Monday, September 8, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look how the weekend went...

UP // Had to remember some lines for our Children's Ministry event ... BAM!  Remembered them... all 5 of them #nomemory

DOWN // When I made my entrance through the door, I hit it... on the wrong side... & loudly said, OOPS... Graceful I am not.

UP // Got so much of my house clean, I just wanted to visit room to room to take it all in.

UP // Just bought my first few bottles of essential oils.  Someone got in touch with me about it for the pain in my bicep tendon. I told her I'd try almost anything - $60.00 later, I'm going to give this a goal.

DOWN // Why are these oils so freaking expensive?

DOWN // Our Sydney girl is just going downhill fast now... she ate really well for the first time Friday night & Saturday morning, she threw it all back up.  I just want to cry every time I think about it.  We're thinking she may just have a few days or a week or two left... #myheartisbreaking

DOWN // ... I'm sitting here crying again just typing that...

DOWN // Being a Fur-baby momma just sucks sometimes...

UP // It only sucks right at the end... the other 99.9% of time with fur babies is nothing short of wonderful

UP //  We took Sydney outside on the front porch (Mine & her favorite spot in the world)... I read a book, she inhaled the breeze & the rainy afternoon.  

UP or DOWN // I'm realizing I need more time at home to spend with my other fur babies.  Life is too short to keep a busy schedule.

UP // I didn't put on a bit of make up

DOWN // My P90X Kenpo disc is scratched up & stalls ... so frustrating...

UP // ... it gives me a second to catch my breath though...

UP // I'm becoming a knit loom nut. I made a hat just on Saturday alone.

DOWN // I've spend over $100 in just 2 days on new looms & yarn. I take my hobbies seriously.

UP // My husband doesn't know how much I've spent on my latest hobby.

Our secret

UP // I'll remind him its cheaper then a new camera lens

UP // Veggie sandwiches at Five Guys Burger & Fries

UP // Photo Scavenger Hunt with the Youth kids in our Merge After Church (MAC) event.  These really are the coolest kids in the world.

DOWN // I still huff & puff trying to run with middle school & high school kids doing a scavenger hunt. 

UP // A perfectly beautiful day to do a family photo session...

DOWN // The little girl literally was scared of my camera at the beginning & ran & screamed like I was the hockey wearing masked guy from Friday the 13th. 

UP // I started talking Princesses & won her over a little bit...

UP // BAM - I got the cutest pictures of her... #success

UP // The little boy  - I can't even begin to tell you how cute his pictures are... I can't wait to share.

UP // I can feel Fall in the air

DOWN //... at least for a day or two... the 90's are coming back this week.

DOWN // My mom called me to ask if I wanted to see my niece play basketball... like 15 minutes before the game started.   Thanks mom.

UP // Finished book

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

UP // Starting new book

Love the One You're With

How was your weekend?


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Sydney :0( Poor are so right about thoughts on being a dog mom. 99.9% it is amazing...except for, well, the hard times at the end... sending prayers for you all about Sydney. *hugs*

    When you mentioned your hobbies I thought about an old Hey Girl meme with Ryan Gosling I saw months ago. It said something like Hey Girl, I saw your receipt from Hobby Lobby the other I'm not mad I think it's awesome how dedicated you are to your hobbies! lol :0)

  2. oh your poor puppy. big hugs girl.

    how was the peculiar children book? i have wanted to read it.

  3. The only thing I'm going to focus on in this comment is Sydney because it breaks my heart for you. I am truly so sorry you are going through this. We went through something similar two weeks ago and our sweet, loving Morgan is no longer with us. Seeing your pet decline is terrible and heartbreaking, I am keeping you guys in my thoughts, hugs!

    1. It's so hard... I'm so sorry you just had to go through it.

  4. I wasn't too terribly impressed with the Miss Peregrine book - unless there is a series or trilogy to come. I don't know, maybe I was if I'm waiting for a sequel?! It felt very Neil Gaiman-esque at times, which is the only thing that kept me reading. I'm so sorry to hear about Sydney. :(

    1. There is a sequel that is already out :) I think its going to be a series as they travel to the different loops :)

  5. I don't let my husband go with me to Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann. IF he does weasel his way to the store with me, I slip away to pay. He wouldn't understand. ;)

    Sending good vibes to you and Sydney.

  6. Emily Giffin is one of our favorite authors. You will enjoy that book. Have you read any of her others? Other authors you might enjoy are Beth Harbison ( Hope in a Jar), and Sara Strohmeyer ( Cinderella Pact).
    I have actually been wondering how your Sydney has been. I agree, the end is so very hard but my husband keeps reminding me that we just have to love them and give them the best life that we can while they are here on earth with us. That way when their time is up we can happily say "she had a good life". I remind him of that when he wants to kick our Baylee off the bed at night. He doesn't literally kick her but you know what I mean!

  7. So sorry about your Sydney :( I know she has appreciated all you have done for her! I didn't know they had veggie sandwiches at five guys!!

  8. I'm sorry about your dog. That can't be easy. :(

  9. So sorry about your dog, never easy when it comes to things like that with pets who are like family!
    Oh I loved Peculiar Children, I read the sequel a few months ago and enjoyed it almost as much. He's a very different author, and I really like that, loved the photo's though the best!
    That is funny about you scaring the girl with the camera, but it doesn't surprise me you won her over:)
    Love that you knit! One talent I have always wanted to aquire, but never have taken the time to see if I can make it work:) In college for interior design we were required to take weaving, and I loved weaving on a loom, so much work to thread the darn thing took days, but once you could start making your rugs, runners or whatever it was a tone of fun. My dream is to own a loom, but I have not the space or the money to pay for one.. yet, LOL

  10. Life is totally too short to keep a busy schedule, although I can't seem to not keep one!


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