Monday, June 15, 2015

Going into the final week of 21 Day Fix ... & oh yeah, a fun 5k

I made it through another weekend on my 21 Day fix...

& another weekend where I struggled to eat enough food.

Wait - let me say "enough" as in containers.  Still not getting them all in every day, but trying.

I will say, I still don't think its doing much for my weight.  Which is frustrating as all get out.

I had caught the 21 Day Fix infomercial on this weekend & hearing people drop 10,15,25 lbs on the first round. 

I even have a buddy doing it & in just the first few days, not even a week, he's already down 5 lbs. 

I'm thrilled for everyone that this plan works for... but I don't understand why its not working for me.

I literally am working out every day, my calories are staying under 1,500 - some days even around 1,300 ... & I'm someone who usually ate around 2,100...

I'm just aggravated.

Tomorrow is my weigh day & I already know its not going to be a big drop...

I know - I know... the measurements... yeah. We'll see.

Can you feel me being deflated?

I really don't want to sound like a whine-bag... I really don't.  I just don't get how this plan is so freaking amazing for everyone & I am sticking to it full force & I don't get the results.  It doesn't make sense to me... unless my metabolism is non-existent ... & then what do I do? 

On top of all the debby downer attitude... I did get in a fun run with the Color Run.  It was great meeting up with some ladies from my church & doing it with them.

I was nervous meeting up with them because they are all pretty much in their 20's... & here I am, the "old lady"... I told them to do what they wanted to do. Don't worry about sticking with me.  But everyone did a basic run / walk strategy & while their pace during the run was faster then mine, when they'd stop to walk, I was able to keep up by running a little bit more.  It worked out OK. 

I literally haven't ran in MONTHS... so it felt like starting all over again.  My legs were so tight the rest of the day.  My quads kept getting spasms in them all night long.  They totally forgot what running feels like I guess.

It was a great event though. 

I loved they added the "Sparkle" to the path.  The silver sparkle was my favorite by far... everyone was just glittering in the sun.

So much for tracking time

I will say I did get a little freaked out when the packet they gave you to throw at the end, the gold glitter - if you read the ingredients in it, it said ALUMINUM.  That's not healthy - right? 

& now that gold glitter is STILL flying around my car...

great... but pretty...

My biggest treat of the weekend - which totally fit in the plan, a trip to O'Charley's.

They have the best healthy green salad for a side salad, with no cheese or anything bad on it (once you take off the croutons) & then I got a tilapia on rice with broccoli.  I even portioned out the rice & gave half to Ricky.  Look at me trying like someone who COULD loose weight.

It was nice eating out with the hubs, feeling like a real person with a real life style.

So I'm heading into my last week of the 21 day fix. 

Trying to find some new lunch ideas.

& prepared for some good healthy dinners.

The Hubs even went to the store with me yesterday & we picked out some new things to try. & I FINALLY found some squash & zuchinni.  YES!

So I keep Pressing On ... day 15, here we go.


  1. You're almost done!!! That's so great! And I LOVE your Color Run pics! You are adorable and those are some of the most fun I've seen. Don't you love that bling??

    1. I was really expecting something really cheap, but these were REALLY nice! I was impressed with them.

  2. Have you ever done any labs to check your hormonal functions? I know you have been struggling with this frustration for a while and when you post about it, I always think about this. You can be doing everything right (which seems like you are) and if your hormones are all out of whack, it can hinder your weight loss. I'm a prime example of that! :-)

  3. Sorry but totally LOL's when you said Whine-bag! OMG hilarious! I'm scared to do the color runs because I'm so OCD about my clothes getting dirty and look at your watch! OMG I'm getting hives right now! Keep up the good work with 21 day fix. I wish I had your discipline - you may surprise yourself with your weigh-in!

    1. That's exactly why my husband doesn't do it. He did it last year & made it through without ONE bit of color on him - he did everything to avoid color at all costs :) haha - kinda defeats the purpose of the race.

  4. Keep hanging in there. I did not know they gave out medals for the color run. Cool!

  5. The Color Run looks like a blast!! I've only ever done the Color Me Rad 5k. I love that they added glitter and bling at the end!

    1. I want glitter thrown on me every day!

  6. I totally hear you, my body likes to hang onto weight like no other. For myself I am finding even if I do everything right, unless I am thoughouly flushing my body with water and drinking it quite a bit I don't see the results, it's been the key for me the past month.
    Just on a side thought, have you had your thyroid checked? I only ask because I have heard that even if the thyroid is slightly out of wack it can make it near impossible to loose weight.
    Love the color run pics, I have always thought that would be one fun race to do!


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