Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Come visit me ....

So I started this blog a few years ago to try & keep my workout life seperate from 'normal' life... but I have found out that my normal life can't be seperated from my workout life ... its all part of the same...

& I thought I would really focus in on health, fitness, running & working out here... but I see I have so much more to focus on...& I'll never be as awesome as most of you that run every day & do races every weekend.  I'm in awe of you - but I'll never be that blogger....

& with life being so hectic - one thing I'm focusing on in 2016 is to simplify things more... so for awhile, I am only going to be blogging at my Home blog...

So Sweet Designs
JUST CLICK & come on over

I hope you all come visit me there.

I know that many that do visit here also come to my other blog... & if you haven't, know that I am a 5-day-er over there typically... not like here where I'm good to do once a month...so lots to read over there.

& I may actually devote one day specifically for a health/fitness/workout post on my home blog... so if that's the only thing you care to read about, then come visit me on that day (Probably going to be on Tuesdays)

... I'm leeaving this open because I dont want to let go fully here yet... I'm horrible at goodbyes anyways...

heck, I may end up posting again tomorrow... or maybe not...

but until then... you know where to find me :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A good workout week

Week end 12.13.15:

Look at last week....

I am patting myself on the back.  I did really well!

I almost did a yoga work out on Sunday to have every day marked, but ended up just saying forget it & enjoyed a evening on the couch knitting a cowl.  #oldladystatus

I love how much stronger I am feeling with the workouts.

I even upp'ed my weights to 7 lbs for the Upper Body Fix... & felt good with it.
I do always have to watch my shoulder & know which exercises I need to be careful with & maybe go down to 5 lbs for that arm, but I love the feeling of progress.

It has been so warm this past week too & I almost scraped the #fixmas thing happening to get outside & get in some walks or runs.... I just hate that its so dark by the time I get home & get changed.  By the time I got to a location to work out, it'd be dark.  That's depressing.  So, I stick with the plan.  That's OK.

I will admit - I have been slouching on the nutrition a bit with Christmas candy being EVERY WHERE in my house. I need to hide it.  Or tell the hubs to hurry & eat it all.  Its so easy to just pop in a little mini Reese's cup... a few times a day. UGH!  That adds up.  & I have my year end goal.

I need to dig in deep for self control. I can ignore the candy. I can...

I will.

So are you doing good working out during the Holiday season?

Any struggles with the Holiday Candy & yummies around?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fixmas - week 1 ... & my first year end goal


Well it may be Wednesday but here it is anyways - last week's workouts.

As you can see, I'm back on the 21 Day Fix workout schedule for now.

There's a whole big event going on Facebook with over 56,000 people doing the 21 day Fix for December which leads right up to Christmas week.

This works out great for me since right after Christmas, I'll be getting my schedule all ready for Half Marathon training....

.... ohhhh - that excites me.

I love a good training schedule.  Something about it keeps me sane & calm knowing what I'm going to be doing 2 months down the road.

I have enjoyed the 21 Day Fix schedule again though.

Those workouts aren't no joke!


But look at me.. on one arm.. with a bad shoulder!

Progress baby... progress....

I may need to start adding in more cardio though on the days that are 'calmer' - like Pilates night - I need to burn some extra calories.

Great for the abs... not so great for the calorie burn

See, I have a goal.

My birthday is December 30th - close enough to year end... & I have a number in mind where I want to be for my first part of my weight loss.  I'm still 31 lbs... I want to be 35 lbs.  4 lbs to go... with only 2.5 weeks left.  I've actually had some weeks where I did loose 2 lbs each week so it IS possible... but I need to really be on check with everything...

... & its hard when we're running around more... & there's chocolate all in my house in Christmas decorations & easy to just walk by & grab.

This is temptation central right now...

4 lbs...

I can do this - right?

... & this isn't the end.  This is my FIRST goal.  The 2nd half comes when its time for my half marathon at the end of April... I want to have 25-30 lbs off by then... so I still have a long way to go...  but convinced I'll get there...

I can do this!

You doing any December Challenges?

Any Year end Goals?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Catching up...

I'm still alive! ... struggling through anyways.

I've been here & there with the Holidays kicking off, being on vacation, & fighting some dizziness & tooth pain  - because life always has to have some sort of dramatic effect happening, right?

But I've still been working out.

let's do the fastest recap in the world.

here's a little view of last week

11.23 to 11.29.15:

I love I got a new wipe board that I can keep track of my weekly workouts.

I feel so fancy.

I was so happy when it was actually nice & warm on Thanksgiving where I could do a run for the Gone for the Run Virtual 5K

Turkey medal:

I hadn't run in the LONGEST...

& my knee still acted up.

Yes way...


There's that whole life & dramatic effect thing again I guess.

That was a tad discouraging because I already have my training schedule marked on a 2016 calendar for my half marathon in April.  I thought all the rest doing other exercises would have made my knee better.  Drats.

I'm not going to let it discourage me. I'll make adjustments.  Even if I have to walk the whole half marathon, I will... I'm doing it - no matter what.

But anyways - it did feel good to get 3.11 miles under me for Thanksgiving

Turkey trot:

... I totally signed up for this just because of the socks.

But it also earned me a piece of pumpkin pie... which I made... & was the most delicious thing I ate all Thanksgiving day!

How was your Thanksgiving?  
I've seen all the Turkey Trot posts - love it!

Hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things now that life is getting back into its groove
... & if you dont see me here for awhile, feel free to visit me over at Knit by God's Hand