Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fixmas - week 1 ... & my first year end goal


Well it may be Wednesday but here it is anyways - last week's workouts.

As you can see, I'm back on the 21 Day Fix workout schedule for now.

There's a whole big event going on Facebook with over 56,000 people doing the 21 day Fix for December which leads right up to Christmas week.

This works out great for me since right after Christmas, I'll be getting my schedule all ready for Half Marathon training....

.... ohhhh - that excites me.

I love a good training schedule.  Something about it keeps me sane & calm knowing what I'm going to be doing 2 months down the road.

I have enjoyed the 21 Day Fix schedule again though.

Those workouts aren't no joke!


But look at me.. on one arm.. with a bad shoulder!

Progress baby... progress....

I may need to start adding in more cardio though on the days that are 'calmer' - like Pilates night - I need to burn some extra calories.

Great for the abs... not so great for the calorie burn

See, I have a goal.

My birthday is December 30th - close enough to year end... & I have a number in mind where I want to be for my first part of my weight loss.  I'm still 31 lbs... I want to be 35 lbs.  4 lbs to go... with only 2.5 weeks left.  I've actually had some weeks where I did loose 2 lbs each week so it IS possible... but I need to really be on check with everything...

... & its hard when we're running around more... & there's chocolate all in my house in Christmas decorations & easy to just walk by & grab.

This is temptation central right now...

4 lbs...

I can do this - right?

... & this isn't the end.  This is my FIRST goal.  The 2nd half comes when its time for my half marathon at the end of April... I want to have 25-30 lbs off by then... so I still have a long way to go...  but convinced I'll get there...

I can do this!

You doing any December Challenges?

Any Year end Goals?


  1. That one armed plank with the weight is super impressive! I might have missed this but what half are you planning on? When my half marathon training kicks in and I get to the higher mileage runs, I have a hard time losing weight. You think it would be the opposite but I have to be careful I don't gain weight during that time :(

  2. You're doing fantastic! Keep going...

  3. I know you can! Absolutely. Your dedication to this process has been amazing. You should be very proud of what you've accomplished already. I'm excited for your April half marathon. I'm a December baby too!

  4. Capricorns in the house!!! I am 1-1! Our will and determination will be the death of us but we will meet our goals!

    You got this!!!

    Great goals and totally doable!!


  5. You are a total badass!!! Love watching your progress.

  6. Look at you go!!! You have made great progress this year girl! This time of year is really challenging for goals with all the extra treats and less free time!
    What half marathon will you be doing? Is it that Kentucky Derby one?

  7. Yay! You've got this! Whoop whoop! Me? blew my goal for December ... again ... but the difference this time is I don't really care. Meaning, in the past, I'd just call myself a Loser and quit until I found another unattainable goal to strive for. This time, I'm going to keep on keeping on and remember that life gets in the way and there are going to be days I'm tired and the workout doesn't happen. Tomorrow is another day (channeling my inner-Scarlet). :)

  8. You can so do this girly! I'm pulling for you! The only goal I have is to make it through the last weeks of marathon training for the year then the 10th of January it will all be worth it! :)

  9. Very exciting! You're so dedicated, I'm sure you'll reach your end-of-December goal. Also, the workouts on your board sound like ones I'd love. I might have to look into the workouts some time.

  10. Planks rows are a great work out :) I feel the same way about the burn being low, but I always tell myself it pays off in the long run :) Muscle is what we need to burn calories at rest.
    I think you got this yearly goal! Stay strong.


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