'm all aboard the "do what you feel most comfortable with" train. Either way is going to get you to the finish line. If you love the run though it shouldn't matter one bit if you're slow!

    And I pick elbow. What an odd/gross question hahaha.

  12. I have the same problem with my knee so I feel ya on the dilemma. I say do what makes you feel best. There's nothin wrong with having to walk and be fast at that then run, be in pain, and come in slower. Of course if you run slower and it doesn't cause you pain and that what you wanna do anyway then I say stick with it!!


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