Friday, July 17, 2015

Where I didn't want to 'adult' with my food....

We had a late night...

that's what happens when you're cool grandparents. 

ROCKIN' cool grandparents.

That's us...

going to the Pat Benatar concert.

Let me tell you - girl can STILL rock out - she looks & sounds amazing.

But anyways, this morning, I wake up & am DRAGGGGGGING.

I don't want to adult - as the new saying goes.

& I really didn't want to make breakfast.  That's part of 'adulting'...

That involves dirtying pans & needing to clean them, getting stuff out of the fridge & pantry.  Actual work.  At 6 am... when I'm tired & my ears are still ringing from SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT... (rock fist in the air)

& I thought, I'll just run down to McDonalds - pick up a Egg McMuffin with no Canadian bacon - obvs - & an iced coffee.  Easy. Yummy. Simple.

& then I put it in My Fitness Pal.   (Is it MyFitnessPal - or separated?  What is the technical correct term in writing?... bygones)

I've learned to do that BEFORE I eat ... because sometimes, that changes my mind.

& doing the 21 Day fix lately, & being more aware of nutrition & food, its an eye opener.

I see that easy, yummy, simple, fast breakfast would have cost me about 450 calories.

That's usually now what I'm eating by the time lunch comes around - a snack in there after breakfast.

So I ended up deleting the McDonalds stuff off my app...

& opened the fridge, pulled out the stuff for a good healthy breakfast  & started 'adulting' in a more nutrition-wiser-minded way.

Go me!


  1. YOU SAW PAT BENATAR!?!?! I could not be more jealous of you right now if I tried.
    Well done on adulting your food! I need some serious help in that department. Those berries look delicious. :)

  2. At least you didn't have to dirty a pan for your breakfast! I always eat yogurt because it's so easy and has protein so I stay filled up for a while.

  3. good for you being all adulty. i am so bad at breakfast, if i don't feel like it i just go without, which i know is so bad.

  4. Grandparents rock! Kudos on the breakfast choice. When I'm dragging, it's so hard to do anything right. And there a lot of days I don't want to adult!

  5. I loved Pat Benatar!! SO cool you won the tickets!!
    Great job on making the better choice! I struggle with my choices quite to celebrate the victories!


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