Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekly Wrap... August 24-August 31, 2015

Please, wrap it up with us!

I love joining in with some of my favorite ladies & catching up on the previous week.

So here we go again.

Monday - Run

I so loved the run tonight. I felt good & strong.  The weather was perfect.  There was just nothing wrong with this tonight.

Tuesday - FAIL

I went to get my hair done on Tuesday & by the time I got home, I worked on pictures & didn't even get out of my work clothes until 10:45pm.  I really needed that workout.

Wednesday - STRESS RUN

Oh my gosh you all - I had the worst phone call of my life from the most random person in the world.  It was just a nightmarish phone call.  I cant even get into it because apparently, this woman, who I seriously saw for less then 2 minutes in my life, has been stalking everything I do & type & apparently, she thinks everyone knows I'm talking directly about her.  It's very bizarre.  But let's just say I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had someone talk to me like she talked to me... so I went out for a run after I sat & shed tears of frustration & anger for a few hours.  It was the best medicine to get out that stress.

Thursday - Cardio Fix

Ever have those workouts where you can tell from the beginning, you're not going to feel it this time around?  I struggled from the beginning to the last stretch.   But at least I completed it regardless.

Friday  / No workout
I  totally just worked on pictures from the time I got home until the time I went to bed.

Saturday / No workout
We were up & out of the house at 6:30am & we were on the run until we got home at 11:30pm ... It was a constantly go go go day.

Sunday / No workout
I had church & then a family photo session & then it was just time to work on pictures & get ready for the week ahead...

Not the best week... what can you do...

* I didn't get to eat one night because I was so busy.  I went to bed starving & work up ready to eat my arm off. That's bad to do on a body.

* I ran out of blueberries this week & almost felt in a panic. 

* Friday night, the hubs brought home some food from Chuy's & I ate it so fast, I was miserable.  If I slowed down, I probably would have only ate half of it.  Lesson learned.

* I switched up my Shakeology this month to vanilla & gave the vegan ones a break to see how it would affect my digestive system.  Jury is still out - though I do like the different taste of vanilla.  I've been doing chocolate for 2 months now.

* I had butter for the first time in forever on a sweet potato out at a restaurant & I think it made me sick.  I felt so bad after I ate it.

* Went out to Wick's pizza Saturday night & everyone had breadsticks or thick crust Chicago style pizza... I ordered a healthy quesadilla with spinach, red peppers & mushrooms.  Proud of my food choice.

* My emotions have been so up & down with all the church drama that has been happening.  But I always remember who is in control.

* My stress level has been at an all time high this past week with trying to get my wedding pictures done & having another photo session on top of it.

* I need a vacation...seriously... I need to hide from the world for a bit.

How was your week?
What the best thing about it?


  1. You did better than me with your workouts! I can't believe some crazy lady called you and accused you of things and made you cry! So insane!

  2. How weird you have a stalker lady! That would make me so uncomfortable. I get in a panic when I run out of blueberries too! (What am I going to put on my oatmeal?) The best thing about my week was a visit from my sister. We only get to see each other a few times a year. Thanks for linking up with us today!

    1. I used to never even care for blueberries. This year? I've made up for it!

  3. Love love love the running selfie, I could have guessed exactly how you felt with the picture alone:)
    OMG on the stalker lady, that is crazy nutz!!! I hope you can get rid of that situation, that is not just crazy, but a little scary. People these days are just becoming more and more insane by the minute.

  4. Sorry you had a tough week. Butter on a sweet potato ? One of my favorites.... sorry it made you feel ill. And your phone call ? Crazy ! We all have good weeks and band weeks. Hang in there !

    I have never tried shakeology. I prefer eating my calories and I would be scared to be way too hungry afterwards. I always carry nuts in my purse in case I get really really hungry.

    1. I like to add bananas & almond milk in my shake - it fills me up more :)

  5. I hope you blocked that ladies phone number, who needs that kind of stress?! Some people are so weird! I tried Shakeology once, but have a hard time with the price. I am so cheap about that kind of stuff but dropping that kind of money on running shoes.... no problem!

    1. I hate the price too... BUT, it really does make a difference in my food cravings... & my regular protein powder is like $60 anyways - so I justify the difference :)

      Yeah - I want to make sure that lady is blocked from every way I possibly can. YIKES!

  6. You know what - even when you post updates about bad weeks (fitness or nutrition or both), I still think you're awesome for continuing to press on. The fact that you're putting it all out there for everyone to hold you accountable means you're still serious about these changes. And darn-it-all, I hate running out of blueberries too! Forget about crazy-stalker lady! I'm just getting back to running after taking a week off (thank you, bronchitis ... ) and of course the weather is going to be miserable this week (hello, treadmill!). I guess my best part has been coming out of a Mucinex-induced fog. It's the little things ... :)

  7. What a nightmare with the stalker lady!!! I have a "friend" like that I swear stalks me on social media. Constantly questions and cross-questions my actions and choices!! Ugh!
    Hope you have blocked your lady out of your life!!

  8. Yikes about the stalker! Since I work with the public, I've had some weird incidents. I try really hard to stay out of drama as much as I can.

  9. that phone call! jeepers, what the heck?!
    sounds like you really do need a vacation!

  10. Ahh just look at that smile on Monday's picture, you can tell you had a good run! I hate you week didn't turn out as good, boo :) But you Pressed on ! Thanks so much for linking up with us, I so enjoy reading what your up too!

  11. Your stalker is upsetting. I often wonder why folks have to be so crazy :(
    You had a pretty good week considering all you had going on!
    That's something blueberries made yo u panic :) I would say you have a very healthy habit now!
    Have you tried the triple berry Shakeology, that was my favorite when i used it.

  12. woohoo! looks like a well-balanced week to me, go you!

  13. Isn't it something how someone's cruel words can have such an effect on us. There are things I should let roll off my back but sometimes even the tone someone takes with me can hurt my feelings.

    Some of my best runs have been at night. I hope to get lots more in at night before it gets too dark. The weather her has been so humid at night tho that it still makes it uncomfortable! -M

  14. Love the picture of you on your Monday run. Those feel-good runs are the best. About the bad phone call...why do people have to be so mean and bring negativity into others' worlds like that? I don't get it. Given the stress and how busy you were, you did great both working out & eating! About a year after I went vegan, I tried a bite of a cheese dish when I was on vacation and got extremely sick. It was actually our wedding anniversary, and it ended with me doubled over in bed nearly in tears from the pain. That's when I realized I was lactose intolerant.

  15. You are MY inspiration!! I need to workout and run aka I need to make time for it. K and what the heck about that lady???? I wonder why she is so obsessed with thinking you're out to get her! I'm sorry that happened though :( you do NOT deserve that kind of treatment! Stress runs are my favorite. Not the stressed part but the way it makes me feel when I run it out! Just frees me of the stress. Hope you have an amazing rest of your week! And shakeology is SO yummy! I wish it was cheaper haha
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  16. Go girl! Stress runs are the best since you can just feel all of the stress just pouring out with each stride. My hubs can always tell when I haven't gone on my run yet since I'm extra irritable if I don't lol. Running is definitely my therapy! And I can't wait to get my Shakeology sampler in the mail! I've never had it, but I've heard great things! I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive!


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