Thursday, August 6, 2015

{Daily Life} Encouragement matters....

My day started with a step on the scale....

& down another pound! YAHOO!!!!! 

I'm at 15 lbs total now... & I'm trying to set a goal now for my 44th birthday in December. 

I'd love to ring in another year of life at a goal weight.


I rode home in the pouring rain but when I got home, the rain had stopped & the hot temps seemed to have washed away.

Perfect - it was my C25K day ... & I was totally taking advantage of the weather & going to get out on the road for my run.

Me when I get to run outside
.... & who ever gets tired of the Phoebe Run?...
Answer is NO ONE!!

As much as I love my treadmill, I'm finding that when I have to run for long spurts of time, I like the road - just because I can change my pace so much easier.  On the treadmill, it stays the same - making it easy at times, hard at others. 

The Hubs said, 'just change the speed on the treadmill' & I told him I'd constantly be going up & down the whole time & that's just irritating... I don't want to have to think about it.

So now I'm Team Road ...

I switch back & forth between Team Road & Team Treadmill all the time. 
When the heat comes back in - I'll totally be Team Treadmill again... guaranteed.

But I got out on the road, started up my watch & then BAM!

Remember that nice weather I talked about?  I forgot that after rain, usually comes the humidity.

Oh well - I reminded myself that sweating is a good thing... & then was mad I didn't think to take a bottle water with me.

Suck it up buttercup - its only 30 minutes.

So I'm just on week 4 of C25K - still enjoying the slow transition back into running.

& this week, has it at 3 minutes run, 90 second walk, 5 minutes run, 2 minute walk - repeat...

OK - even when I ran half marathons, I never ran 5 minutes straight.
I always did the run/walk method of usually 2.5 minutes run/2.5 minutes walk - or even a 3 minute run/ 2 minute walk...

my body ain't used to continuous running.

& Monday, when I started into week 4, I was like, UGH! This is tough.

Do you know last night - I felt like a BEAST!  Made it through the whole thing - no problem.  Even ran further then it said just because I was determined to get to 2 miles.  Every night has been around 1.75 - 1.85 every night doing C25K

I wanted the 2 mile mark on my watch so badly...


& still enjoyed it.

& here's the thing that I have found starting over during the C25K... I love that runners who do 2-3 miles as a shake out or warm up, they are just as encouraging to me as if I did their workouts of double digit miles.

Runners are the most encouraging group of people I know... truly...

I think runners just are proud of people moving - no matter how slow - no matter how far. 

I love that.

I used to be really embarrassed about the low mileage in a week or a day...
but I don't feel that way anymore.

Even if I got out & slow crawled for 30 minutes & made it a quarter of a mile - I guarantee there would be some runner out there that would still tell me "good job"... that's the best feeling in the world.

Encouragement matters.

You all that take the time to visit my blog & watch me go up & down on the running roller coaster - you all have been encouragement to me.... I am thankful for you most of all. You hear my personal stories.  I read yours. 

I just wanted to try & encourage you all - you speedy runners you :)

I finished up my run with a bit of pride feeling like I'm making great progress... & wanting to re-think my runs.  Maybe the next race will be 5 minute runs / 2 minute walks... maybe I'll make my dream race goal... someday.

How was your day?


  1. Team Road all the way!! (Since, ya know, I gave away my TM.) It's awesome you are enjoying your C25k training plan. Let me tell you, any mileage in crazy after-rain-humidity is tough stuff. You can totally do a 5/2 ratio. Make it your goal and make it happen. You rocked your run AND you rocked another pound too. Congrats!

  2. love that last quote, so true. i am a mix of road and treadmill runner, depending on the weather. i love the heat though, so i only treadmill it in the winter. congrats on the weight loss girl thats awesome!

  3. Congrats another pound gone :) Keep at it, you are rocking the work outs :) I love when you get that beast feeling.
    I haven't spent much time on TM since my injury because it seems to aggravate it, but I used to, and I swear it feels so much harder sometimes, that constant pace. I do the same thing I just pick a speed and go with it, I don't adjust. Outside it's very common for me to have an 11 min. mile(or slower) and 10 min. mile in the same run :)

  4. I am definitely Team Road. I thought surely there should be a way to adjust to pace on the treadmill so we don't have to manually slow it own when we want to walk and speed it up for a run. I thought it was just mine that didn't do it since it is a few years old now. But NO, I haven't come across any that do that. Why is that? It would only make sense right?
    I probably should have started C25K to get back into things to but geesh, I know i'm in no position to run 5 minutes straight!
    Thank YOU for always staying so positive and giving encouragement to others. Us runners (no matter the pace) need each other! -M

  5. PS, sorry about all the typos. I guess that's what happens when you type on the tiny keys on your phone. Hopefully you can make it out!

  6. PS, sorry about all the typos. I guess that's what happens when you type on the tiny keys on your phone. Hopefully you can make it out!

  7. Hey i'm new, just looking around! Congratulations on your weight!!! That's super exciting! Also, how do you like shakeology? I keep seeing things everywhere about it but am nervous to try it.

  8. Congrats on another pound down! Woohoo! I totally agree about runners! In other things, so many people look down on others for their level of expertise, but I feel like runners are like, "You ran for two minutes! YAY!" I love it. My runs are other people's rest day runs and I am not ashamed. hahaha.

  9. Congrats on reaching (more of) your goals!! What a great way to celebrate!

  10. Way to go!!! I'm team road unless there is snow on the ground. :)
    Keep up the awesome work!

  11. 15 lbs! That's awesome!! I know what you mean about runners being so encouraging. Sometimes when I'm out for my long run, I feel like I'm barely shuffling along, I'm drenched in sweat, etc., and I'll pass other runners who are flying by and it looks effortless for them, and they give me that little runners wave. Just that small gesture encourages me so much! It makes me feel like I'm one of them. :)

  12. Very awesome about the weightloss, 15 pounds is definitely something to be proud of! You are really doing great with all your lifestyle changes, keep it up girl:)


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