Thursday, July 23, 2015

Heart rate monitor... what to do...what to do...

I have been a Polar Heart rate monitor girl since as far back as I can remember.

I actually was a big fan of aerobics in the early 90's - the time when Step Aerobics was a big thing (isn't that coming back?) ... & I joined a little local aerobic place that was held in my church.  it was a great class actually. The woman & her husband that ran it were INCREDIBLE...

But then I stepped up my game & became part of Jazzercise.  1993.  A long time ago.

I was there for awhile & they kept talking about your heart rate & I was just confused...

& then the instructors told us they had an order going in for Polar Heart rate monitors if anyone was interested.

I was intrigued... because even then, I was all about exercise technology & gadgets.

So I placed an order for one, not even knowing what purpose it was for.

I got it & all of a sudden, things started making more sense to me - seeing how my heart rate worked while working out. 

Then learning about where it should be during a work out & where it SHOULDN'T be.. you know, those days when you feel like your heart is exploding & racing?  A little too much on your ticker... it was learning how to keep your heart rate in a 'zone'

... so through the years, I have just always wanted to keep up on that info.  Especially when I started running.  I love looking & seeing where my heart rate is at - where a good healthy pace is for me. 

& I have gone through the Polar's in the past 20+ years - as you can imagine. 

I mean, they don't even HAVE a picture of my first Polar on Google. You KNOW its been awhile when you cant find a picture on the internet. 

I've gone from baby blue - to pink - to peach - to my current red strap one.  Each time getting a little bit of a 'step up' in the watch...

This was my last one before my dog ate it

& now, my battery is getting ready to die on my Polar.  I've already had my battery replaced in this one before & know I can get a battery for like $12.00 & keep going...

but this also gives me a good excuse to shop.

Do I want another Polar - a better one?

Or even a bigger step - do I want to invest in the new FitBit HR?  I am so intrigued by this little wrist pedometer.  I keep trying to see if its as accurate as a chest band HR monitor - I can't imagine it would be.  But it does have a good convenience factor.

So I'm confused.  I'm going to be in the world of researching Amazon & web sites on what is the best HR monitor....

... & I bet in the end, the hubs is probably just going to bribe me to get that $12.00 battery...

... that's more money for new shoes - right?

Do you use a Heart Rate monitor?  Which one?
Do you have a Polar or FitBit HR?
Do you even care about heart rate monitoring?


  1. I didn't realize that people were into heart monitors 20 years ago! I don't have one but scott has one on his fit bit. ( I don't think he really does anything with the data though)

  2. I took step aerobics class in college. I had to fill a PE requirement and that one seemed like the most fun. Easy breezy. Just show up and participate. I wished my math classes were so easy!

  3. i have a couple of heartrate monitors but I never wear them for long. so I guess I fall into the I don't really care about it category :)

  4. I LOVE MY FITBIT CHARGE HR. ADORE. Whether it's as accurate as my chest strap? Can't stand that thing, so I'm not going to find out. But, it's all relative. If you always use the Fitbit and get to know your zones (which you can customize by the way), then you can track the elevation or lack of appropriately. LOVE.

  5. I always wear a heart rate monitor. I recently graduated to a Mio Link instead of the chest strap and it pairs wonderfully with my Garmin. Love! I also have a polar that I wear in the pool, it a basic model, but you can not download data from it, it's just so I know :) I love being able to load the data after my work outs.
    I LOVED step aerobics, I use to do back to back classes some days lol

  6. I have a heart rate monitor, it's a chest strap one, but honestly I don't use it all that much.
    I have friends who have the Fitbit one your talking about, I have asked them about it. Its no more accurate than any of the other wrist ones. So if you're looking to spend cash on one that will do a great job, then the chest strap ones are really the only way to go. I know they love their Fitbits, but even they admit its not all that accurate as a heart rate monitor.


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