Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Look whose back... back again...Day 1 (again)

Soooooo I've been having this inner debate - all over the past 12 hours... long debate, huh?

But I have been thinking of starting this blog back up.

& I really think I want to come back here to this space in the inter-world.

Not because I have a lot of information to share, not because I have these amazing posts to do, not because I'm trying to compete with any fitness blogs out there.

I want to do this for me.

I have fallen off track the past few months... year really.  & I have to get back on track.

I have gained 17 lbs over the past few months & I'm feeling it.
Awful.  BLAH.

So I want to start this blog back up just for myself. For an online journal of sorts.  Some place to track my work outs, my nutrition, how I'm feeling - physically & emotionally.

Its going to be raw.  It's going to be honest.  It may be funny. It may be interesting. It's more than likely going to be boring... but I want to see this first post starting again & look back & say, I remember when I started again - THAT was the moment my life got back on track for good.

& I may post something that I end up sharing on my other 'main' blog as well... that's OK. Again, this is for me. No rules. No trying to compete - just want to document my life in fitness.  & I know on my other blog, it jsut doesnt fit there to do an update on workouts & nutrition like it does somewhere seperate.

So if anyone wants to follow along... feel free... but I'm not expecting many views, many comments, & I'm ok with that. But if you are following this new journey.... than give me some encouragement whenever you can.  I love me some encouragement.


Anywaysssssss.....back to it.

Day 1

I went back & forth on what fitness routine to jump into.

I just have lost my running mojo. I know it will come back - it usually does.  But its not what is going to get me back on track.

Especially because (HONEST ALERT....) I just recently found out that I'm peritmenopausal .... another word for shriveling up & getting old.  But I've been reading about fitness in this stage of life & the main thing is strength training - get those old bones strong. Get the muscle pumped up.

So with that, I'm starting a new round of 21 Day Fix Extreme... which I've never done.  I got it & just added those videos in with running - never did the full 21 days on it.  This should be interesting.

I havent actually done ANY work outs for nearly a MONTH - GASPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

& let me tell you - I could feel it.

Day 1 is Plyo Extreme.  Jumping.

Yeahhhh -I didnt jump much

... & my quads were still shaking & cramping & feeling like they were going to give out on me.

But I made it through.

Enjoyed the sweat... feel good to do it again.

It's funny to be back with my containers & using my tracker to see what I'm eating.

But I've got my 21 Day Fix app on my phone & clocking in all the different colors I've eaten through the day.  The game is ON!!!!!

I have to note - I am really digging Subway's apples instead of chips with my veggie sandwich.... one little extra save there to get in fruit for the day & no more carbs with the chips.  Little changes makes a big different, right?

Day 1 down... let's see how day 2 goes


  1. This is great but please know your readers will read your stuff no matter which platform you share it on. They love YOU!

  2. I am so proud of you, my friend!!! The first step is the hardest. Keep on going though!!!

  3. Yay! You've got this! And know that so many people have your cyber-back :)


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