Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fitness Games

When I heard that name & asked to review it by the awesome peeps at Sweat Pink, I was a tad nervous.  After all, I had images of Katniss floating through my head.

Did this game involve someone chasing me with arrows or the threat of having to eat poison berries at the end?

No... this one was a fun app that you can download.

I actually downloaded The Fitness Games (http://www.tfgapp.com/) on my tablet & checked to see what its all about.  (Go to their web site to get the app link)

This is a app that is just basically ready to kick your butt & gives you challenges to complete against other people if you choose to do so.

You basically go into this app & check what you want to work out on.  Strength, Cardio, Full Body or Cross Training... take your pick... it's all going to kick your butt.

Then you can decide if you want to challenge someone or if you want to challenge yourself.  You are then ready to work up a sweat.

I did appreciate that this app would give you pictures with description or video in case you didn't know what a certain move name meant.  I clicked on these pictures & descriptions ... a LOT...

At the end of the work out, when you are finished, you actually get points & the more points you earn, the more work outs that open for you.

The workouts are full of different things that can keep you working hard.  Like I went to do an ab work out, & usually ab workouts are a quick set of planks & crunches... look at the workout for the Ab Assault circuit work out...
That's a LOT of exercises.
My Abs better look out!

I really liked that when you set up your Profile, you also have a "my feed" tab that you can go on & check out all the people that you friend & see what they are doing or how their points are ranking up.

I was going to try the Running feature because I saw it has a GPS tracking on it that lets you truly journal how long your distance is & your time.  Perfect if you were challenging someone else.  Since having it on my tablet, I would have looked like a nerd running with that, so I didn't use that feature... but its good to know its there should I put it on my phone.

I did have a hard time setting up my profile.  I don't know if it's because it was on my tablet & not my phone, but when I would take a picture, it wouldn't save it for my profile pic... which it finally did after 238 times I think... & then other pictures would come up side ways.  & when I would take a picture, I would have to take it sideways to make it work.  There was also no easy way to delete the picture. I finally learned how to do it after flubbing around for a few days.  If you asked me how to do it - I couldn't even tell you.
Side way pictures... makes for a neck stretch exercise

So while its got some great features,  I think it needs a few more 'friendly features' to make it easy to work with for dorks like me.

I also had a hard time in finding friends to link up with.  I basically had to go to Instagram & look up #TheFitnessGames or look up the actual apps Instagram page & look at who commented & try & find them through their names they put on the comments.  I wish there was a link that would find your Twitter friends.  I think I sent out a few friend requests that never got acknowledged - I'm pretty sure because they're like, "Who is that person?"... So needless to say, I didn't get to do many challenges against other people.

Though I do have to say, I did appreciate that I could challenge myself. I always say I am my biggest competitor, so even if you don't have a lot of friends on there, you can still get the work outs in & see how you do with each workout.

Another downfall I see is a lot of the moves involve gym equipment.  I have been around working out enough to know how to modify it for free weights at home, but maybe a new person wouldn't be so understanding.

It's not all downfalls though.   It really is an amazing way to work out & get new moves & different routines to mix things up. To get a full body work out in.

I will say I am glad to have this app though because its handy to carry with you wherever you go.  I would imagine traveling with it would be fantastic in getting your work out on.

& the best thing of it all - its FREE!  BAM!  How do you go wrong with a free app that works you out? 

Its now available for both Apple and Android... I love when us Android users aren't left out of the fun.

So if you download it & give it a try, send me a friend request (my name is rebeccajo on there) ... & challenge me...

& I'll shoot arrows at YOUR head  #TeamKatniss

Tweet: Challenge your fitness with #TheFitnessGames! Check out @TFGapp and let the games begin! http://ctt.ec/gd5dj+ @fitapproach #sweatpink

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ups & Downs... sorry, still a lot of downs...

Where we look at how the weekend went

DOWN // My house without Sydney... be prepared... this is probably going to be the first thing for every UPS & DOWN post for awhile

DOWN // Hearing my husband cry... I don't think there are many things more painful in my life to hear

UP // My knit loom keeping me sane.

I need this necklace ... seriously...

UP // I'm knocking out some beautiful cowls.

DOWN // I ran out of yarn at the end of one of my projects.  The yarn store is forever away so have to wait to get there today to pick up more yarn.  So frustrating.

DOWN // Picking up my baby girl's ashes... I thought I was going to puke walking into the vet's office

DOWN // I was so upset about having to pick up Sydney's ashes I didn't go to the grocery on the way home.... routine... so my house has no bread & I'm out of Zevia...

DOWN // the heat is back. We had to close our windows & crank the AC back on.  Hello Summer Fall

UP // .... I didn't put up my shorts yet for the year.

UP // I forced myself to work out on Friday, which is not a day I usually work out on...

DOWN // I missed my work out on Saturday because I was too busy knitting & went to a baby shower

UP // I ended up making up that work out on Sunday before church

DOWN // I was exhausted at church because of the early morning work out

DOWN // I am NOT a morning work out person. I've decided 100% certainty that I need night time work outs in my life.

This is how I felt at a early morning workout

DOWN // I ate probably more junk this weekend then I have in months... I gain weight even when I eat healthy. I'm dreading the scale on my weekly weigh in tomorrow. Stress & baby shower food - lots of dips, chips, cheese balls... not to mention the corner piece of the shower cake?  yeah... I'm in trouble.


DOWN // This is why I hate polishing my nails. I did them for the baby shower on Friday & by Saturday afternoon, they were smeared... by Sunday evening, they are already chipped  6 fingers.

DOWN // My laundry pile is taller then I am... I so wish I were exaggerating

DOWN // I have sad dogs in my house

DOWN // I literally didn't clean a thing in my house this weekend.  My kitchen?  There's supposed to be a counter in there somewhere...

UP // Once Upon a Time came back on ... & Belle & Rumple danced... under a chandelier ... I swooned.

So yeah... you can tell I'm still sad... everything sucks...
life bites sometimes
How was your weekend?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Goodbye Our baby girl....

We are just devastated.... our home doesn't even feel the same.... it was especially quiet getting ready for work.  No need to carry Sydney around to her bed & make her comfortable for the day.  No need to carry her out to the bathroom before I left.  No need to nurse an aging dog.  ....

Our old girl is gone...

Having 14 years with this girl, you can imagine all the pictures I have of her. I could probably post a picture every day for a year & still not post them all...

I hate that when we got her, it wasn't easy to upload pictures.  Most of her puppy pictures are sitting in albums & not online anywhere.

14 years...

We had lost our last Aussie, Pandora, at the beginning of 2000 & we decided to hold off on getting another dog.  But by the end of the year we were ready. 

We had met up with an Aussie breeder & she took us in to see this puppy.  She was precious. She was playing with 2 of the breeder's kids so we just assumed it was their puppy.  Then the lady told us, This is the one for sale.  We both gasped.  She was so beautiful.  The breeder had to get rid of her because she was a 'misfit"... seriously... a misfit.  Why?  Because she had a white spot on her ear, so she 'was useless for show'... I'm not even joking - this is what the lady said to us.  Useless.

How Lord... how wrong that word could be to describe our Sydney.

We were happy to take this misfit & make her a part of our family.

She rode home in the floorboard of the car, in between Ricky's legs, scared to death.  That formed a bond between the two of them that is indescribable.  Whenever she was afraid, she would head right to Ricky.

Always, even in her old age, she wanted to be in Ricky's lap

My mom came over the day we got her & couldn't believe she had the Aussie butt as a 6 week old puppy.  But she had it.

She was the cutest little pup.

We named her Sydney since she was an Aussie & Louise was in honor of my mom & my mother in law who both have Louise as the middle name.  Hey, when you don't have children, you treat your pets like children... including using family names.

The first night home with her, Ricky said, "She's not sleeping in this bed" & made her an area next to the bed.  She was so sad being away from her home & cried all night long.  So in the middle of the night, guess who was in bed with us - right in between... & there she stayed our whole lives.

She loved TV... seriously LOVED TV.  She would watch it all the time.  Whenever we would leave her, we'd put it on Animal Planet & no kidding, we'd come home with her on the couch just watching it.

She loved Happy Meals.  All thanks to my mom.  When she was little, she would have to be let outside, & I would try & come home during lunch but on days I couldn't, my mom would ride over & let her out & spend time with her.  Every time she'd come, she'd bring a McDonalds Happy Meal.  Sydney seriously knew the words "Happy Meal"... she loved her grandma.

She's seriously talking on the phone with Grandma here...

She loved to play hide & seek with her daddy.  She was AMAZING at finding him.  We would even go to a park that had trails & we'd let her run loose & he would hide in the woods, underneath leaf piles & she would track his scent down every time.   It gave her such joy when she would find him.

For 3 years, it was just the 3 of us....

Then we moved to Indiana...

Funny story - when we were moving, we locked her in a back room so she wouldn't get lost in the confusion - well she got out.  We were freaking out.  We were running the streets screaming her name.  Our neighbor across the street said as we went one direction, she went in the house... as we went in the house, she came out & went looking for us - we kept crossing paths.  We finally ran into each other & we never ever gave her a chance to run out again.

When we moved to Indiana, Sydney had never been around other dogs. so when we moved & our neighbors had dogs everywhere (which is why I wanted to buy this house) she was so unsure.  She went in the yard & all these dogs come running at her - she literally laid in the yard, submitted, rolled over & was so confused.... little did she know, those dogs would all be her best friends. I would just have to say their names & she would perk up & get excited to open the door to see them.  Sydney is the last of those original dogs with the neighbors... an era has ended...

But we ended up getting her a friend in Buffy.  As much as she loved the neighbors dogs, she wasn't sure when we bought a puppy home. It took awhile for her to warm up to Buffy, but her loving personality soon took on "momma" role & they were the best friends all the way up to Buffy passing away last September.

Praying God is merciful & these 2 are together again

Sydney was so smart... I mean, scary smart.  She would know when it was time for her daddy to leave & she would go find his socks and his shoes & take them & either make him chase her to get them...a fun game in her eyes... or she would take them & hide them.  Not even joking.  Hide his shoes, he can't go anywhere.

She was so jealous of her daddy too.  Anytime she saw me hugging Ricky, she would bark at me & if I would say, "My daddy" she would run & jump in between us, nosing her way to get to him.  It was the funniest thing. 

Ricky has truly lost one of the dearest things to love him in this world....

She'd watch him from the window whenever he was outside

Sydney loved having grandbabies run around the house.  It made her herding skills come in check.  Little ones?  of course they needed to be watched over. 

She was picky about people too.  She particularly didn't care for men, but she loved our friend Ryan.  She would see him & just wag her nub... same thing happened when she would see my mom, or Lindsay, Ricky's youngest daughter.  She actually knew them by name when I would say, Want to see Lindsay?  She would run to the door & wait to see her....

Sydney is the dog that has been there through the years... through so many moments in our lives, so many holidays.  She was with me when I was pregnant & lost those babies... when I cried... when I was sick. She was such a comfort. A best friend.

She never wanted to be alone...always wanted to take care of someone or something.

She slowed down as she got older... as dogs do...

& again, how smart she was, she would just stare are the hardwood floors in our house & refused to walk on them.  Our house has been covered in throw rugs for the past 2 years.  Something we were happy to do for our old girl.

I'm telling you - throw rugs everywhere

But when the limp came this past February first & we got the news that she had cancer.. you could have knocked the air out of us....
The day after we got the diagnosis of Bone cancer

& we were told we would be lucky to have her make it till April.

Let me tell you, this girl is one tough girl.  She showed the vet what she was made of making it all the way through Spring, all the way through Summer & into the first few days of Fall...

our fighter...

You saw the post that happened on Monday...

& we would have been happy to keep carrying her wherever she needed, given her the care she deserved... but you could tell she was so tired... that her body was giving out on her.

She was just sleeping more & more... & then Wednesday night, she sat up all night - I mean, ALL NIGHT, & barked & yelped.  Her breathing was different.  We couldn't do much to comfort her.  Ricky finally took her into the other room where no dogs where & put her in bed & she got a little bit of comfort rest....

but we knew it was getting near...

We both took the day off yesterday.  Spent it with her.  Ricky even put her in the wagon I got to carry my photo equipment & took her for walks.  She enjoyed it, but still didn't even lift her head... just watched the sky.  Even the neighbors dogs came over to see her & she just stared at them....

I took her to our favorite spot - the front porch & we sat out there for a few hours.  I don't know how I'll ever go back out there with a book & not miss her.  She turned into our old country dog....

I kept praying all day for God to give me a sign that this was the day...

It came for me when Ricky took her & put her in bed & we turned on Animal Planet again.  Raccoons & dogs were running across the screen... we got no reaction. Ricky told her to get them, which always starts up a bark.  Nothing.  Not even an ear perk.  Just staring.

We knew...

even though we 2nd guessed ourselves to the very moment where they came in with the needle.

I just can't believe she's gone...

Last night, walking back in our house & seeing her empty beds & pillows & rugs & how our house has been shifted to make her comfortable... & she's no longer there... oh my heart...

I kept hearing a dog drink water in our bedroom last night & my instinct was, don't let Sydney have too much or she'll get sick... & then I realized it was Zoe, & not Sydney .... & I realize how different life is doing to be for awhile....

Learning the new routine...

learning to adapt without our 'misfit'

How lonely it will be without her...

How broken hearted we are...

How thankful we are to have had her in our lives for so long. 

.... but all still sucks... even more then ever....

I told someone that having a dog you love this much is 99% wonderful & the end is only 1% ... but that 1% makes you miss the other 99% ... which is a lot of missing & heartache...

Sydney Louise, you were the best dog in the world.  There will never be another dog as wonderful as you, as smart as you, as caring as you.  You have touched our hearts in a special way & made us appreciate the gift we had in you for so many years.  You will be missed forever.  Momma loves you.

Keep watching for us baby girl... we'll see you soon


Be warned... I took a lot of pictures the past few weeks so I'll have a bunch more pictures of our beautiful Aussie....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Start of P90X3 ... & what gets me fired up about it

My P90X3 came in the mail last week.

it was sitting on my counter all weekend & I read the book that came along with it preparing myself for what was to come.

How I was all weekend waiting to start it

I was just excited to get a good work out in in 30 minutes instead of my whole evening.

I looked at my calendar & its 13 weeks long, which will take me literally to the week before Christmas. I like this.  It will get me through the holidays, but let me enjoy Christmas week without the pressure of having to work out.
This will NOT happen to me this year

& then it leads me right to the new year where I really am considering starting training for The Flying Pig half marathon... so maybe #PHM7 (Project Half Marathon 7) will be in full motion again... we'll see...

But know what gets my goat...

P90X3 isn't cheap.  It is $150 after shipping & handling... but I took the leap for the sake of having more time in my evening...

& I know this program is extreme.  I have to modify - especially the chin ups & all the things you have to do on a bar.... but I do it.

& then this morning, what do I see? 

They are coming out with a new program called P90 ...

its supposed to be for ANYONE.  Tony Horton is teaching it, but its not 'extreme'... that one probably is what I would need more then any extreme workout I have to modify myself anyways.

so I'm ticked off....

I know I'll want the new program, but I'm not shelling out another $150.00 just yet...

bad timing - the story of my life....

Maybe at the end of this P90X3 - I'll be so tough, that I'll laugh at the easy P90 program...

I can dream, right?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Runners Tell All: Bucket List

I love this link up because I have a runner's bucket list.  Totally have one.  That I dream about.  I want to mark some of these races off before I die...

here's my list...

ULTIMATE!!! ... Disney Princess Half Marathon

Oh my word.  Ever since I saw there was a half marathon that involved Princesses & everyone is pretty much dressed in tutus & tiaras?... & runs through Disney World?  Come on... this race was MADE for me...
I just wish it wasn't so expensive.... This is why its a bucket list.  The travel, the fees, the Magic Kingdom ... exactly why its on my bucket list... but something I so want to do... before I get another freaking injury & can't do it at all.  I figure I can walk it - right?  This race needs me...

Disney Avengers Half Marathon

I could probably pick all the Disney races, but Princess is #1 & now they have Avengers, this one is pretty close to the #1 spot... I'm always leaning towards a tiara, or a cape... I'm all about super heros.  & the chances of a Wolverine being around?  that just makes me want to run even more.  Plus, my husband would love this one.

Women's Series Nashville

I love Nashville anyways & to run a half marathon there... in the fall?  I would love it!  I actually was talking to my hubs about doing it this year... but insert injury again... & it was throw out.  But I want a medal with cowboy boots.  I just do.

Flying Pig Half Marathon

Cincinnati is just up the road under 2 hours... & the Flying Pig is a big event.  I always hated it though because it is always the weekend after The Ky Derby Mini - which I have done the past 6 years... BUT this year, I have a wedding for the Ky Derby... so this may be my year for doing the Flying Pig!!!!
I just realized this as I typed... I'm heading off to look at their site right now!!!

DREAMING:  Chicago Marathon

I'm not sure I'll ever make it to full marathon status... but if I ever did, I would want to do the Chicago Marathon.  Blame it on Spirit of the Marathon documentary!

What are your dream races?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five: My favorite 5 things about Sam's Club

Favorite 5 things about Sam's Club

Talk about a random topic?  Well, when the awesome ladies of the link up give us a blank to fill, "My favorite thing about ____________" ... I just go with the first thing that comes to mind.  I want to go back & pick up some things so Sam's club was on my mind... so if you have a Sam's Club or Costco near you, you'll relate why its so awesome ... here's my list

1. Bananas are virtually free

It always blows my mind when you see the pile of bananas wrapped together & its $1.47 for the bundle.  & they're never ripe & ready to last for 20 minutes.  They actually start to go bad at my house because we never get through them quick enough - but perfect to chop up & add to the freezer for smoothies or healthy ice cream.  Who can ever get enough bananas when you're working out?

I'll add onto this - all their fresh fruit & veggies are a great price.  When I was juicing, this was the place I would go.  Where else can you get a 10 pound bag full of carrots for like $5.00?

2. Time to go NUTS!

Being a vegetarian, I'm all about nuts for added protein - especially on salads.  So cue the cashews & walnuts.  I can also eat handful of raw almonds like there's no tomorrow.  The price of nuts are ridiculous.  So when you can get a huge bag for $10.00 when a little bag in a store is like $5.99, its a bargain.  I've now taken beautiful mason jars & put the nuts in them when I get home.  A beautiful way to keep snacks at hand.


Well, not the MOST... but you get the idea... plus, its Belle

I never get out of Sam's club without some sort of book.  Whether it be a novel, or a kid's book, or a devotion.  I get sucked into the book aisle every time like its a black hole. 

4. Give me my MOJO

I am slightly addicted to Clif Mojo Bars.  I've since passed on the addiction to my husband.  Those bars are usually on sale at my grocery for $1.00 a piece, but you can buy a box of like 25 bars for $19.99 ... it works for us because I eat one for breakfast usually every morning & my husband takes them & warms up the ones with chocolate in them for a dessert.  We go through these boxes like candy.

5. Coffee Syrup

Since I've become a iced coffee addict this past year (I blame McDonalds iced coffee for this) I love the flavor syrups you put in your drink.  They are about $5.00 in a store for a little bottle & in Sam's Club, they are the same price for a bottle the size of a Jack Daniel bottle.  Ricky always holds it & asks if I want to get drunk. (Side note - I've been drunk once in my life as a 20 something & hated the feeling - never have - never will do it again.. so its funny when he asks me that)... I can go through these huge bottles in like 2-3 weeks.  That's probably not good.   I read the labels on everything but try to just block out the labels on this because I figure how is 1 teaspoon a day going to hurt me.  If I ever come out with some sort of weird disease, someone point this out to me & tell me how 1 teaspoon a day of horribly processed things can hurt me.

What do you love at Sam's Club or Costco?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here we go again....

... I am outta the world today...

& by outta the world, I mean sitting in a hospital all day long...

which is sorta outta the world. 

It's like a casino - you lose all track of time.

But my dad is heading in for his other hip replacement today...

Round 2

This will make 1 shoulder & 2 hips replaced.

He's going for knees next...

I'm telling you - bionic status is not far behind.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Will it grow hair in my belly?

So a long time ago, the cute little thing called a chia pet came out..

& then developed into some weird products that just won't stop

& for a side fun fact... we had a cat we named Chia.  I'm not even sure why...

Chia is pretty fun to say...

But then when you start eating healthy & looking for every healthy smoothie idea, you see you're supposed to put those little chia seeds in your drink.


The same seeds?  the ones that grow green stuff on things? In my belly?

Apparently so.

I love reading on what foods can do & these little seeds hold a big punch. 
I just saw a few facts in a health magazine on what they can do...
Did you know?

A serving of chia seeds contain more nutrients than many popular health foods:
100% more potassium than a banana
200% more iron than spinach
300% more selenium than flax seeds
500% more calcium than whole milk
600% more omega-3 than wild salmon
1,400% more magnesium than broccoli


That's pretty crazy ... crazy awesome...

& that's not to mention all the other healthy stuff about it - vitamins, protein, fiber, blah blah blah...

A good note for runners as well - it helps the body stay hydrated by absorbing liquid....

I see recipes everywhere for chia pudding. 

I even tried it one time, but the texture sorta gagged me.  All that 'absorbing liquid' gooey stuff happening.  Not something I can handle early in the morning.

But maybe I made it wrong.

& I see other recipes where you don't really even see the gooey part of it.

Disguise it in chocolate... everything is better disguised in chocolate...

Ricky has even bought the drinks that have chia seeds in them...

ohhhh ... that gooey texture thing again... I can't believe he can drink it.

I need to learn to like it though...

I think if I can learn to get it down, I may actually become Wonder Woman.. .maybe?

Do you like Chia seeds in smoothies?
Do you make Chia pudding? ... what's the trick?