Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 15 of 21 Day Fix ... its not pretty today... but I do have a good recipe

I can't believe I am on the tail end of my first 21 days...

& today was my weigh day...

& as expected...


Nothing... not one freaking pound.  I'd take a half lb.  SOMETHING!

Nope. I didn't loose one freaking pound this week.

I have not cheated.  I have stuck to the plan.  & yet, NOTHING.

How sad of a sight is it to have a 43 yr old woman standing on a scale crying?  Because that was the scene this morning.

Yes I am Emma Stone.. shut up

I'm trying not to loose it completely because I saw on Instagram last night someone finish up & she said on the scale, she only lost like 2 lbs but she ended up loosing mega inches... & I'm waiting to measure at the end.

Now, if I do that & its not changed... I'm just giving up. 

I'm closing down the blog, I'm going into a cave, I'm never coming out again....

Lord, help me.

On a much brighter note - I did make a new 21 day approved meal & it was delish.

A fried rice type of thing.

2 cups brown rice, 4 eggs scrambled, 2 peppers, 1 onion - sautéed up in olive oil... all thrown together - it was delicious.  & I loved there was enough left to bring some for lunch today. 

Lunch has been my big issue.  Today, I'm looking forward to it.

Monday also held the Total Body Cardio Fix....

While it still kills me, I am still pushing myself - trying to do more of the advanced moves... walking away with jelly legs & feeling like I'm near death.  That's normal - right?

Tonight - Upper Body...

No one can say I'm giving up... I'll keep Pressing On till the end


  1. That rice dish looks delish! I've made something similar with River rice, minus the egg. I don't know how much weight you want to lose an I am only trying to be helpful when I say this, but perhaps what you have been doing is only enough to
    "maintain" your weight. At least you are not gaining. This happens to my husband all the time. I know it is very frustrating but please, don't shut down the blog. I would miss you too much!

  2. Awww, bummer, I know that frustration- try to hang in here and hopefully your inches will be where you see the evidence of your hard work. I have struggled trying to get a few pounds off myself. My thyroid has slowed quite a bit since 2010 and I can tell you no matter how hard I work I have to cut to a crazy low amount to lose. My thyroid always cam back WNL, but it wasn't until the endocrinologists looked at the tests results and showed me there was a big change in numbers, however the family doctor kept telling me for a few years I fine I was within normal limits...
    I hope you feel better from all this! Your energy levels, etc...The rice sounds yummy, showing my hubby since he's the cook in the family lol

  3. Press on girl!!! Just think how much healthier and how much more you are doing than most people!! Never give up on yourself sweet lady!!


    1. Thanks sweet lady.. you're right - if I give up on myself, then what do I have!

  4. This looks delicious! Never thought about rice and eggs together.

  5. I like the comment above, no matter the weight or inches you are getting healthier and even though I know how much you want to lose weight, being active and healthy is the most important part of a good life diet and that you're doing! No matter what happens when you check your inches, I hope that you will keep blogging and love yourself no matter what!

  6. When I turned my TV on this morning it was on POP from After Dark taping last night and they had the 21 Day Fix informercial on. As I was doing my Google search for it I saw your post in the line up. Of course I had to come and visit you. I can't believe that you had no results. I don't believe I could do all of the workouts because of my breathing issues but I was very interested in the portion control part of the program. I know that is one of my problems when eating. Are you still doing the program? Hope your Labor Day weekend has been a good one.


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