Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Will it grow hair in my belly?

So a long time ago, the cute little thing called a chia pet came out..

& then developed into some weird products that just won't stop

& for a side fun fact... we had a cat we named Chia.  I'm not even sure why...

Chia is pretty fun to say...

But then when you start eating healthy & looking for every healthy smoothie idea, you see you're supposed to put those little chia seeds in your drink.


The same seeds?  the ones that grow green stuff on things? In my belly?

Apparently so.

I love reading on what foods can do & these little seeds hold a big punch. 
I just saw a few facts in a health magazine on what they can do...
Did you know?

A serving of chia seeds contain more nutrients than many popular health foods:
100% more potassium than a banana
200% more iron than spinach
300% more selenium than flax seeds
500% more calcium than whole milk
600% more omega-3 than wild salmon
1,400% more magnesium than broccoli


That's pretty crazy ... crazy awesome...

& that's not to mention all the other healthy stuff about it - vitamins, protein, fiber, blah blah blah...

A good note for runners as well - it helps the body stay hydrated by absorbing liquid....

I see recipes everywhere for chia pudding. 

I even tried it one time, but the texture sorta gagged me.  All that 'absorbing liquid' gooey stuff happening.  Not something I can handle early in the morning.

But maybe I made it wrong.

& I see other recipes where you don't really even see the gooey part of it.

Disguise it in chocolate... everything is better disguised in chocolate...

Ricky has even bought the drinks that have chia seeds in them...

ohhhh ... that gooey texture thing again... I can't believe he can drink it.

I need to learn to like it though...

I think if I can learn to get it down, I may actually become Wonder Woman.. .maybe?

Do you like Chia seeds in smoothies?
Do you make Chia pudding? ... what's the trick?


  1. Yes! I love chia seeds (the nutritional part of them) but can't handle the gooey-ness of them. I put them in my smoothies and blend the heck out of them. Blend them too little and they gum up something awful in my glass -- blend them just enough (or more. More is always better when blending chia.) and they just look like little specks of nothing. Haven't tried the pudding -- simply because of the gooey-ness/gag-reflex part of it.

  2. Say whaaaat?! I've heard of chia seeds but I seriously had no idea how healthy they are...I may have to try them sometime!

  3. This cracked me up because I had the same thoughts at first!! I was so scared to try them seeds? gooey? Then I started making overnight oats! Btw, there is a recipe for Peanut Butter Banana overnight oats on my blog containing chia seeds and it does not taste nasty gooey. I couldn't even tell they were in there. Ohhh and I heard they aid in weight loss.<<<The secret words to my heart.
    xo Krissy

  4. I've had chia seeds that you just snack on plain, they were okay. But I've never been creative enough to actually make them into something. I knew they were healthy, but even I learned how healthy they are today, thanks for the info:)

  5. I actually love the drinks that have chia seeds in them! It is definitely a weird texture, but it doesn't bother me. I've never had chia seeds any other way. The Willie chia is hilarious.

  6. I can eat chia seed pudding without a problem but drinks with chia seeds take time for me to choke down.


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