Monday, September 15, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look at how the weekend went...

UP // Got a free Starbucks reward drink.  How do you not get a Trenta?  & of course, had to get my Peach Green Tea Lemonade.  When winter comes & I get a free reward, I'll be using that Trenta for all the extra things that cost money.  #lovefree

UP // That Trenta was so big - it lasted me two days!!!!  That's a drink that lasts

Bigger then my head

UP // I even went back & got another PGTL on Sunday.  Full weekend of the best drink ever.

UP // Did the P90X Plyometrics for the first time on Saturday... LOVED IT!  Obviously modified a lot of it due to injuries, but still burned almost 500 calories in an hour. I was happy with that...

UP // Got in some essential oils that someone told me would help with my tendon pain.  Honestly, I put on a few drops of Lemongrass & no joke, it seemed to help.

UP or DOWN /// Magic is a weird word to say over & over...

UP // Got 2 of our dogs groomed....

DOWN // ... Cost me $100!! OUCH!!! 

UP // Bought more yarn while waiting on the dogs to be groomed to make some cowls for the cold air coming.  #lovecowls

UP // I want to make the Katniss wrap .. always loved it...

DOWN // I know I'll still never look like Jennifer Lawrence

DOWN // They had a adoption fair going on at PetSmart & I just want to cry for all these fur babies that need homes.

UP // by the time I went back to get my babies, a LOT of animals had been adopted!

DOWN // Adoption fees are crazy!  If you want to get these babies into a good home, don't charge $200 ...

UP // Found Wizard of Oz stickers for my mom at Michaels.  As much as I'm a Beauty & the Beast fan, my mom is a Wizard of Oz fan. I get my fandom legit.

UP // Beautiful fall weekend. It was perfection every day.

UP // McAlisters Tea.  We stopped in there just for these 2 huge sizes.  I was all about massive size teas this weekend.

UP // Got to do a photo session with my cousin.  I love her so much.  She was a junior bridesmaids in my wedding & now, here she is a momma... I can't wait to see that baby of hers.

UP // Sleeping with windows open....

DOWN//... waking up congested with the cool air.  #worthit

UP // If Burlesque is on, I'll watch it every time.

UP // I was talking about when I was in high school - so long ago... & one of my youth kiddos in church said, "You're not THAT old" & another one said, "You are like a teenager to me"... I know lying isn't a good thing in church, but I still was happy about those sweet comments.

DOWN // Sydney is getting a little worse every day... 

DOWN // Fox & the Hound on ABC Family... good LORD... that movie is sad.  When the lady goes to drop off Todd, the fox, in the woods & that song she sings about saying good bye?!?!?  Have a dog that is close to the end of her life next to you & listen to the words... I was a blubbering sobbing mess...


UP // Bought my first new sweater of the year... for $10!  Even better!

UP // Got the next book in the Peculiar Children series... made me happy when someone told me its better then the first. I loved the first.

DOWN // I have so much to do this week & I can't even get my mind wrapped around how I'm going to do everything... wish me luck

How was your weekend?
Did you remember Fox & The Hound being so sad?
Did you drink any tea this weekend?


  1. I've always loved Fox and the Hound but it is so sad! I really like that Katniss wrap!! :)
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  2. I will not watch Fox and the Hound ever...I watched it once and couldn't contain myself. Never again!

    McAlister's tea is the best :0)

    I actually think $200 isn't too bad an adoption fee, especially when most of it will go back to help get food and shelter for the animals who have yet to be adopted.

    Good luck getting through your busy week! You got this!

  3. yay for $10 sweaters! and yay for animals getting adopted. the fees are a bit ridiculous, arent they? but i know they include a ton of stuff but still, the dogs prices are always crazy high!

  4. I didn't drink any tea this weekend but Starbucks has made too much money from this pumpkin spice latte drinker! Why do all of the good things have calories? LOL

  5. Fox and the Hound was one of the first Disney book I remembered having. I loved it and hated it at the same time! I ended up scrunching up the page where the ( was it the wolf) was. The worst part was that the book was one of those books with the record ( yes i'm that old too). If I had to listen to that audio book today, I would still probably cry!

  6. A trenta?? I've never even heard of it! That's crazy but ya, if it's free why wouldn't you? I might need to look into that lemongrass thing, it sounds like a secret healing weapon and I love the smell. Also if you manage to make that wrap please post a DIY! It's so cute

  7. I don't know if I've seen Fox and the Hound, but my mom tells a story of taking me to see Lady and the Tramp when I was very little. Evidently when the scene with the dogs crying in the pound came up, I cried and howled right along with them. Sadly, I still cry when people in movies are sad.

  8. Fox and the Hound is one of my favorites. The adoption fee seems insane! I could see $50 but $200? I want a Katniss wrap now too, wish I knew how to do that.

  9. I have mixed feelings about adoption fees. If they're cheap the organization can't provide the care they need to provide AND you seriously run the risk of people buying bait dogs (a HUGE problem in the adoption of bully breeds). But being too high does isolate people. $200 doesn't seem that high for me though because your vet visits will usually run close to that amount so if you can't afford it you may have trouble affording proper care...


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