Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Five: Fall Activities

Today's Topic:  Favorite Fall Activities

I love everything about Fall so this is an easy topic for me...
But it may not be "activities" that I'm going with... maybe more 5 of my favorite things about Fall.   & if you really think about it, just surviving & breathing is an activity - so I think it all works together - right?
... just tell me right...

ONE // Running!

Well duh!  That seems obvious.  But something about Fall that makes running just magical to me.  I stick indoors during the humidity of summer. I'm not tough like most of you runners that get out there & sweat it out. I'm on  a treadmill, in front of a fan, watching Netflix #firstworldproblems ... but when the cool of Fall comes, I love hitting the outside pavement & watch the world as it changes into the most beautiful time of the year.

TWO // Windows Open

I don't only love it because my utility bill gets a break (thank you mother nature) - but something about crisp, fresh, cool air filling up a house just makes me happy.  I can't tell you how much I look forward to the weekends right now where I can just sleep in perfect comfort of a cool room & fresh air.    Let's ignore that it also gets my allergies in gear & gives me a sore throat & ear ache... I'll still choose to sleep with the windows open every time.

THREE // Warm Drinks

There's my first hot cup right there of the season!

I'm not a fan of warm drinks - I'm an iced coffee gal through & through.  But when it gets cool outside, I have started to appreciate the warmth of a hot cup of tea or coffee.  I had my first cup last weekend while I was Bible Journaling, next to the open window & the chill was too much.  So I kept my coffee hot... & it was just comforting.

FOUR // Decorations

I love all things Fall when it comes to decorating.  All the orange & browns & greens.  I'm not much good at doing it myself, but I love seeing it everywhere.  Give me all the pumpkins & leaves & wreaths & scarecrows & everything else you can muster up!  That picture above?  I imagine that's what Heaven's gates looks like to me :)

(yes, all big letters on that - I am totally screaming)

I always love Fall especially because its when the Hubs & I take our vacation & its always during our anniversary week.  This year, its our 20th!... (I still can't believe I've been married 2 decades!!!) But we are both Fall lovers & love to just enjoy a week together soaking up everything Fall has to offer.  The best time of the year to us!

What is your favorite thing about Fall you love?


  1. Congratulations on 20 years! That is something very special. It's nice being able to have hot drinks out on the patio in the mornings now and not sweat. I am a coffee lover and all summer long would sit inside with the air on.

  2. aw happy anniversary!! are you all going to Disney World?! :) and yes to fall & running. love it!

  3. Ha! Vickie always needs a vacation lol
    I love Fall running, I am hopeful I will get more if it, the humidity has been hanging around in the morning and that night running... I am not so good at it.
    Fall decorations are the best!

  4. Yay! I didn't know you had a fall anniversary! Congrats! And of course I love all the fall things you mentioned because it's just the best!

  5. I forgot about open windows! Open windows = lower power bills Yay! Ya know it was cool this morning and when we went to bed last night at the campground and I noticed how quiet it was even amongst many campers no one had their air blowing.

  6. Pumpkin flavored anything and relzaxing in my back porch swing with a blanket. Happy 20th anniversary!

  7. I am still waiting for it to cool down here so I can enjoy fall running!
    I would LOVE to have my windows open (I'm not a fan of AC), but my I know my husband gets annoyed when I play with the thermostat. Apparently we have some sort of climate control system in my home that I don't understand!

    Happy 20th coming up! Unfortunately we will be foregoing our fall vacation this year so we can stay home with Baylee and I am totally okay with that. Perhaps we might find a resort that is pet friendly and she can come along! Where are the two of you planning on going? -M

  8. 20 years is amazing! and i also love open windows!!!

  9. I love Fall too! The cool morning breeze, the cozy afternoons, blankets and hot tea... what's not to love?

    Congratulations on the 20th!! :)


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