Tuesday, June 2, 2015

21 Day Fix ... Day 1

I survived day 1 of the 21 day fix...

actually was excited to see how the food worked in the containers - what 'real' portion sizes looked like.  & honestly, I was surprised at how much food was involved.  Especially because when I first pulled out those containers from the box, I was like, "Great, I'm going to wither away from starvation"  How deceiving these little things can be...

So here's a look into my day 1... & know that while I am a photographer, I'm not a food photographer & I'm taking these with my phone... so don't be looking for beautifully plated food items.  I'm all about paper plates people!  #redneck

(6:15am) Breakfast is probably going to be repeat thing for me on most days, just because it's filling, quick to make & will hold me over for a good part of the morning.

21 day fix

I had 2 eggs & a wheat tortilla.  Hot sauce is a free food so I'm all about covering my eggs with it since I can't have cheese.

I'm so glad that 2 eggs counts as ONE protein.  Needless to say,  I went to Sam's club & bought a carton of 36 eggs.  Not even joking.

(10:15 am) Snack #1 was apples & peanut butter.


I actually used most of my teaspoons for the day for the peanut butter... & I'm good with that.  I ended up not using them all at the end of the day anyways.  It was a good snack that held me over till lunch.

Lunch - I forgot to take a picture...

I had a tuna packet... yes, I'm taking a step to turn pescetarian... I'm introducing some seafood in my life.  I can promise you, I'll NEVER eat anything that breaths fresh air though ... I literally get nauseated thinking of that... but seafood, I think I can do... if I don't think about it...

so yeah, I had tuna & 2 hard boiled eggs - actually cut up the eggs in my tuna & put on another wheat tortilla.  I was actually full from that.  I also had carrot sticks.

I will say, I have been afraid for lunch. 

I'm so used to driving out to every fast food place for lunch every day.  Subway is like my best friend.  They KNOW me at Subway.  Taco Bell is another one.  (Bean tacos - mmmmm......)  To have to get food ready & prepared to take to lunch, this is a new thing for me...

I had to stop at the grocery to pick up a few things ... cough... few things. HA.
Still cost me $105.00

But got home & only had 35 minutes before I had to head out to my twin nieces graduation from elementary school...

yippee for them!

But no time for cooking. 

So I just made a Shakeology with a banana.

21 day

I bought the sampler packs they had to try them out. I'm SOOOOOO glad I did because I tried the vegan chocolate.  I'm still gagging thinking about it.  It was AWFUL. Now I have tried the regular chocolate & remember liking it - I'll be trying it again from my sampler pack... but the vegan?  Oh mercy -NO!!!!!

by the time I got home, got my food prepped for lunch for Day 2, I was actually still hungry & had LOTS of container boxes to check off my list ... but didn't want to cook

So I ended up just using the rest of my yellow containers for wheat crackers & my blue container of the day for hummus.

21 day fix

Now, here's an example of what I'm talking about - that little blue container, I almost cried thinking, that's all the hummus I get for the day?  But it was like a 3 big scoops of hummus in there.  It was A LOT!  Made me happy to know I can still get a good dose in a day.

At the end of the day, I still had FIVE green containers left (I can tell I'm going to need to up my veggie intake)... 2 purple containers (fruits) & 2 red's (protein)... where I also need to up my game... & I still had my Orange & 3 more teaspoons.

See?  Lots of food still available for me...

The only downfall?  It was day 1 & I didn't have time to get in my workout... but I never sat down until 9:30pm anyways - so its OK.  Its not like I was just sitting around being lazy.

I'll be back at it tonight.

So day 1 is in the records... & I loved it.  Excited for Day 2 & all the food options.  I'll be actually making dinner tonight...using up those spare containers!

Here we go!!!


  1. Great job getting through your first few meals! I'm sure the biggest difficulty will be learning what to expect and re-assessing your portions until this feels like "the new normal." Keep up the good work!!

  2. good luck girly!! and goof for you for eating tuna, if thats what you want to do. sounds like a lot of food!

  3. Great job with day 1:)
    Is it weird that I don't think of Subway as fast food:) but more of a healthier out to eat choice:)
    I mentioned I was also in a diet transition and starting week two of cutting calories. I struggled yesterday and seriously went to bet with my tummy rumbling. I made a bit mistake last night, instead of eating a filling dinner, I went with what I wanted. But to keep my calories under control I couldn't have much of it... I think the hungry night taught me a lesson:)
    I on occasion do the Diet to Go meals, similar to the 21 day fix. One thing I love is they portion control and like you said these meals, they are larger than you think!
    Great job on day 1, and 20 to go, you got this!!!!

  4. Great job getting through day 1 and having so many containers left, that is my worry whenever I look at this plan. I worry I will go through all the containers and still be a hungry girl! I like to eat a lot! I do try to always bring my own lunch, I tend to eat way better when I do.

    1. When I saw the containers, I thought, I'm going to STARVE... but I get a lot of containers (it depends on your weight how many of each you get each day) & I'm surprise how much you can cram in some of them... I'm all about cramming! :)

  5. This post made me hungry! Ok, did I miss a post somewhere where you described what these colored containers me? I imagine that each color is a different serving size?

    I thought of you this weekend as I went to Subway. I wanted to tell you a funny story about it. As I was paying this guy came up to order his sandwich. He said he wanted yellow peppers with no stems. He said he can't have the stems because he doesn't have any teeth. It kept all I had ( and the cashier girl too), to not let out a little giggle! I wonder how he ate that big sandwich without teeth? ...lol

  6. Great job on day 1. That's a very hearty breakfast, compared to my oatmeal and berries anyway. And PB and apples = yummy. I love tuna. It's good mixed with apple chunks! It does seem like a lot of food. (PS. I think Subway is fairly healthy compared to other options.)

    1. Oh ... I never thought of putting apple with tuna. I'm going to have to try it!

  7. Now I'm curious about the 21 Day Fix. We watched Fed Up this weekend and I want to make the move to clean eating but I'm definitely going to need to read up on it and figure out how to get the family on board too. I take my lunch every day to work (cheap and it gives me time to get to the walking bridge every day) so the food prep wouldn't be too much different, I hope. Congrats on the 1st day! :)

    1. Good for you for making lunch taking a habit already ... I haven't done it since I was in high school!


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