Thursday, September 11, 2014


Let's get some things off of my chest... out of my mind...
I confess....

... I want to make a new CONFESSIONS button... this one looks too plain to me now.

... I actually typed "plane" in that last confession & then realized I'm loosing my freaking mind

... I am so excited Biggest Loser starts back tonight!!! But what's the deal with Bob. He's not going to be a regular trainer?  #disappointing   Dolvett is still there. That's good. & who is that dreamy new trainer?  None other then Jake, from The Bachelor's, brother... good genes run in the family.

... I think the new girl trainer looks like the girl from The Office & Bridesmaids, Ellie Kemper...

... I finally got some ringtones on my new phone.  KISS for when my husband calls me & Steven Curtis Chapman for when anyone else calls.  I couldn't find any good Disney ringtones.  I need to find a good free place.

... I don't even care about the new iPhone. I'm an Android girl.

... I up'ed my weights in P90X arms & shoulders last night. Felt proud of myself, until I was nearly in tears with my bicep tendon last night.  & then had to hear my hubs yell at me all night long about how I should know better. 

... I am addicted to the song "All About That Bass"

... I am wearing thin quickly on Taylor Swift's new song, Shake it off... why is it EVERYWHERE?  On every commercial - on every promo for DWTS - on every click of the computer.  STOP IT!

... I went to visit our new office that we're moving to in November.  Its not only an extra 15 minute drive, but I'm loosing my own office & moving into a cubicle... & the office looks like a dungeon with no light in it.  To say I am depressed is not even close to how I feel lately.

This is going to be me in my new office space

... I bought another jar of Nutella.  Someone needs to throw it out of my house QUICK!

... I can remember September 11th, 2001 like it was yesterday.  We sat in our waiting area in front of the TV the whole day.  No work was done. Just sat with eyes wide & jaws dropped.  So sad.

... It freaks me out when I talk to the kids in the Youth Group & they have no memories or really know very little about that day.  The next generation really doesn't have a clue what happened.


  1. It's sad how little the future generation knows about 9/11. I'm sure it's in history books already, and while it will be taught to kids in school, most will never know the real heartache it caused us all. :0(

    I am pretty excited for Biggest Loser, but unsure of the new trainers. Guess we shall see how they do tonight!

  2. I actually thought it was the same girl (bridesmaids / biggest loser) for a second! oh boo to wearing thin on T Swizzles new song. I don't listen to the radio so I never get sick of songs :)

  3. I love Taylor Swift's new song! ;) Cohen, Landry and I have had dance parties every day this week to it!

  4. No BOB?! Wonder if the contestants knew this?

  5. Those workout photos of men crack me up. They're always posed with their arms crossed so they can push out the biceps. I've been bad about workouts this week. It's been crazy hot, work has been busy and those are my excuses for now.

  6. Your not gonna believe this but I have no idea what that Taylor Swift song is! I've never heard it yet. But I do know she could stand to tone down that lipstick a

    I remember last time I was teaching a freshman class and those kids didn't really know what 9-11 was all about cus they were in pre-school! It just seems so weird that we remember history that a new generation doesn't know about ( or lived through). I wonder if this is how our parents felt when they would talk about when JFK was shot, or how our grandparents talked about WWII?

  7. When I saw that picture of the girl trainer I thought it was that actress! They are twins. I can't say I've heard the Taylor Swift song but maybe I'm living under a rock!

  8. I could not think of who that new girl trainer looked like until now! That's exactly it, the Office girl! I'm so glad BL is back, and that Bob is still there, just in a different way!
    Your new office sounds really depressing. :( Hopefully it won't be too bad.


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