Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Five... Random

I was going to do the link up with the Friday Five which the topic today is Five Blogs I love ...

but I get weird about posts like that. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings & I can't pick 5 of my favorite.  It's like a Sophie's Choice sorta move... I refuse to pick a favorite from my awesome blogging friends...

If you want to know who I love, I have a side bar with my favorite blogs I visit every day...

So I'm just going with a Random Friday Five today...

1. Biggest Loser

Anyone else watch it?!?!?!?  I just love this show... & COME ON... how stinking HOT is Jessie?  I had to laugh when his team ended up with all women & 1 man... I'd fight to get on his team too.  & when he listened to a woman's story & she told him about her miscarriages & he teared up?  .... I think I actually gasped.... Hot AND isn't afraid to cry with a lady?  First show & already my favorite trainer.

2.  P90X3

I have been loving my 3rd week in P90X ... feel like it really is tightening me up, making a difference.  But I can't HANDLE IT ANYMORE.  The time that is.  It's totally sucking my evening up.  I was in the basement doing the Arms/Shoulder work out, followed up with the Ab Ripper & ended up being in my basement for 1 hour & 25 minutes.  Seriously?  I only get 5 hours a evening anyways with getting home & getting to bed.  Have to cram in dinner, cleaning, working on pictures, showers... I can't deal with these workouts being this long... EVERY NIGHT...

So I did it - I shelled out the cash & just bought the P90X3 which is only 30 minutes long.

After reading the whole theory behind the 30 minute work out, I thought why am I putting all this time in it when 30 minutes will be just as beneficial... AND it will give me an extra 30 minutes to do a run or walk in the beautiful air.  So I thought it was worth the investment to pay for another workout DVD series.  It's supposed to be in next week so I'm planning on starting it September 22... I'll keep you updated.

3. Tony Horton

I really like Tony... & when I saw this, I figured out why

4.  Outside

I complained about being indoors in this beautiful weather so I took your advice & took my work out in the fresh air.  It felt wonderful. I felt like I had the best of both worlds.

5.  Zevia

I'm kind of addicted to Zevia lately... the Grape flavor.  I've been doing good with just having it at dinner, but it feels like I'm having a real soft drink... if its really bad for me, don't tell me. I don't want to know. Actually I do... but not really.
I didn't really care for the cola flavor, but want to try the ginger ale.
I used to hate ginger ale but since giving up soft drinks all together, I don't mind it now.

Anyone else a Zevia fan?
Are you swooning over Jessie on Biggest Loser too?
What's your weekend plans?


  1. I used to always watch that show back in the day. I didn't know he was one of the trainers. I may have to start watching that show again. I have never tried Zevia. -L

  2. but.. you don't LIKE gaston do you?!!? I hate him.

  3. i do enjoy biggest loser - i don't watch it every week but i might try to keep up with it this season!

  4. I am SO impressed with both of the new trainers on Biggest Loser!! I can't wait to watch the rest of the season...I have a feeling it's gonna be a good one!


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