Monday, July 6, 2015

Ups & Downs: 4th of July edition

I actually forgot I used to do this for the weekend....
let's take a look back on the long weekend

UP // Got my workout in early on Friday before my weekend kicked off

UP // The little grandbabies - Super Grands - Super Dudes - little dudes - Grandsons - were up. It's weird what to call them because they're not 'babies' & I want a cool name for them, well, because they are pretty cool.

DOWN // Pappy still wins for the favorite person...

UP // ... but I did get a lot of hugs so I know they love me too.

UP // Got to take the boys and my twin nieces to see Inside Out.  Loved looking down the row & seeing all their sweet faces.

DOWN // It cost $58.00 for all of us to get into the movies. Crazy.

UP // Glad I don't really care for popcorn when I go to the movies & everyone around me is eating it knowing I wouldn't be able to eat it if I wanted to.

UP // driving in the car with my nieces.  They are at such a fun age right now.

UP // the weather was wonderful for the 4th of July!  Warm, but not miserable... no rain... perfect during firework time

UP // my dad's neighbors do a MASSIVE firework show.  We get a front row seat every year.

DOWN // my dad's poor horse was terrified. I feel so bad for all the animals around.

DOWN // Dang 21 day fix... my mom & dad had a caramel apple pie for the 4th... & I didn't have one piece.  I was having an inner pouting session about it.

UP // Took the time to get some pictures of Julie & her gang

UP // Finally figured to ask for cream in my iced coffee at Starbucks to make it taste less harsh.

UP // Made it through teaching at church for the Youth when my weekend had so many distractions.

UP //  Got to hear one of the guys who USED to be a youth kiddo - now a husband & father & a minister... he's so impressive.

UP // the Super Grands are now into board games. That makes me so happy.

DOWN // when the Super Grands get upset about leaving. When they get sad & grumpy, it breaks my heart....

UP // ... but I'm so glad we're only 3 hours apart now.  Nashville is SO much better then Texas!

So I think we got more UPS then DOWNS... I'll take that.
What was the UP & DOWN for your weekend?


  1. I'm curious...what do the grands call you? Anything cool like RoJo? LOL! You had so many more Ups than Downs which is a huge win in my book. How did the horse get so patriotic???

    1. I'm nothing cool - just plain ole Nanny :) The hubs is Pappy ... I should have totally gone with Glama :)
      My dad paints the horse for all the holidays :) Just water based paint so it comes right off with a good wash... or rain :)

  2. Movies are sooo expensive! And I wish I didn't care for popcorn...I'm a huge popcorn fan. I think my parents instilled it in me. When we go to the movies and get popcorn, my fiance stops eating long before I do. It's the one thing I always eat more of than him!

  3. Love the patriotic scarf, so pretty!
    Dang that is one expensive trip to the movies. I rarely go because I hate being in a theatre that long, but when I do, I usually stop at the store and bring my own snacks (I sneak my own candy in...shhhh).

    Yay for the good fireworks but boo that they always scare the poor animals. I can only imagine what they think is going on!

    So cool that one of your old kiddos is now grown. I can't believe some of my students that I had in middle school are now grown and have babies! It's nice to see them grown up but definitely makes me feel old!

  4. why are movies so expensive?! it's a bit ridiculous isn't it. we rarely go because of that. $60 could have fed you all instead lol

  5. I hate how expensive the movies are, I hardly ever take my kids as a result, I think they get to go to one maybe two movies a year if they are lucky. We are planning to go and see Minions.

    Looks like overall a way good weekend!

  6. More Up's than downs are always great!
    I hate how expensive it is to go to the movies these days! I am cheap now, I only go during the day on Tuesday's (because here they have $5 before 5 on Tuesdays:) I do get popcorn though, actually the popcorn costs more than the movie tickets, LOL
    Sounds like you had lots of fun times this week!

  7. Lots more ups than down! That's a good thing!


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