Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Since its Wednesday, its feels funny doing an Up/Down post about the weekend, so we'll just incorporate it into a confession sort of day... feels about right...

I confess....

... I'm getting nervous that my Peach Green Tea Lemonades are soon going to disappear.  Why are they bringing pumpkin in early when they brought in Peach late?  #Notfair

... I thought Guardians of the Galaxy was going to be stupid. It's probably in my top favorite movies.  That was a surprise out of no where.

... I never thought I would love a speaking tree #groot

... Zoe Saldana's body is ridiculous... even when its green

... I snuck in 2 drinks from a restaurant into the movies in a purse. I was walking like I was 103 years old so they wouldn't spill. 

... I about gasped when we ate Q-doba & I logged in my food on My Fitness Pal & saw it was 1200 calories. SAY WHAT?!??!

... I GOT A NEW PHONE!!! The Samsung Galaxy S5 ... the latest & newest phone. I feel pretty special.

... I actually haven't been able to use it yet, thanks to T-Mobile.  We have been with them since 2001 & they wouldn't give us any deals on new phones & when we said we wanted to go to Verizon, they were going to charge us $150.00 ... I told my husband getting a new phone is like getting a new car.  All of it makes me want to punch someone.

... I'm more excited about the camera on my phone then any other feature. #photographer

... I got to do 2 Senior session in one this weekend. They are a couple that has been dating for 2 years.  At first, I was thinking it was a bad idea to do pictures together.  These are your senior pictures.  You want pictures of someone who, let's be honest, probably won't be your spouse?  But both of their families came along & they all were really supportive.  I'm rooting for these two. They are really precious together....

... it was supposed to be raining on us all day during the session, but it turned out being a perfect day. I love when that happens.  Thank you Mother Nature.

... both of these kids are hunters.  They rescheduled their original photo session because it was supposed to be on the opening day of deer season.  I had to do everything I could to hold my tongue on my vegetarian ways. 

... Ricky & I watched 12 episodes of Arrow this weekend.  I probably said, "OH MY LORD" at least 3 times every episode.

... I felt funny when I had no more Arrow's to watch. 

... I can't wait for FLASH to start this Fall!!!

... I may have been a little too excited to see the Making Frozen special on TV last night.

... I was even MORE excited to see the previews of Once Upon a Time #HookisHot

... Our Sydney girl is really having a hard time lately.  We're getting nervous for her & afraid time is ticking nearer for decisions we don't want to make. 

... We're so thankful to Jesus she's made it to September... when the vet said we'd be lucky to have her make it to April.  #vetsarestupid

... I took an extra day off work yesterday just because I have days piling up & it was something close to wonderful not having to put on makeup, & not brushing my hair all day long.

... I did so many rounds of laundry, I broke my machine.  Seriously. My fabric softner ring flew off & put a halt to my laundry madness.  I was THISCLOSE to being caught up.

... not really... I'll never get close to being current on laundry.

Anything you need to confess?

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  1. I also LOVE Arrow!!! Your pics are so amazing, I really wish you lived closer to do some pics for me of Ashton, you have a true talent. I'm keeping Sydney in my thoughts, we just had to put our dog down and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, hugs to you!

    1. Its the hardest thing to do... they really are family & so hard to let them go.

  2. Is anyone ever caught up on laundry?? I know I never am. we saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night and it was hilarious! I had low expectations too which might have helped but ya, loved it.

    1. Maybe that's it... low expectations :) But I seriously laughed so hard & cried to where I had to wipe tears.

  3. I love Arrow, I think the actor is super gorgeous, I think I watch it just to see him with his shirt off, haha.. Actually the actor in the show is in town here this weekend. I'm not much of a comic fan, but I'm not going to lie I was tempted to buy a ticket to comicon just so I could go take a picture with him, and make some of my friends super jealous:)
    Love the picture of the kids in the pick up, beautiful work!
    I totally sneak stuff into the movies, almost always bring drinks. It costs too much to buy them there, more than a movie ticket during the day, crazy!

  4. I seriously cannot wait until Once Upon a Time!!! My obsession with it is pretty crazy. My Sunday nights are planned around that show and I may or may not have re-watched the entire series. Especially last season's finale...can't even count how many times I've watched it lol! :0)

    Totally agree about Guardians of the Galaxy...I didn't really want to see it but Robert did so we went and I loved it!

    1. I need to watch the last few OUAT again to get recapped up...

  5. i enjoyed guardians of the galaxy! i didnt think i would like groot, but i did. i am so excited for OUAT as well, and seriously - Hook IS hot!

  6. I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet - Sighs... Maybe when it comes out on Demand.

    And oh - I just got to say - I'm sorry about the peach stuff leaving - but I love ALL the pumpkin stuff! (Can we still be friends?)

    I recently got the Galaxy Note 3 - and I love it. My fiance has the S5, and he's over the moon about it as well.
    YAY new phone - BOO TMobile

  7. I'm looking forward to Flash. He's an awesome character. I tried to watch Arrow, but it was too dark for me. It reminded me of Smallville. I'm hoping Flash is more humorous.

  8. The picture of the couple is beautiful! You do such nice work Rebecca!
    Hugs to Sydney. I know exactly how you feel and went through this with my first Labrador.

  9. Hahaha! Love the drink smuggling! We went to the movies and Kev made me hide an apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate. One of those big caramel and chocolate ones. He sais that if I can smuggle in a kabob he can have an apple.


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