Races & Pics

Rodes City Run 10k - March 21, 2015

Ran after 1 week of being laid up with a head cold
... did this one still feeling awful..

Anthem 5k - March 7, 2015

28 degrees & my first race in almost a YEAR!!!!

Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon 2014 - April 19, 2014
My first race battling blisters.  They made my last 3 miles longer then most of the whole race.

Glow Run 5K July 27, 2013
The course was awful & too dark. Couldn't see where you were going.
But glad to see a running friend there & always fun to glow at night.
Color Run  June 8, 2013 - Not timed
Where I got dumped with green
... & Ricky escaped unscathed...

Papa John's 10 Miler - April 6, 2013
Always hate this race... but do it anyways on the road to the Triple Crown
... which I didn't make anyways with my back injury... :(


2013 Rodes City Run 10k - March 23, 2013 / 1:25:18
This is always my favorite race.  First time doing it with my hubs
2013 Rodes City 10k

2013 Anthem 5k Fitness Classic - March 9, 2013 / 42:34
A fun 5k - this was my 4th year doing it, the first with the hubs.
Saw lots of familiar faces along the way
Anthem 5K

Big Hit 1/4 Marathon - October 2012

Color Run 2012 - Not timed

2012 Kentucky Derby Festival MiniMarathon - April 28, 2012 / 2:59:43
This made the moment even more special <3 LOVE YOU RICKY

Zombie Run 5K - Cherokee Park
Me & my buddy Corey T. Queen - SURVIVORS!!! :)
We survived... even if I cheated :)

Papa John's 10 Miler - April 2012

2012 Rodes City Run 10k

2012 Anthem 5K Fitness Classic

Louisville Commission Sport Half Marathon - October 2011
Race Photo:  The Ugly Finish! .. kept the head down because I'm crying... but feeling PRIDE inside!

Big Hit 1/4 Marathon - October 2011

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K- October 2011

Run Thru the Zoo 5K 2011
No Pic 

2011 Kentucky Derby Festival MiniMarathon / 3:01:29

2011 Papa John 10 Miler
2011 Rodes City Run 10k
My first 10K... & one of my favorite races now
Northside 5K for Missions - 2011

2011 Anthem 5K Fitness Classic
Rebecca Jo Vincent's photo.
The start of Pig Tails for races :)
Stroll for Babies 5K - June 2010
2010 Kentucky Derby Festival MiniMarathon - April 24, 2010 / 3:19:41

2010 Rodes City Run 10k - March 20, 2010 / 1:26:44

2010 Anthem 5K Fitness Classic

2009 Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon - April 25, 2009 / 3:47:42
First race ever!!!... I cant believe I'm standing

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