Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five: 5 Race Day Rituals

5 Race Day Rituals

I feel like I haven't done a race in so long, I may forget how it all works... but its like riding a bike.  The same routine...

here's my 5 Race Day rituals

1.  Check the alarm

My fear is just like the guy on Seinfield.  Anyone else remember that episode where the marathon runner was staying with Jerry & the electricity popped off & they were late to the race?

 I guess watching too much Seinfeld got in my head because I'm paranoid about being late so I set my clock, & my cell phone.... & then set my internal clock, ala Kramer...

2. Start Drinking... hard & heavy...

... water that is... I have felt the effects of dehydration in a race before.  So I'm always trying to make sure I start the water intake the minute my eyes open

3. Pee 100 times

... & thanks to all that water, I pee over & over.  I usually even stop on the way to a race so I can avoid porta pots.  For the record, in 6 years of races, I've never had to use one.  I try & find fast food places or gas stations.  Yes, even gas station bathrooms are better then a porta pot.  Ewwww....

4.  Get the braids in

It's become sort of a tradition/ritual to have my hair in 2 French braids when I run.  People start to find me that way in the crowds.  A running friend ran up behind me & yelled for me & said, "I knew it was you when I saw the braids".... my trade mark.  Just look at my header at the top... I think every picture supports this.

5.  Pray

Seriously, every time we get ready to start, I pray.  I pray for God to help me through the race, for safety, to have a good time, for no injuries.  & every time I cross the start line, I'll point up to Him & say, "Let's do this" ... & when I cross the finish line, I say Thank you Jesus... every time...
Best ritual EVER!

What are things you do every race?


  1. Prayer is a fantastic pre-race ritual :0)

    As for french braiding...this makes me wish you were gonna be a Wine & Dine even more now! I need a french braid for the half marathon (costume hint lol)!

  2. love the hair tradition - i dont have any before races traditions but after every race i have a bath and a nap after stuffing my face full of bad food. haha!
    ps you commented on another blog about versona and not having one near and i commented as well but i thought i would comment here that we do have one in the summit hahaha

  3. My ritual before a marathon or half is more about body prep, so a date with my PT for some deep tissue work, lots of trigger point release…and then fueling properly! Of course laying out clothes the night before too!

  4. Water is so important. I usually drink a whole liter of water race morning. -L

  5. So hear you on the alarms! If I'm going into a race where I'm meeting people beforehand, I'll have dreams for weeks about oversleeping and missing them. Also...totally jealous on the double french braids. I've gotten good at doing one, but I can't make a straight part to make two look decent.

  6. Love the braids!
    Praying is a great one to add, I can't believe I forgot to add that to mine, that is definitely always one of my rituals!

  7. Prayer :) What a great pre- and post- race and every time ritual!

  8. My husband and I have been joking about the Kramer clock for 20 years now-LOL!
    Confessions of A Mother Runner

  9. Oh I totally pee a thousand times and then one more time right before I hit the start line. And check the alarm is a good one!

  10. I am all about the alarm especially for important events. I check it gazillion times through the night. Love the French braids. They look super cute on you!

    Maria @ The Good life


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