Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A good workout week

Week end 12.13.15:

Look at last week....

I am patting myself on the back.  I did really well!

I almost did a yoga work out on Sunday to have every day marked, but ended up just saying forget it & enjoyed a evening on the couch knitting a cowl.  #oldladystatus

I love how much stronger I am feeling with the workouts.

I even upp'ed my weights to 7 lbs for the Upper Body Fix... & felt good with it.
I do always have to watch my shoulder & know which exercises I need to be careful with & maybe go down to 5 lbs for that arm, but I love the feeling of progress.

It has been so warm this past week too & I almost scraped the #fixmas thing happening to get outside & get in some walks or runs.... I just hate that its so dark by the time I get home & get changed.  By the time I got to a location to work out, it'd be dark.  That's depressing.  So, I stick with the plan.  That's OK.

I will admit - I have been slouching on the nutrition a bit with Christmas candy being EVERY WHERE in my house. I need to hide it.  Or tell the hubs to hurry & eat it all.  Its so easy to just pop in a little mini Reese's cup... a few times a day. UGH!  That adds up.  & I have my year end goal.

I need to dig in deep for self control. I can ignore the candy. I can...

I will.

So are you doing good working out during the Holiday season?

Any struggles with the Holiday Candy & yummies around?


  1. I'm loving this weather too! 65 in December is crazy but i'm certainly not complaining! Surprisingly I have not had any encounters with Christmas Candy or cookies yet. I'm sure next week will be bad though!

  2. You definitely do deserve a pat on the pack, looks like a great workout week!!!
    I haven't been around any Christmas goodies yet, but I imagine later this week, and next they will start appearing:)
    Enjoy your nice weather, I have over a foot of snow outside right now, and another storm arriving in a few hours. On the plus side, it's great for the ski season here:)

  3. High five for progress :) It feels so good to increase those weights!
    I am avoiding the scale right now, my Mom had the nerve to send a peanut butter pie, mmmm...I have been real bad.

  4. Great job! I need a plan. I have results in mind that I want to see but no set plan on how to achieve them. Early dark and candy everywhere ... NOT HELPING!

  5. Great week of work outs! I love that there's a work out called Dirty on your board :) Christmas goodies are all over our office and that is definitely making nutrition difficult.

  6. Woo! Look at that week! I have no idea what Just Dance is, but I bet I'd love it! Unfortunately my DVD player broke recently, so I can't do any of my DVDs. Hope Santa brings me a new one.

  7. A Christmas Tree Debbie Cake smuggled itself out of the grocery store in my buggy over the weekend. IT.WAS.GOOD. Stay strong! You are doing awesome!

  8. you go girl! congrats :) i have been slouching a bit in the nutrition as well... oops.

  9. I feel ya- nutrition is so hard this year, but go you for the workouts! Always nice to have some extra energy :)


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