Monday, September 29, 2014

Ups & Downs... sorry, still a lot of downs...

Where we look at how the weekend went

DOWN // My house without Sydney... be prepared... this is probably going to be the first thing for every UPS & DOWN post for awhile

DOWN // Hearing my husband cry... I don't think there are many things more painful in my life to hear

UP // My knit loom keeping me sane.

I need this necklace ... seriously...

UP // I'm knocking out some beautiful cowls.

DOWN // I ran out of yarn at the end of one of my projects.  The yarn store is forever away so have to wait to get there today to pick up more yarn.  So frustrating.

DOWN // Picking up my baby girl's ashes... I thought I was going to puke walking into the vet's office

DOWN // I was so upset about having to pick up Sydney's ashes I didn't go to the grocery on the way home.... routine... so my house has no bread & I'm out of Zevia...

DOWN // the heat is back. We had to close our windows & crank the AC back on.  Hello Summer Fall

UP // .... I didn't put up my shorts yet for the year.

UP // I forced myself to work out on Friday, which is not a day I usually work out on...

DOWN // I missed my work out on Saturday because I was too busy knitting & went to a baby shower

UP // I ended up making up that work out on Sunday before church

DOWN // I was exhausted at church because of the early morning work out

DOWN // I am NOT a morning work out person. I've decided 100% certainty that I need night time work outs in my life.

This is how I felt at a early morning workout

DOWN // I ate probably more junk this weekend then I have in months... I gain weight even when I eat healthy. I'm dreading the scale on my weekly weigh in tomorrow. Stress & baby shower food - lots of dips, chips, cheese balls... not to mention the corner piece of the shower cake?  yeah... I'm in trouble.


DOWN // This is why I hate polishing my nails. I did them for the baby shower on Friday & by Saturday afternoon, they were smeared... by Sunday evening, they are already chipped  6 fingers.

DOWN // My laundry pile is taller then I am... I so wish I were exaggerating

DOWN // I have sad dogs in my house

DOWN // I literally didn't clean a thing in my house this weekend.  My kitchen?  There's supposed to be a counter in there somewhere...

UP // Once Upon a Time came back on ... & Belle & Rumple danced... under a chandelier ... I swooned.

So yeah... you can tell I'm still sad... everything sucks...
life bites sometimes
How was your weekend?


  1. So sorry my friend, my heart is still with you! Not what you want to hear, but in time things will get better and the pain of missing will fade a little each day. I remember when I lost my dog of 17 years, it was really tough and it takes a while. But the good news is, time really does heal!
    This week things will get better for you, I know it! Oh and don't step on a scale for a while, scales are just evil:)

  2. I'm sorry you're going through this. :( Ease yourself back into routine and don't worry about the scale for right now.

  3. i am so sorry again darl. nothing i can say will help. i did not get to watch OUAT last night (stupid football) so I shall watch tonight!

  4. Oh hun, Im surprised you had the energy to write a post. You got me all choked up reading the first part of your post. Then I was fine... then I got teary eyed remembering when I picked up my cocker's ashes. I started crying the minute I walked through the door. :( I feel you. You and your hubby have been on my mind since yuor sweet girl passed away.

  5. I am so sorry about your week Rebecca... I definitely choked up when you mentioned having to pick up sweet Sydney's ashes :0( I know she is looking down at you all with love from puppy heaven.

    I thought of you during OUAT when Rumple and Belle danced! Such an adorably sweet scene and definitely made me tear up.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy. They are family members and it leaves such a void. I'd say give yourself a little break from the guilt of eating junk and feeling tired. You're mourning and whatever works for you is what you need to do

  7. I'm so sorry for what you're going through. To focus on something totally inane and meaningless, I've found that IF I use a base coat, two coasts of polish and a top coat, IF I can sit still for a hour or so while it all dries and avoid smearing it, it still only lasts about two days before it starts to chip off from washing my hair and washing my hands. Nail polish is kind of like a great up-do or a great makeup job. Totally temporary.

  8. I'm so sorry!! You eat that corner piece of cake and don't you feel bad about it! It's hard to be good when you are feeling sad! <3

  9. You be as sad as long as you want. It's okay. *Hugs*


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