Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Healthier Pets

I am a dog mom...

& I take that seriously.

I truly feel like my dogs are my babies. Some people think their pets are pets. Nope. Mine are not. They are part of my family & I worry about them, I take care of them the best I can, I want the best for them.

Well, we started a bad habit with Harvey Dent.  Since he's always getting into trouble, I learned the art of distraction.  Distraction via Raw Hide chews. 

It kept him focused on something he was allowed to chew on, it was keeping his teeth nice & pearly white... so Harvey ended up getting a rawhide after dinner & was able to chew on it until bed time.  & mercy - let me tell you Harvey waits expectantly for that chewy goodness.  He won't let you forget that its RAWHIDE TIME!!!

What's the harm?

Except something started going around on facebook about how dangerous raw hides are.

Now, I'm not dumb... I always was aware of the choking hazard & I always stay next to him while he's chewing them... & when they got to a certain size, we would throw them away.

But its a different kind of hazard.

The kind that involves chemicals & bleach & everything I don't want a family member of mine to be involved with.

So I've been on the hunt for all natural raw hides & all the good things they can chew on.  Most of it is smelly & gross & things I cant believe I let in my house as a vegetarian. 

The things you do for your kids.

But my dogs have all gotten excited because instead of treats lately, they've been getting things like carrots & apples... & THEY LOVE IT.

Bruno - my chubby man - comes RUNNING when he knows an apple is being cut. 

& last night as I was getting my carrots ready for work lunch, Bruno was on his hind legs begging for some of those cool orange crunchy treats.

& if a sweet potato is hanging around?  They will clean the peel down to nothing.

I've really been on the hunt now to see what is good... what is bad. Like I know grapes, mushrooms, onions - a BIG NO NO!!!!  & I learned apple seeds & watermelon rinds are a big NO too...

But so many good things they can still have...

My dogs are going to be vegetarian yet.

... & Harvey just shook his head no...

Harvey Not Amused face


  1. oh my goodness, how scary. it costs more but i feed my cats the best possible food we can afford and they don't get any treats because we never started it, and once you start it's hard to stop! i bet it'd be the same for cats treats though. crazy!

  2. Awwww, I love this ;) That's a great list of goodies.
    My hubby would do the same thing, he isn't giving up his caveman instincts in this lifetime lol

  3. That is scary! I always make sure to only buy dog treats made in the USA. I haven't bought rawhides in a while so I will stay away from them! My dogs love baby carrots. :) And it's funny you should post this today, my post tomorrow is about my dogs being like my children.

  4. I take my Dog Mom job very serious too! I know my dogs like raw hides but haven't given them any in a very long time.

    My dad always buys them Busy bones which i'm not sure are that much better.

  5. My dog doesn't get much in the way of treats, but I do make sure he gets the good food!

  6. My two are given the little raw hide twists (sticks) when we put them up to leave the house. So they are home alone when they eat them. YIKES. One of my tykes likes his fruits and veggies. The other...pass.


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