Thursday, September 4, 2014

Into my 2nd week of P90X

I'm still in this thing... this scary thing called P90X

& I'm finding its not so scary after all.

Granted, I haven't done ALL the dvd's yet. 

I'm on the Lean program & as of right now, it consists of the Cardio, the Core Synergy, the Kenpo (my favorite!!) & the Shoulders & Arms, Legs & Buns, the Ab Ripper & Yoga.

I really love all the videos... EXCEPT the yoga...

Dear Lord, give me strength.

I'm not a huge fan of yoga anyways.  But add in that its 1 hour & 35 minutes?

Are you freaking kidding me?

& not to mention that I'm no yogi that can put my leg over my head...

This is just ridiculous.

Even if I keep up with it, I don't even CARE to be that good at Yoga.

Who has the time? 

I will say I don't mind that most videos are 60 minutes long.  & on some days you have  to do the Ab Ripper with some workouts making it about 80 minutes long.  But every not & then it does get frustrating some days to know it takes a LOT of time to get it done.

I really may check out the P90X3 where they are only 30 minutes long.

I figure though its an hour of me not putting food in my mouth...


So I'm PRESSING ON & finishing up this week, headed into week 3.  The last week of repetitive work outs.  Week 4 lets me do new work outs. I'm excited... I think.

The down side.... I have logged in every stupid bite in my mouth, worked my butt off... got on the scale this week (I'm trying to weigh only once a week)...

... I'm down a freaking 0.5 lb...

Breath... don't get angry.... calm down Rebecca Jo...

It's only week 1... now, if I'm up or only loose 0.5 lbs on Tuesday, be prepared for me to be on here screaming & kicking & telling Tony Horton where to shove it....

Happy Thursday!


  1. That is awesome that you are sticking with it and it is going well for the most part! I have to say that even though I enjoy yoga, I would get bored doing it for an hour and a half. That's just too much!

  2. That is awesome, that half pound will hopefully be enough to keep you motivated at going, if any additional weightloss is your goal:)
    I don't care for Yoga, not that I've tried it but I have come to the conclusion that more people get injured who say they do it, so my mind has sort of turned me away from it, LOL

  3. You go girl!! Shew that is a long workout! I can't commit to that long everyday! haha Lazy & bored.
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  4. Losing weight is really hard when you think about the numbers. A pound is 3500 calories! You have to run at least a 500 calorie deficit every day to lose a pound a week and that can sometimes be touh to do. Keep at it and enjoy yourself :)


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