Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Catching up...

I'm still alive! ... struggling through anyways.

I've been here & there with the Holidays kicking off, being on vacation, & fighting some dizziness & tooth pain  - because life always has to have some sort of dramatic effect happening, right?

But I've still been working out.

let's do the fastest recap in the world.

here's a little view of last week

11.23 to 11.29.15:

I love I got a new wipe board that I can keep track of my weekly workouts.

I feel so fancy.

I was so happy when it was actually nice & warm on Thanksgiving where I could do a run for the Gone for the Run Virtual 5K

Turkey medal:

I hadn't run in the LONGEST...

& my knee still acted up.

Yes way...


There's that whole life & dramatic effect thing again I guess.

That was a tad discouraging because I already have my training schedule marked on a 2016 calendar for my half marathon in April.  I thought all the rest doing other exercises would have made my knee better.  Drats.

I'm not going to let it discourage me. I'll make adjustments.  Even if I have to walk the whole half marathon, I will... I'm doing it - no matter what.

But anyways - it did feel good to get 3.11 miles under me for Thanksgiving

Turkey trot:

... I totally signed up for this just because of the socks.

But it also earned me a piece of pumpkin pie... which I made... & was the most delicious thing I ate all Thanksgiving day!

How was your Thanksgiving?  
I've seen all the Turkey Trot posts - love it!

Hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things now that life is getting back into its groove
... & if you dont see me here for awhile, feel free to visit me over at Knit by God's Hand  


  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Your board is very fancy :) LIKE!
    The Turkey Trot virtual pack was so cute :)
    I hope the knee shapes up so you can have some fun!

  2. I miss you when you don't blog ( but I totally understand you have a life outside of

    I love those turkey socks and medal. You look so festive!

  3. The turkey socks are so cute! Glad you got a turkey trot in!

  4. You look fantastic in your race photo! Lean and strong! I can't see how you have more to lose! And I absolutely love those socks! Happy December!

  5. I absolutely adore your socks! How cute:). And I'm always down for a reason to have pumpkin pie.

  6. My Thanksgiving was okay. Lunch with the in-laws at a cafeteria. Then packing to come home and lots of time watching the ocean from our balcony.

  7. I love the socks!! The weather was superb that day, wasn't it? I did the Fast Freddie's 5 miler and was able to take some time off my PB (woot!) but then I went and overate at my in-laws house. So there you go. :)

  8. The socks totally rock! Sorry your knee isn't feeling better when you run, hope that gets better before your half marathon! Love your race look fabulous :)

  9. I'm glad I am not the only one who has been a little MIA in the blogging world lately:) Hey life happens, right!
    Sorry about the tooth pain, hope you can get in and get that fixed soon. Although I am like a week behind, so you probably already have:)
    Very awesome about the turkey run, so fun! Love the picture!!!!
    Bummed your knee is causing you troubles still! I know you don't want to have to go, but visiting a Dr. might be the thing to do. But pick a running doctor, or one who is a runner!! Good luck!

  10. The socks totally rock! Sorry your knee isn't feeling better when you run, hope that gets better before your half marathon! Love your race look fabulous :)Read More About Crevalor Reviews and Crevalor and Megatropin

  11. I would have totally signed up for the socks too! I'm sorta obsessed with cute socks! Hate you knee is giving you fits. Yup adjust and come out on the other side!


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