Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Come visit me ....

So I started this blog a few years ago to try & keep my workout life seperate from 'normal' life... but I have found out that my normal life can't be seperated from my workout life ... its all part of the same...

& I thought I would really focus in on health, fitness, running & working out here... but I see I have so much more to focus on...& I'll never be as awesome as most of you that run every day & do races every weekend.  I'm in awe of you - but I'll never be that blogger....

& with life being so hectic - one thing I'm focusing on in 2016 is to simplify things more... so for awhile, I am only going to be blogging at my Home blog...

So Sweet Designs
JUST CLICK & come on over

I hope you all come visit me there.

I know that many that do visit here also come to my other blog... & if you haven't, know that I am a 5-day-er over there typically... not like here where I'm good to do once a month...so lots to read over there.

& I may actually devote one day specifically for a health/fitness/workout post on my home blog... so if that's the only thing you care to read about, then come visit me on that day (Probably going to be on Tuesdays)

... I'm leeaving this open because I dont want to let go fully here yet... I'm horrible at goodbyes anyways...

heck, I may end up posting again tomorrow... or maybe not...

but until then... you know where to find me :)


  1. Don't blame you a bit for wanting to simplify things for next year! Good luck with all you do!

  2. Well of course I will visit you :) I have felt just like you many times...I kind of struggle to post at times, but I hang on because I like to stay connected. It motivates me!

  3. will do! i could never run two blogs lol, mainly because my attention span is all over the place and i like to mix the posts up.

  4. Thanks for the note on where to find you! I tried to keep two blogs at first too, but it was so tough. Simplifying is the way to go! I'll be sure to visit!

  5. It is the simple things isn't it! You do what you need to do, heading on over to support you where ever you are! :)

  6. It's great to sharing fitness, sports topic on separate blog. Keep sharing your workout experiences.
    Neha @ Aerobics classes in Pune

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