Monday, September 28, 2015

{DL} A feel good run with thanks to Spotify

It really feels like Fall y'all...

& I'm loving every minute of it.

I was going to do some yoga on Friday but got home from a photography consult meeting & it was rainy & gloomy & I was just like, nah... count it as a rest day.

So when I got up on Saturday, the hubs was working, I knew it was time to get in that workout & enjoy this fresh air.

It's the kind of weather that you sweat, but don't even feel it because the cool fall breeze is constantly blowing on you keeping you at the perfect temperature.

Bad ass:
Hello no make up face

The cool thing that I'm loving right now really is Spotify.  I have been playing around with it & finding that the pace of 160 BPM keeps me going as a 'faster' pace & keeps me going where I want don't want to stop.

I've been doing runs at 3 minute runs/2 minute walks.... at this BPM, I have been keeping it at 4 minute runs with 1 minute walk... & doing great

... & even at one point, I did a 10 minute run & didn't want to stop, but knew my knee needed a little break.


I'm giving all credit to the fall air.

If it was 95 degrees with humidity, I'm sure none of this would apply - Spotify or not.

& when it comes to commercials on Spotify, I keep trying to keep the same pace, only to have the music come back & find that I instantly dropped down.

I may have to pay for a subscription so I don't have to deal with commercials.

The rest of the weekend was filled up with spending time with my twin nieces... love them.
... getting lots of really bad coffee... UGH!
... buying a new washing machine... thanks old one for just konking on me.
... living on Mexican food... could do it everyday
... catching up on my DVR shows.... what did we do before DVR?
... & never wanting to come inside with all this cool weather.

How was your weekend?
Did you get in a run or some other workout?
Do you like music to set your pace?
Is it feeling like Fall to you?


  1. First, love the shirt:) It's so you! I always love how happy you look in all your pictures, seriously when I see your photo's I am always like there is a gal who absolutely loves life and it shows! The fact that you are incredible on top of that is just a bonus:)
    I heard of Spotify before, but not til now did I know what it was.

  2. Look at you! 4 and 1/a 10 minute straight run is awesome! Your shirt most definitely speaks the truth. :)

  3. That fall air is so awesome! I love fall. You are a Bad Ass Runner! I love that shirt, I just wore mine yesterday :) I have heard of Spotify but have never tried it, I think it sounds pretty awesome!

    1. It is my favorite shirt! :) It was funny though because my dad drove by me on the road (Which, what are the odds?) &I was like, "oh gosh, he's going to get mad at my shirt.. haha.. he didn't even notice.

  4. I definitely make my playlists so that the faster songs hit right when I know I'm going to need them. I've never tried Spotify before though and now I think I'm going to have to. Very cool!

    1. I always heard about it & never used it - but man oh man, I am hooked now.

  5. What exactly IS spotify? I haven't had any cooler runs yet but i'm hoping perhaps this weekend i'll have one. I do notice that I run better with music too! -M

  6. I've been using music to set my pace from the beginning. My iPod Shuffle is full of songs with the right cadence for all types of runs. I've heard of Spotify but didn't really know what it did. I'm checking into it. You are rocking your runs! Cute shirt too!

    1. Do check it out - I always heard about it too - & am THRILLED to use it now. Pandora WHAT? :) haha

  7. Way to go! I can't run with music but I wonder if that would help me keep a steady pace going. I guess I probably could run with music since I do it on the treadmill sometimes, but I need to find good earpieces that don't fall out every few steps. I ran a 10k up in Indpls with my husband this weekend -- added 5 minutes to my time from last year (Boo!) but still had a good time. It was a small race around my highschool (only abpit 100 or so runners for the 10k, and a lot more for the 5k). Need to figure out a good thing to do for cross-training because just running isn't helping me run faster. :(

    1. I actually need to invest in good ear buds that don't fall out too. Frustrating.
      Good job doing the 10k! Forget the time - fun is more important :)

  8. Love it! 4 x 1 is my favorite ratio :) Rock my Run is an app that will adjust also, I love it :)


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