Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five: 10 years go

Friday Five - traveling back in time....

10 years ago...

oh wow... I can't remember last week but let's go back to 2005 & find some 5 things to chat about.

ONE // I never ran

I was not a runner till 2009.  You couldn't PAY me enough to run.  I thought it was dumb. I knew my knees couldn't do it.  I thought it had to be boring.  & why do people pay to do races.  The whole concept was something I couldn't put my mind around.  My fitness of choice?  Jazzercise.  Yeah baby. Break out the leg warmers.  I really did/do love Jazzercise. It's a full body work out & if it fit into my schedule & I had one closer to me, I'd still go. 

TWO // We got Bruno

We rescued a dog without even knowing what he looked like.  What the heck is a Carine Terrier?  A friend my husband worked with had a friend that had to get rid of her dog because she was moving to an apartment that wouldn't allow him.  She was devastated.  We had our grand-Pug at our house at the time & he was moving to his new home so we were used to 3 dogs & knew we'd miss the little guy when he was gone, so we said yes.  No clue about the breed.  Ricky went & picked him up, & I waited anxiously on the front porch with the other 2 dogs.  Ricky came around the corner with him & said, "He looks like a rat"... I instantly fell in love with him.  Now, Bruno didn't care for our 2 big girls, Sydney & Buffy & snipped at them but our girls knew how to handle themselves. It didn't take long before we were all a family.  Our little boy is now what I call, our Grumpy Old Man.

THREE // We celebrated a wedding

My step daughter got married in 2005.  We got to travel to Arkansas for her wedding - somewhere we had never been before. It was such a fun car ride.  I had our grand-pug who stayed with us during their honeymoon for the ride from Indiana to Arkansas & we also had the youngest step daughter in the back seat to entertain us.  I'm not a good traveler, but that really was a fun trip.  & of course, weddings are just fun & beautiful & emotional all wrapped up together.

FOUR // Same place

My day job... still the same place.  Been here 23 years.  More then half of my life.  That is depressing.

FIVE // I ate meat & drank diet coke

That disturbs me more then I can saw.  When I think about my eating habits & the things I ate & the way it effects my health & didn't give 2 thoughts about it all - just makes me sad.  Ever since I gave up meat, my digestive system is better, my skin is better, I feel healthier in general.  & Diet Cokes?  I'm so glad I opened my eyes to what all that junk does to you.  Poison.  & not the cool kind that sang Every Rose Has its Thorn.

What do you remember about 10 years ago?



  1. Leg warmers takes me back to Jane Fonda workouts at the Elaine Powers studio. Waaaayyyy back in the day. I agree about Diet Cokes! I can't handle artificial sweeteners...they are poison to me. Your grumpy old man is adorable. I have a stinky old man (Mojo).

    1. Stinky is what my husband calls Bruno :)

  2. Wow 23 YEARS at your job?? That's intense!
    I didn't run 10 years ago either and also thought it was pretty dumb. I did do a 5k, but it was for the cause not the actual running part. It's so weird how things change...I can't imagine my life without it now.

  3. 10 years ago I was a teenager who hated exercise! Now I love CrossFit and I really care about being stronger both mentally and physically!
    I also ate meat and I'm a vegetarian now! :)

  4. This was a cool idea! A look back down memory lane! Your pup is cute! I only started running in January and didn't understand paying for races, but did a 5K in March and it just felt so good! I get it now. :)

  5. 23 years at the same job is something to be proud of! Your little dog is adorable. Of course I am still waiting to see some flashback pics of your labrador!

  6. I was raising my 2 boys, working as a nurse, and going back to school to be a nurse practitioner. Oh, and yes, I was running then too!

  7. Holy cow! You visited Arkansas in 2005? That was enough for you, huh? HA! Can't say that I blame you!! :) I love Bruno; he's so cute!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Ha a lot of these were true for me in 2005 too (not running and eating meat, mainly)! At least you did Jazzercise...the word exercise wasn't even in my vocabulary back then!

  9. every rose has its thorn hahaha.
    10 years ago... jeepers, i'd just turned 18. working at mcdonalds, eating all the food, no friends, lots of books and solo movie dates. it was a good life ;)

  10. 10 years ago I was planning my wedding and I ran a little bit, but nothing like I do now! 10 years ago I went to Italy with my sister, and then went to Banff and got engaged and then traveled to Maui and Vegas for honeymoons. yes plural!

  11. That is a long time at one job, I really hope you do like it, because if you do then it's all been worth it!!!
    It's fun to look back 10 years ago, man if I did I know back then I had no clue on what I wanted. I was running, but aside from making sure I had a great deep dark tan that looked better than my roommates and getting out and exploring canyons and hiking, LOL I seriously had no clue on what I wanted or where I was going:)

  12. Ha! Your chained to the desk lol I relate!!
    Your dogs are adorable:) Your IG joyful noise made me laugh!
    I was a late bloomer with the running too, but also a fan of jazzercise and leg warmers and step aerobics, I was addicted to classes.
    I need to let go of my diet fountain drinks...I love them, but I know I shouldn't :(


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