Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall is breaking my heart....

Fall is my favorite season.

Always has been.

I'm a sucker for the color, which my grandmother always used to say Fall is when God would use the world as His coloring book... & I love the crisp cool mornings & evenings... love the smells of fall... I'm a Fall girl...

But with Fall comes the want to run... so badly...

I'm trying to stick with my P90X & get stronger. 
Trying to give my knee a break.
Trying to give my back a break.

But yesterday, I got home & the weather was so nice & beautiful & fall-like & I was like, 'do I really want to go in the basement & do an hour of P90X & miss all this beauty?'

... the answer was yes... that's exactly what I did...

But I did it with a grumpy face & a few stomps down the stairs.

After I was done, I did go outside & play Frisbee with Harvey Dent & even knitted a little on the back porch sitting next to Sydney...

I guess I'll take Fall however I can...

But Fall races are everywhere now & I'm really starting to be a Debbie Downer with a sad face.  I want to be in them.  Especially the Half Marathon I wanted to do.

So I'm trying to get an attitude fix here.  Gotta be better then Momma June here.... Trying to be appreciative that I can still do the P90X... praying my knee & back get good for Spring races... & I'm going to check into volunteering at that Half Marathon.  I know a few peeps who are running it so it would make me happy to cheer them on...

Sometimes working out the attitude is tougher then working out the body....

I'll still enjoy Fall ... even if my running wont...
Do you love Fall for running?
Do you have any races coming up?


  1. aw wish i could do something to help love! i hope you continue to enjoy fall even if you cant run!

  2. You are going to be SO strong after P90X and will come back to running even better afterwards! I know it has to suck not being able to run, but it will be all worth it in the end. I find that on a rest day or if I'm injured and can't run a little walk around the neighborhood always does wonders to improve my mood :)

  3. I really hope your P90X helps you get back out there to run! Even though you can't run outside yet, you can still do lots of fun things outdoors to enjoy the Fall season! :0)

  4. I totally feel your pain, last year was the first fall in forever that I wasn't able to run a race and it was a killer. This year, I had such high hopes and I could probably enter a smaller race, but my heart is on the marathon and that is not likely to happen this year!
    Get yourself healed and maybe next year will be your year!
    Have you tried googling your symptoms on medical websites? I know self diagnosis isn't always accurate, but sometimes it is. Maybe you can find some tips and information on those sites to help you cure it on your own?

  5. Awww, I hope your knee gets better. Fall is my favorite season but I am not sure if I will be running any races with the lack of motivation I seem to be having.

  6. Maybe if you move p90x by an open window/door so you still get some fall breeze! Ohhh Mama June haha!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  7. I'm right there with ya girl. I was SOOO looking forward to fall races. Oh well. I might just volunteer with you again, and hopefully get to see you this time. :)


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